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So how was Blue?


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    I’m going to try and get up there tomorrow but wanted to hear the low down.
    Any major miss haps?
    How are the new trails?
    What’s the word over all?
    How long was the wait in line?
    How many riders total?





    Wait in lines were around the 10 to 15 minute mark. I think it was slow due to the loading system.

    The trails were dry for the most part. A few small wet spots, and surprisingly there was a lot of dust on some trails.

    Autobahn was closed today. Two new trails to be ridden. Big Sleazy near Waterfall, and O Chute on the other side of Showcase.

    I broke my Drop Crown on my ’02 Monster, looking for a “cheaper” replacement.

    All in all, good day. Long line ups, but for people who are close, it’s not that big of a deal.

    Happy trails tomorrow



    Overall, I would say it was pretty solid.
    – Lift lines were absolutley ginormous…at least 30 min wait in line to get on the gondola.
    – tons of people for sure
    – Highway has a new hip/ 2 table top jumps (they are pretty sweet)
    – I mostly rode highway and closer runs because i was to lazy to bike over to Embryo and grab bag and stuff, so I couldnt tel you how that end was.

    But yea, there was so many people there, expect a big,big line up to get on the gondola….However, they might get some trucks goin since they now know the huge turn out from today (saturday)



    I’m glad it is drying up. I was not sure what the conditions would be. I’m sure there is still snow in some spots.

    I’m heading there next weekend.



    The trailbuilders did a decent job this spring. Fixed lots of the breaking bumps and berms and added a few features to some trails. The table top jumps on highway are fun. Took me a few runs to get the hang of them.

    Only downside was the wait for the gondola’s. But I’ve never seen that many riders at Blue since I’ve been going. The attitude was pretty positive amongst the riders as well. Everyone I ran into looked like they were having fun and all were courteous pulled over when you called for a pass on a safe part of the trails.

    Good day of riding all things considered.



    who’s heading out tomorrow? what can i expect for my first time?



    I’ll be heading up there sunday for sure be there around 10am. should be some good weather tommorrow too



    I’ll be there. White Norco VPS with red and black Monster T’s. Grey/red/white long sleeve jersey. Red/white full face. Green camelback. Say hi when you pass me.



    fuck you batman 😉

    i’ll be rocking the .243, red dirtbike helmet.. ss and rear v-brake, with fox shocks 🙄 😉

    i look something like that




    what, on your knees? begging for mercy?



    @Barnes wrote:

    fuck you batman 😉

    i’ll be rocking the .243, red dirtbike helmet.. ss and rear v-brake, with fox shocks 🙄 😉

    Barnes, were you in Hamilton last night at like 7pm?

    i would have yelled something, but I didn’t want to get shot

    (not by you…)



    yup, me and mr.hammer were street riding.. checked out the church jumps also. i didn’t have your # or i would have given you a shout 😉



    Hey Curtis!
    Well….I had a great ride at Blue (Saturday)…
    I really wanted to see some of the new work that was done……So I poached Autobahn….which was closed….The entry is all new…The trail carrries some of the same characteristics as the old trail…..after the steep triple drop section in the beginning of the old trail….It then spreads to a really open area (due to some partial clear cutting of the trees in the area)….There are two kickers first one small….the second will be huge with speed….(landing on the second has not been completed)…Or we will be landing flat……The trail then spits you out at high speed to the second section of the old Autobahn….
    I thought that the really good work by the guy’s at Blue….was on trails
    O-Chute….and Highway….WOW….O-Chute is a new trail just past the entrance to Showcase…..The trail makers worked really hard on this one…..Tonnes of flowy berms with a great mixture of tight sections leading to high speed sections….eventually connecting with R-shore…. Very NICE!!!!….Although it will need a few more days of constant riding to pack all the new dirt down…It was a bit loose for really “railing” the trail…
    Next Highway…..Whoa…..They smoothed the entry after the first rock drop….that leads to the “up-hill” kicker…The speed is faster and smoother that before…(Awesome)….Then just as think all the fun is over….Bam….in the next little open section they have at least a 10ft hip jump….(maybe even higher than 10 ft)…that leads to 2 HUGE jumps…(sort of tables) They will have to work out the landing for the first jump… but is that section ever sweet!!!!….Hitting the jumps at speed…seems like you are riding up huge walls of dirt…..I am sure this will be one of the best runs this year…….

    For Blue Mountain…..Please keep up the constant work….



    Thanks for the info guys, sounds like Blue has done some stellar work in the off season. Blue will rock this year, I’m going to have to get a pass.
    All the changes sounds awesome, can’t wait to get the time to get up there, when does it up during the week?
    Didn’t make it up today (Sunday) ended up going to watch Doug Beatie and his brother Steve rip up SuperMoto at the Hershy center. Plus do a little PR for RACE and the Chin Jock.
    Man that sport looks like a hoot, I may have to get into it. Darren (ddd) from .243 was there ripping it up on his Honda 450r as well.

    See ya all at Blue, maybe next weekend.




    The lines at blue today were unbelievable. Without exaggeration, they ran all the way back to what would’ve been the front of the truck/shuttle line-up last year. I was there 5 hours and got 5 runs, 3 of which were almost race-pace down Showcase – I didn’t take any breaks.

    That being said, the courses are looking good, the attitude is positive and it seems like they’re really trying to put something good together. If they would just run the shuttles when it gets this busy all would be right in the world of Blue.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)

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