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Sturdy but space-saving Bike Stand?

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    I’ve got a small single garage (not used for car park), but no wall space to store bike due to workbenches and shelving. Currently the bike is locked to a metal shelf, but it’s super inconvenience and not easy to work on or access the shelf.

    Was thinking of getting a nice bike stand for permanent storage use, and place the setup in the middle of the garage. That would be more or less easy to walk around and also make working on the bike way better. I currently use a massive chain and figured I’d drill one of those heavy duty ground anchors into the cement to just chain up the bike while on the stand. Don’t really see any downside.

    Any recommendations on a nice sturdy bike stand for semi-permanent use, but also that doesn’t take up a ton of space? I noticed the Park Tool 4-2 seems pretty awesome and space-saving, but it’s expensive as shit. The 10-2 is also really nice but takes up a fair bit more floor space. Any other good options?



    Ive got an early version of this Ultimate bike stand. I’ve had it for decads with zero issues. Packed it up to take to races and trips with good success.

    Looks like Sweet Petes sells them: https://www.sweetpetes.com/product/feedback-sports-ultralight-195989-1.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZzzBRCKARIsANwXaeLA_ICxFimvsXhqnjpUViMN9kZmIm2RnqETwmnXphO2YO3sW0PU8xwaAucGEALw_wcB

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    Yeah…what’s annoyed me about those Feedback stands is that unlike Park Tool, they don’t give the feet dimensions. So the PT 4-2 stand takes up a 26.5″ by 28″ square….the 10.2 takes up a bit more floor depth. I guess I’d need to visit Sweet Pete’s and measure out the Feedback myself, but from the pictures it seems like it would be bigger than the 4-2 when set up.

    Love the folding, though. Would be useful on trips. The 4-2 doesn’t fold up very small. Maybe I’ll think more about that.



    The foot print is a 47 inch equilateral triangle. Folded down in the travel bag it’s almost exactly the same size as a collapsible lawn chair. We’ve got a few of the older models at Sweet Pete’s that we crack out for events and comparing them to the 4.2 is hard to do… I’d say the 4.2 is a light duty cleaning/re-lube, minor adjustment sorta stand whereas you can get away with a lot more with the feedback

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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