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Tubeless Help

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    So for the first time I’m having trouble getting a tubeless tire to mount properly on a tubeless rim. The tire is a Schwalbe Rock Razor, and the rim is a Stans Arch ex.

    The bead will seat if I pump it up to about 45 psi, but then leaks slowly down to about nothing in an hour or so. I’ve run these rims tubeless before so I don’t think that’s the issue, and the tire itself says “tubeless” in big letters on the sidewall.

    But in any case…wondering if any of you had any tips for getting tires to work (ie fill it with superglue?), or if I should just give up and use a tube/buy a new tire?




    @somers, just for the record, and sleuthing, you are using sealant right? The ‘good’ kind with the sparkles?

    I just mounted 4 tires tubeless last night and had a hella time with one of them, I feel your pain.



    Hey @somers If the bead is seated and there is no visible sealant coming out of sidewall or seams I would look to the rim strip or valve as the first areas to troubleshoot. Make sure that you have a full two scoops of sealant in there though as Schwlabe tend to seep trough the pores and seam. Give it a good couple of spins on the stand. They can sometimes take a day to fully coat.

    For the valve, take the wheel off and hold it at 10-2 with valve at the bottom. Then swing it out in front of you and above so that the valve is now in the top most position. Spinning and riding forces the sealant to the outer edge, away from the valve so doing this gets some sealant forced through any leaks in the valve area. Also check that valve retention ring and valve core (if it’s removable) are tight.

    If none of this works it may be a section of tape that is allowing air to leak and will either resolve itself after a few inflations or should be cleaned and taped again,. If you are getting ready to go west, you may want to Gorilla tape the sucker for peace of mind. Stans tape is lighter and cleaner but I find nothing beats the seal with Gorilla tape.

    Or just swing over to my place for ride and fix.



    Cool some good ideas here…@fiester I’m using the regular stans stuff, so no sparkles. 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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