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    I have a free day next week in Vancouver and would love to check out some trails. 90% of my mountain biking has been done in Ontario but I love to drool over the classic and new trails that are seen all over youtube and magazines.My plan is to rent a bike and hit some trails for the day. Any suggestions on what trails I should ride? I could rent a car if I need to.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.


    Tosh Weyman

    There are so many options, it will be tough to decide. If you don’t want to bother with the car rental, you can take transit (there is a bus from downtown near the seabus terminal) to Mt. Fromme on the north shore. From there you can climb up mountain highway into the forest and ride trails of all types, from newer flow trails (Espresso, Bobsled) to classic shore gnar (Ladies Only, Pipeline, and other trails that I would not hit on your first run!).

    Another option is to rent a car or take an EVO car (check it out online) to somewhere near Mt Seymour (you could park at Capilano University, which has an EVO drop spot so you could just pay the hourly rate for there and back, rather than the full day rate). Seymour has lots of awesome trails too.

    You could easily spend a full day riding either Fromme or Seymour if you have never been to the shore before.

    A word of caution – depending on your skill or fitness level, start slow, warm up, and get into the groove. I’m a pretty strong rider but always find that my first day back out west is a bit of a warm-up – the riding is just so different from what we are used to here. If you have only one day, take your time, start with easy trails, and work your way up. Have fun!


    Tosh Weyman

    I should have noted that you can also get to Seymour by transit too. Just need to take a different bus from downtown and possibly change buses at an interchange on the shore. There are bike racks on the front of all buses that work well.



    I always just rent a Uhaul van. Very cheap, and by far the easiest vehicle to load a bike into, and no worries about getting it dirty inside.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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