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    We decided it was time to give the site a new look and improve the user experience on the site.  The site was using decade old technology and we felt it was time for an upgrade.

    What’s new in RFG 2.0

    Logo and Branding: We started with a new logo that clearly identified the site to cyclists and non-cyclist alike.  We have some new swag that we’ll be rolling out over the next week or two as well.  Some has already shown up at a few key events.


    Social registration and login:  We have implemented easy, one-click, registration and login from popular social media applications such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter to help make joining and participating on the site easier than ever. No information is sent to to the site, it’s simply for sign in.  You can like and share articles at your own discretion. 

    Mobile friendly: The new site is fully responsive and designed to adapt to whatever size screen you’re on, including mobile devices.   The new site reads crystal clear and is retina ready. We’ve redesigned the typography to make articles and topics in the forum easy to read, even on bright summer days while out on a ride.

    New Forum:  We’ve striped the forum down to the bare bones to make it light and fast while keeping the key functions core members have come to love.   New features like the ability to tag posts and fellow members have also been added. We’ll be rolling out more cool features over the next few months. We have also reorganized our forums into dedicated riding regions to better facilitate group rides, build days and advocacy matters.

    User Profile:  The user profile has been completely redesigned with a more “social” feel.  The new profile page makes it extremely easy for members to stay connected with an activity timeline, friends, private messaging, groups and photo /video upload tools.  Sharing your experiences has never been easier.  Adding friends makes it really easy to customize who’s activity is in your timeline.

    Media Gallery:  The primary goal when selecting our new media gallery was ease of use.  We wanted members to be able to easily share a photo, video or comment with the community.   You can now share photos and video directly off you iPhone with just one click.  Members can create albums in their profile to share images from rides events with friends.

    We’re really happy with how the site has turned out but there are sure to be some bugs.  That’s the nature on the beast.  We migrated 0ver 9,000 users and all kinds of content to a completely new technology.  In mountain bike terms, we raced MSA riding a 1995 Trek Y bike and won.  Thanks in advance for your patience and support.

    Things you can do to help us out:

    • Report broken links, missing images etc…
    • Upload yourself a fancy new avatar.  We changed the default “generic guy” to a cool riding pick but it’s still best you upload your own personalized profile picture, unless you like generic?  You can do so from your user profile, just click on your name to get there.  If you are using one of the social media login options, your profile pic will be pulled from there and adapt in real time as you change it on the corresponding social media application.

    Existing members who had any non numeric or alphabetic characters in their usernames may have had them removed as in the new forum these are not valid.  Your account is still there, not to worry, but we may need to give you a hand to find it.  The easiest way to find it is to find one of your old posts.  Your email and password settings remain the same.  If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us with your username and email address you registered with and we’ll get you sorted in no time.  This should only affect a select few of you.

    Please also note that we have changed servers so it will take up to 24hrs for some functions to kick in.

    The new server is still propagating so there will be login issues until everything catches up. Do not request a new password. Just keep giving it a try until it works. Social login will be the last to snap in place.

    Please share and enjoy the new site!  We hope you dig it. 

    Huge thank the awesome RFG team that helped us along the way.    @fietser, @whynot, @somers, @buck, @singlesprocket, @billgraham, @wf, @bkreinhart, @trail_head, @mikec, @matty-f, @hungqlam

    Also a big thanks the team at Pieoneers for the great work on the site



    Can’t say enough about the great work you’ve got done here @fasttimes. The website is bad ass and the social functionality (especially with the photo gallery) is going to be a huge bonus for the website.

    I’ve cancelled the rest of what I was supposed to do today just to play on this new site.

    So stoked!



    Testing testing… I don’t think my old login works, but I logged in through Facebook, let’s see what that looks like… 🙂


    *edit* hmmm.. not sure I like it like this, will have to get my old login working.  I don’t mind my name showing up, but prefer to be somewhat anonymous in the highly unlikely event I am posting during the workday… 😀



    You’re old username and password will work.  It just may take some time to resolve itself.  contact us if you have any questions.



    Lookin’ good, Marc! I’ll have to get used to the new forum layout but so far, so good!



    And the new site is live!

    Looks like some slick integration with the social media.



    Thanks @buck.  Still some bugs to work out that I hope will get resolved today.

    Facebook and G+ sign in are working so feel free to use these.  Twitter is slower to come around but should be good to go this aft.

    Many users are still receiving password errors at login but this should also start to resolve itself now that the site has been propagating for almost 24hrs.

    If you get this error, please do no request a new password, simply keep giving the login a try and it will eventually work.  If you don’t feel like waiting we can manually get your password sorted so please just contact us and we’ll take care of you ASAP.

    Thanks guys!



    Sweet looking site Marc. Stoked for the social media integration and mobile friendly site.



    The site looks great guys!! The mobile friendliness is great. You guys hit everything that the site needed. Well done.

    I also got some email notifications from RFG informing me that other members had mentioned me in a post. One of them was bootjamesout in 2007, that made for an interesting read.



    Sweet! Couldn’t log in until today, but small price to pay to be able to browse such a clean site. Love the design Marc, and kudos on the migration – no small feat!



    Thanks @whynot.  Were you able to sign in with your old account info?  Not social media.  You may be patient zero 🙂


    secret agent

    Really like the look. Awesome job. Was not able to log in for a day or two, but worked today with old login info.



    The sign in issue has hopefully been resolved.  You should be able to sign in with your old username and password.



    All’s good in the ‘hood over here! 😀 .


    veggie cyclist

    The new site looks great! Congrats  Marc 🙂

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