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    Not a loop but it started urban…

    I rode out to Four Mile Lake last weekend. After Uxbridge the route is straightforward on the various rail trails, including part of the COLT.

    However, I took the time to map out a better route out of the city than I have found in the past, at least in that direction. This entire 180km ride was almost completely on either trails, paths, or quiet dirt roads with just a couple of very short connections in between.


    Just note that it includes a crossing of Highland Creek just south of Ellesmere that doesn’t exist – I had to hop rocks across the water.

    1. Cap1.png



    It was a cool start this morning with frost in some areas…I rode from Mississauga into Oakville and then all the way to Bronte Creek Provincial Park. This place has a nice network of gravel trails and singletrack running very close to the ridge along Bronte Creek. After riding the trails I turned around and rode back home the same way. It’s a nice place to go for a ride if you want something local close to home and if you don’t feel like going to far out of town.



    Trails are a mess with this recent thaw and rain. Some networks are handling it better than others but it’s probably best to not rut things up ahead of the next freeze. Don’t be that guy.

    I decided to hop on the Fargo and try my regular 50km urban loop. Was surprised to see so much ice and slush, mostly on the paved sections. The dirt connections were great. Still a bit of permafrost and well protected by the fallen leaves. Gravel sections were mostly firm with some soft spots.

    Hopefully it stays cold and we can get a few more of these rides in. Still loving the Fargo but think I need to invest in some fenders. I’m happy with my kit, which keeps me warm and dry, but the spray certainly added unwanted localized moisture that I’d like to avoid. I’m running 29″x2.35 so I don’t think I’ll be able to go the full wrap route. Anyone have any suggestions?



    Hey FastTimes, regarding fenders I use Planet Bike Cascadia 29’er full fenders on my bikes. I got the widest ones I could find and they are just wide enough to cover a 2.35 wide tires. My Surly frame has plenty of frame clearance to run big tires and full fenders… I don’t know if your Salsa has enough frame clearance to run full fenders with big tires… A question I have is, how do you like those salsa drop bars on technical singletrack trails ??. Are they comfortable, do they offer good handling and control on trails ??



    Hey @singleandfixed

    I have used those Planet Bike fenders before but wasn’t sure the 65mm max width would clear a 2.35″ 29″ tire.

    I liked them on my Jake the Snake but there wasn’t much clearance even then with a 32mm tire. I like to ride on dirt and much as possible and actually had the fender crumple after scrubbing the tire bouncing through some roots. I’ll give the Planet bike ones another go but may try some other options better suited to off-road use. I wont get the coverage of a full wrap but thats the compromise I suppose.

    I like the Woodchipper bars. They are comfy on the hoods. I find the angle easier on the wrists. When in the drops I am typically in the scoop with hands on the levers. I rarely get aero and ride the ends of the drops. The position is nice but that’s not really why I got them on this bike. I find this setup works best for my bikepacking trips. It provides more clearance for the shifting blade and brake lever to clear and function well with a handlebar roll.

    They also protect your shifters a bit more if you slide out. That protection also makes it the the bar tape at the tip of the bar takes more of a beating from basic stuff such as the bike resting against something. I usually shrink wrap it for added durability.

    The Fargo can take just about any tires size, has modular dropouts and can easily accept a rack of fenders. Its a true drop bar mountain bike and works well with a suspension fork. Its an absolute blast in the singletrack.



    What I did to my Planet Bike fenders was to cut off those long rubber flaps on the ends. That way they won’t get caught in the tire and fold or rip off. I also made some extra mounting brackets from metal to make them a little bit stiffer so they don’t move around so much. It’s been good so far, I’ve ridden over all kinds of terrain and never had a problem with them. Sorry for not posting pics. I need to catch up and get myself a USB cable for my smartphone so I can start downloading some pics….Thanks for the explanation on those drop bars, I’ve been tempted to get them for a while because they look really cool with those drops flared out but I just wasn’t sure how they would feel and handle.



    Trails have been great but I think will be a wee bit soft this weekend and beyond. Planning on some exploring this weekend. West end loop, bit of everything. Bit of a slushy snirt. Happy to have others join.

    Happy trails!



    Ive been getting out to see what’s passable. Some areas are absolutely mint while others are still a mix of snow, dirt and ice. The Humber in particular is still a mess. Basically, shaded areas that have received any kind of winter traffic are still sloppy.

    Ive been scouting my goto northern and southern loops and plan to connect them this weekend. Temps should hit double digits and it will be pretty sweet out there. Id say the whole loop will be 90% snow free, not many soft sections.

    Southwest loop

    Northeast loop

    Total loop should be about 80-100km. Pace is chill, all are welcome to join either day this weekend. Just about any bike is suitable for this I think,



    Few more recon rides in the books. Went a bit further west for one of the loops. Everything was decent that way. I came back up near the Culham trail. It looks great but still wet, so stayed off. Same goes for Etobicoke Creek. Other ride was along the Humber, which still has some snow and ice. Its passable but I guess it depends what level of adventure you’re after.

    Anyone else venturing out?



    Just about the best way I can burn 3 hours on the road. Also Can’t figure out the Strava embed?


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