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UofT Mountain Biker Invents Universal Allen Key

September 22, 2015

Innovation takes place in and out of the classroom. Peter Wen, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Toronto and member of the school’s Varsity Mountain Bike Team was tired of carrying a bulky allen key set. While fixing his bike on the trails he thought there had to be a better, lighter allen key set. There wasn’t.  So he blended what he learned in the classroom with his passion for cycling and designed the world’s first universal allen key. He calls it Telehex.

It’s less than half the weight of a typical allen key set and much less volume.

He has just launched a kickstarter campaign to support his hopes of having have his invention produced on a larger scale. If you are interested in seeing his new invention, or becoming one of the first people on the plant to own one, you can check out his kickstarter page  HERE



Marc Landry is a Toronto, Ontario based action sports photographer. Honing his skills on local and World Cup cycling circuits, Marc has since expanded his subject matter to include several outdoor adventure sports. Marc is in his element when surrounded by the energy that top athletes radiate. The relationships he forms with his subjects is apparent in his images and is part of what defines his look. He is most at home in the mountains and his preference for long glass and elaborate lighting setups has become his signature style.


  1. This thing looks awesome!

  2. I thought that it was cool and had already supported the kickstart. I am looking forward to getting mine.

  3. Great idea, ad a quality chain breaker and it would be the ultimate race multi tool.

  4. Great idea, high price-point… If it were $25, I would buy 4. For $38 I don’t think I’ll bother getting one. Maybe I’m cheap, but the cost/benefit doesn’t work out. Side-note: yesterday I ran into the U of T MTB team. Keep up the good work guys & gals!

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