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Thank You for offering help on Motown Sun April 27th

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    I really appreciated everyone that stopped to offer me help on Motown yesterday. I am not sure who, and the memory is a little foggy, but I am sure some are regular readers here. Thank you!
    Damage report:

    Broken Clavicle
    Mild Shoulder Separation
    3-4 Broken Ribs




    Sounds like you had a bit of an off there.
    Healing vibes Chris!
    You’re young, heal fast!



    Oh my. Heal up quick!

    How and where on Motown? I want to make sure I don’t do the same thing.



    Hope you heal up quick and full.


    Renegade Hardware

    That’s pretty much the same list I had at the end of 2012 minus the shoulder and head. Not fun at all!

    Good luck with the healing. The ribs make it so laying down hurts, and the clavicle makes it so sitting down huts. The next two weeks are going to be miserable.

    Oh, and don’t drink milk. Find a real calcium substitute that isn’t dairy derived (ie: actually leaching calcium).

    Should be able to ride some trail by the end of season



    Heal up, man!

    Oh, that injury list looks painfully familiar and common…



    @alen_z wrote:

    Oh my. Heal up quick!

    How and where on Motown? I want to make sure I don’t do the same thing.

    I second the healing well wishes, and wanna know the details. Mowtown doesn’t seem like the place for breaks, and I keep thinking you fell off under the bridge – Hate that crossing.



    Sorry to hear. Sunday was just not a good day.

    I was removed by paramedics from the P2A racecourse with a Grade-II concussion after what was apparently my biggest faceplant since 1999.

    The upside, if there is one, is that I went down so fast my hands never left the bars, so my collarbones and shoulders are mostly strained but not busted.

    Rest the brain, heal the limbs, summer is still a ways off.



    Sorry to hear about your unfortunately injury. That is sure a tough laundry list of injuries. Any one of those on your list would keep you off the bike for an extended period.

    May I offer some advice from experience? Seek specialist advice for both the concussion and the shoulder separation. There is very little you can do about the collar bone and ribs, but the severity of both concussions and shoulder injuries are often misdiagnosed at the emergency room.

    Good luck.



    ^^^ What he said. See a doc, get a physio referral and talk to people who know what they’re doing with this stuff. Shoulder injuries can plague you forever if not properly rehabbed, and by the sounds of it you have lots of years of riding and tossing a ball that you don’t want to compromise (I, however, Mr Tough Guy in my teens and early twenties, feel pain everyday I get dressed and luckily had to girly-girls as kids because I can’t throw over hand to save my life). And there’s your head, y’know, a somewhat important thing to take care of…


    old dawg

    Unfortunatly you are not going to like the continuing advice,
    DO NOT teat your shoulder and head with Advil and a tough guy attitude.
    there are plenty of guys including myself who have and are regretting it now.
    Invest the time and take care of it.
    best of luck


    Renegade Hardware

    Same goes for the clavicle. I don’t think anyone understands how difficult they are to heal until it happens to them. They are one of the longest healing bones, and misalignment will throw off the shoulder joint after it heals.

    Take the time (and money) to go to a SPORTS physio clinic.



    Wow, thanks for all the well wishes and advice.

    I am actually 37 so youngish, I guess. I very rarely spill, and this is my first serious injury.

    It was a very casual ride – taking a friend new to the trail with lots of breaks, chatting, etc and not a usual hammer session. It happened at one of those muddy dips. Riding reverse, and I think it was the first of this set. I used to pop my wheel over it, but now there is a little plank of wood bridge that I somehow missed, or slipped off. I must have not been paying attention. I don’t think I was going very fast, but it was not the usual slow-mo endo and my head hit quick and hard. I actually just replaced my helmet a few weeks ago, despite the old one only being a few years old and no significant knocks. Very happy I did.

    I injured my non-dominant arm shoulder (left). Was surprised that my clavicle was fractured as it felt OK with my totally unqualified initial assessment. Figured it was a worse separation and was worried about my head. I could not move for 15-20 mins but once the shock wore off a bit, I walked out of Motown via train tracks (maybe not so smart) and rode out via Taylor Creek?! for a pick up at Serena Gundy because I was nervous about riding in traffic. East York ER doc was fantastic. She is a mountain biker as well.

    Renegade: calcium substitute, meaning calcium pills?

    ghettocruiser: That is horrible, man. I hope you feel better soon. Luckily I have had hardly any PC symptoms so far but am being very cautious.



    Damn right 37 is young! Well, I’m pretty much the same age and think young… the body just doesn’t heal as fast as it once did 🙂

    Those quick, don’t even know you’re going to fall bails usually suck the most. Hard, awkward landings.



    Glad you seem to be doing relatively well. Those shitty wasn’t-doing-anything-cool bails are the worst. Least if I’m gonna hurt I hope I looked cool the second before.

    I’ve had three bails in the don that have actually hurt the next day (all shoulders), and two of three were super lame:

    1, I avoided a collision and did a sweet endo landing on my right shoulder. Kept riding till things felt really wrong. Thought for sure it was busted and had it in a sling for a couple days.

    2, I came of that little arc bridge on Catalyst we’ve all ridden 8000 times, front wheel first and slammed the other shoulder in the wood.

    I figure I won’t be picking up my future grandchildren when all is said and done.

    But this about you, not me!

    Go buy some Traumeel and heal up for more rides.

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