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Why Do You Race?

September 24, 2019

We’re less than a week away from the annual Rider Appreciation Weekend at Blue Mountain Bike Park. There’s a lot on the schedule for the weekend – including a first in Saturday’s night time Dual Slalom – but once again the highlight of the weekend will be the Fall Edition of the Blue Cup Downhill Race.

Downhill racing in Ontario is an interesting topic. With no sanctioned series or recognition from Ontario Cycling, some people may ask, “What’s the point?” Looking for an opportunity to find out, I posed the question to some familiar faces from Blue Mountain’s Tuesday Night Downhill Series. Turns out, when you ask the people who spend their time between the tape, there are plenty of reasons for everyone from first-timers to veterans to get in the start gate.

Heather Goldsworthy


I race on Tuesday nights because it’s a great way to push myself, compete against riders who are faster and better so I can learn from them, improve my skills, get faster and have fun doing it. The vibe on Tuesday nights is always pretty chill. Sure, there’s competition, but overall it seems to me that we’re all just there to ride bikes, have fun and build community. The women especially are all really supportive of each other, and it’s been great getting to know them all. I hope we see more out there next year. – Heather Goldsworthy


Andrew Dixon, Ride Guides


There’s an excellent camaraderie that comes from friendly competition. There’s a nice chilled atmosphere and everyone is really supportive: cheering, chatting, sharing lines and war stories. It’s always interesting to see how you stack up against others (and have your jaw dropped by the open guys times!) and racing adds that extra challenge to trails which you’ve ridden many times before.- Andrew Dixon, Ride Guides


Jeremy Lavigne


I race the Tuesday Night Series at Blue Mountain for the camaraderie. A chance to rub elbows with other quick locals to see where I stack up. To push and scare myself a little bit. – Jeremy Lavigne


Pryer Hollin


Racing the Tuesday Night Series at Blue is a blast! It’s tons of fun with all your buddies, and meeting new riders every week. It’s just friendly competition with great vibes! – Pryer Hollin


Carson Webb


I race the Tuesday Night series at blue because it’s a chance to bring everyone together for afternoon and experience what biking is all about: meeting new people, A little bit of camaraderie, and finding new ways to challenge yourself on a bike. I love it because it’s a race but its 100% about fun over results. Everyone cheers each other on and is there for a good time. There’s no pressure, just lots of laughs and good riding. – Carson Webb


Erik Downing


The Tuesday Series at Blue is where gravity racing started for me as a low pressure, grassroots, inexpensive, but still challenging series. The progression it brought my riding and the comfort I developed with racing against the clock has now allowed me to be confident enough to tackle a wide breadth of local, provincial, and national gravity events. Last but not least, the Tuesday Nighters have connected me with new friends, and have provided a legitimate excuse to get together for drinks on a Tuesday night! Cheers. – Erik Downing


Here are a few other bangers form behind Jason’s lens.  Pease feel free to tag and add your own comment below.  “Why do you race the Tuesday night series?”


Based out of Collingwood, Ontario, and surrounded by some of the best downhill and trail riding in Ontario, Jason Petznick has dove headfirst into the world of mountain biking. Aside from biking, Jason is an avid snowboarder and wakeboarder, while also finding time to dabble in writing, photography, and design. His least favourite things include pineapple on pizza, and writing biographies about himself.

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