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Snapped carbon chainstay repair

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    Matt Bingham

    Snapped my chainstay yesterday, and may be out of warranty (fingers crossed), so looking to repair. There’s a place in Oakville that does it which is great, OR I’m considering DIY with a carbon repair kit.

    Anyone have experience with this?

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    Neville Park

    Outside of riding i am an avid surfer and custom surfcraft builder.
    lots of experience with high end epoxy and ballistic materials (carbon, kevlar, etc)
    I also run a surf repair shop and average 30+ work orders a month.

    imho – buy just the lower stay.

    I have repaired a bunch of $500-1000 hollow carbon SUP paddles (hippo sticks, etc) and hollow carbon race SUPs

    1) Santa cruz has excellent custom molds for both C and CC models, they spec VERY high end carbon.
    2) cleaning the splintered stay and re-filling the void caused by cleaning will be tough (IE: same overall dimensions are upheld to a close enough tolerance that the bike does not stress other pivots, etc)
    3) i would be scarred of retaining OEM strength
    4) i would be scarred of affecting other geo / pivots / etc

    Fiberglass in general works on very specific saturation ratios of cloth to resin. Unlike most peoples logic that “more = stronger”. the wrong ratio and saturation can appear to be strong but in actual fact be a big glob of weak, brittle resin.

    Additionally, the OEM stay would have been set under compression conditions too. meaning not only does it have a chemical bond from the expoy but also a mechanical bond added by the compression during curing in the mold.

    If you want me to take a look further to try and assist your DIY – feel free to shoot me a PM and we can chat at my shop (100 sunrise ave, Toronto)

    But a DIY would need:
    – proper PPE
    – high end Epoxy and Carbon
    – a vac bag set up
    – lots of sanding tools etc
    – space and time

    Sucks and hope you are within warranty!!


    Matt Bingham

    PM sent! Thanks


    Renegade Hardware

    (100 sunrise ave, Toronto)

    You are right beside Undisputed MMA, a bunch of riders go there, I’ll be there Thursday evening. You work from there in evenings?

    Matt, Text sent. Gooch (former member here) is a good resource for carbon, he’s done multiple race cars, prototypes, production super/hyper cars.


    Neville Park

    Hey @renegade-hardware – yep, same complex, pretty sure they are a few units over from me.

    I am there usually before and after regular work (5-630AM and 430-7PM)
    fun access to kitchen sink too 😉


    Matt Bingham

    Decided to put together a video of the incident




    done/doing some limited composite work, mainly aircraft parts and repairs. i think you would have to cut out that section , then expose the layer contours. you would have to know the type/weaves of carbon used and build up from there. an insert might have to be machined and inserted/bonded/riveted in the tube also. when i do a repair everything has already been reviewed by the engineers with a simulation already tested/approved. with this there would be a bit of guess work. all depends what you are comfortable with.



    How much does SC want for the rear triangle? You should be able to knock them down a bit depending on the condition of the bike…..that’s about the tamest trail section you could want – Santa Cruz makes some of the best bikes around and it was probably just bad luck, but that still doesn’t look good. I suspect their customer service should be able to help you out a little….


    Matt Bingham

    I decided to send it to http://www.carbonwork.ca/, but it ain’t cheap! But they are real experts and thorough!
    Yeah I’m pretty pissed about it, but Santa Cruz does not have any rear triangles left of this (26″), so I’ll keep harassing them to see if they by some weird chance get one in.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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