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Spring Trail Conditions – What's Rolling


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    Dufferin: Mostly clear and dry, some mud

    Hmmm. That is good news. Dufferin is incredibly sandy and well draining; it won’t take long for it to be good to go.

    Board of Education trails in Barrie/Midhurst are a no go unless you have spikes. We hiked in there last night and should have just worn ice skates. Had to hang on to trees to not fall into the river on a few bench cut sections…

    I haven’t heard from anyone in Copeland yet. But last Sunday there was still a ton of snow deep in the forest.

    So I guess its time to get the trail bike put back together eh.



    If anyone is headed to Tremblant and terribly misses winter riding, there is tonnes of that. Snow is grainy, fast and grippy even after a full day of rain. Some patches of glare ice which can be avoided or carefully traversed.



    That looks amazing! Great riding there in the summer but I’ve never tried the winter loops. Might be worth a spring ski/bike trip!



    Hiked in Copeland last night.

    Now is the time to fatbike in there. We went in off of 5th Line and there was only one spot of ice.

    The XC trail center has closed up for the season, so the groomed Nordic trails are free to poach. They haven’t been groomed in a while, but are still pretty compact and smooth. Great for some 60km/h runs down the ridges….



    I rode Puslinch today. As has been mentioned here and in the Don conditions thread, you need to be in early or late. The trails may seem dry and free of snow but there is still a lot of moisture trapped in the ground.

    I was in at 8:30 and had to eject by 10:00 as it was already starting to get soft. The trails would have been mint while frozen had they not been destroyed by others riding in the soft conditions. I have never, in nearly 20 years of riding there, seen it this rutted. No foot or horse traffic, all bikes. Just looking at the tracks, sliding all over the place, these couldn’t have been fun rides. I’d venture to say they drove there, started and just pushed on.

    Its really disappointing and frustrating to see all of our trails go to hell because people have an app with a map.

    Please stay off the trails when they are volatile. Set you alarm, get some lights or stick to gravel and path. I was bummed to have to cut my ride short but not as bummed as I was to see others didn’t see a need to and wrecked the trails for the rest of us. Including themselves on their next ride.

    Guys, these are our trail, all of them. Just because we can’t put up a sign like the Hydrocut doesn’t mean it’s open season on the unsanctioned stuff. These rogue trails are the best ones we have in my opinion. Let’s all make an effort to keep them great please!

    Even on my social media feeds, all anyone wants to know is “where is this?”. That information can’t be shared without being accompanied with the trails conditions. Lets all make an effort to direct people here and share conditions so that we can at least discourage a group heading out who will ride whatever is there. There are the entitled who will do whatever they want, and we can’t stop everyone. But there are still some who could benefit from a heads up and if given the opportunity will do their part. It all helps.

    Happy trails.

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    Rode Dufferin on the way to my ski shoot yesterday. Last time I was there, a week ago, it was nearly perfect. Not so much this time around. That last dump we got set things back a bit. The trails were pretty much a sheet of ice.

    I love my fatbike but I’m over it for this year. Just cant do it anymore, haha. I rode my Hayduke Titan with the plus tires and it was great. Studs were a must hough, which i did not have. I only pushed on because I was in there. Had one nice bodyslam to the ice. Surprised I didn’t have more.

    There were some dirt section but far less than the previous week. Wont be long now though. Easter is usually go time.



    Rode Dufferin yesterday and Friday; the south side of the forest is mostly good still, if you’re on a fat bike. Skinny tires are cutting into the ground spots. North side of the forest (Kens trail) is still mostly ice.

    From Friday;

    Hiked Jefferson today and it’s a total mess in there. I’d say no one should be riding in there, though I don’t want to be that trail nazi. But really, majority of the trails are pure mud and already covered in ruts.



    Copeland is perfect for fat biking right now and should stay that way until the temps start to rise.

    Incredible amounts of grip and I didn’t spot any ice. Was able to ride entire 5th Dimension trail (with a foot out in spots) with no problem, it was an absolute blast.



    Dufferin Forest still has a lot of snow 🙁 And slush. And mud.



    Rode Jefferson today and it’s a mix of conditions in there. Some trails are great while others still have quite a bit of mud on them. If you go deep enough, there are even a few patches of ice still.

    But I think in a few days most of that should dry up, if the sun stays out.

    On another note, there is a ton of branches, trees, shrubs, brush etc etc all over the trails. I’m actually surprised no one lost a derailleur today.

    And man, a few people have really rutted the trail up in spots. We’re talking ruts deep enough to start funneling water down the trail making it even worse.



    We’re getting close here people.



    Quick update:

    Kelso is open with some wet spots.
    Dufferin is shaping up and mostly dry
    Durham is still soft
    Puslinch is almost ready. Some trails good.
    Agreement Forest is pretty wet still in low lying areas
    Hydrocut is closed
    Three Stage is no go

    The warm weather over the next few days should really help. More rain later this week but hopefully we over the worst of it now.



    Jefferson was running fantastic on Wednesday night. Might be a little mushy in spots again after the rain. There is some fresh loam in there if you know where to go….

    Going to try Dufferin tomorrow.

    This is from May 1st, somewhere in 3 Stage….



    Dufferin Forest is completely dry. Not a spot of water or wetness in there, it might as well be the middle of July.

    Lots of big trees down across the trails, though. Some are in hairy spots, depending which direction you’re going (at the bottom of fast hills).



    Dagmar and SCMBC trails have opened this weekend… Has anyone had a chance to ride them yet? I am planning to skip work and have a day out at one of them tomorrow 🙂

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