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Santa Cruz Blur is back!


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    I had the pleasure of riding the new Blur and Highball 3 in Santa Cruz a few weeks ago. Bikes are unreal.

    Initial reviews below:

    Highball 3

    Either of these would make quick work of our trails. @cyclesolutions is one of the only shops that has these if anyone wants to through a leg over one or even better, take one home.

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    Great review and love the shots. I wonder if a Blur LT with Fox 34/dropper is in the works.

    How did you find the new Maxxis Aspen during the demo? I know they are definitely fast rolling but I am curious about how the side knobs hook up compare to Ikon. I read a statement from Maxxis that they revamped the tire this year by applying Nino’s feedback. I am considering switching to these and would love to get some feedback on them. Aspens might not be up everyone’s alley so I’ll be on a lookout for new take-offs.



    Thanks! For a bike with a 34 and dropper, I’d go Tallboy all day. Santa Cruz is moving away from letter designations to specific bike models. Hightower LT is the exception. The Tallboy and 5010 really are the evolution of the Blur LT.

    The whole line is stacked with killer trail bikes. This is a dedicated XC race bike. No harm in building it up but it’s a short travel bike, with a very short stroke shock. If you read my Tallboy review you’ll see that i went the route of trying to change it quite a bit, but it could never be the new Tallboy. This Blur is much closer but having ridden them both, I would stick to the Tallboy. Just like if you wanted to toss a 36 on the Tallboy I’d tell you to get a Hightower.

    So yeah. No harm in running a 34 if you’re a bigger rider but for a typical XC racer at 155-170lbs, this bike is perfect I think. These are guys who care about evey gram. I think for a ready to roll bike. this makes sense. If they launched it as an XC race bike spec’ed with a 34 and a dropper, they would have alienated the intended consumer. Who would be comparing this to an Epic or Anthem. This bike is more capable for sure, and guys will build it up, but’s it’s an XC race bike first.

    My 2 cents.



    And the tires were not for me. Probably what I disliked the most. I prefer the Ikons. I mention in the Highball review that I found them vague and didn’t like the transition from braking to cornering nobs. Profile is not great. Fast yes, but so is a bald tire. Not much to hold you once you’re going fast.



    Thanks for the details. You are right about the crossover if they introduce another LT model. I’ll use your post as ammo for a friend who just bought a Tallboy a month ago and wanting to sell it for the Blur.



    Fair point on the Tallboy, as one of those heavier riders the longer stroke shock would also be a plus too!

    The redesign begs the question though looking at the previous gen Nomad and Hightower will we be seeing drive side stays on revisions of the Tallboy, Bronson, and 5010 in the near future? SantaCruz has (since the Blur) always seemed like an evolution rather than revolution kinda brand and design queues in one bike always seem to trickle to others



    The dual uprights are killer on this bike. Have a similar version on my Hightower and Hightower LT. I don’t think we’ll see it on all bikes, like the Nomad. Depends on drivetrain, tire size and suspension. I think we could on the next Tallboy however. I bet it goes 120/130 or more. Hightower will be fresh version of current LT with 150/160 I think. Not sure they’ll keep both Hightower models per my point earlier about individual models.

    I could see the Bronson, 5010 and Hightower maybe moving to the new lower link. It’s so good, but that linear-progressive curve won’t necessarily be optimal for all the models. I’m not sure how or if they can adapt it to other models. It’s crazy how good it is on the Nomad though. I’d say in many ways as good or better than Bronson, so seems possible. Be interesting to see what they roll out.



    I’d love to give this bike a go.

    I’ve gone to one bike (a Trance 150/140) so that I can take it to Blue or Mont Ste. Marie or out west and push harder, but I miss having a pure XC bike, cause, new flash, most riding in Ontario is XC riding. Riding an XC bike with a dropper and meaty tires is crazy fun. I had an Anthem 27.5 kitted out this way and it was a blast. That new Intense XC bike looks very interesting as well. XC light, but with trail geo.



    +1 on really wanting to give this bike a go!



    What sizes will you have @cyclesolutions. Demos this spring?



    Hey Mike from Cycle Solutions here.
    We have a L demo blur all built up and ready to go. Anyone 5’10” to 6’1″ will likely fit it like a glove. We’ll have a M later in the season, too!

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