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Ridge Trail Concept Design Plan


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    Ridge Trail Concept Design Plan

    “The City of Toronto is developing a Concept Design plan to improve the Ridge Trail, located in E.T. Seton Park, on the north side of the Don River, between the Leaside Bridge and the park access road from Thorncliffe Park Blvd.”

    Info and survey here: http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=1773bf5f7b5be410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD&vgnextchannel=4afd1d90f2fac410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD


    Matty F

    Normally my rides start at Loblaws, but it looks like soon I’ll have to skip right up to the Cricket Lot. Bummer.



    “unauthorized” technical trail features-funny…hopefully this will take a long time before the budget checks.



    I tried to fill out the survey yesterday. It isn’t really well designed. Questions that ask “Check all the apply” only let you check 1



    Yah the survey needs work. Maybe its not bad. I dont know about you guys but 99% of people I see in these trails are bikers so having the city build something (similar to the Advanced/Beginner section of poo plant) could be a good thing. We definitely need to let the city know that, we – the bikers, are the majority.



    Survey is terrible, but filled it out, hopefully for the good of the trail!




    Over 2 years to get from designating the trail as a priority to starting the discovery phase. I’d say we have a good 3yrs before there will be plans to put a shovel in the ground.



    Survey complete – Ridge about to get a Starbuck’s? Perhaps under the bridge?

    These guys fail at Survey 101



    Done, the survey could use a little work on its function but the questions are all reasonable and worthy to take the time answer.



    Survey completed. Let’s make sure to post the meeting date. I would like to be in attendance.



    Done. It’s unfortunate that no meaningful data will come from the questions that don’t record properly. However, there are still opportunities to tell the City exactly what you want the Ridge to be. I squeezed a lot of “wants” into the “Other” boxes! Looking ahead, it will be people in chairs at the public meetings that demonstrates who is the largest user group. Let’s make sure it’s riders.


    Fred Barclay

    Lets get the word out on this. It could go horribly wrong if the wider network gets nerfed.



    Thanks @fasttimes for sharing this! Filled out. This is what I entered in “Other comments” box.

    I understand the need to make the trails safe and accessible for as many users, but please ensure to consult the mountain bikers, by far the largest and most engaged user group on the Ridge trails. We volunteer our time at Trail Stewardship events and can offer valuable feedback. The Ridge trail is currently fully available for multi-use (hikers, dog walkers, runners, mountain bikers) and any technical trail features on it have perfectly safe walk arounds. As far as mountain bikers are concerned, any plans for the Ridge should consider how this trail flows and interacts with Crothers’ Woods trail. The Ridge trail should remain intermediate level, while Crothers’ Woods is beginner level.



    Finally back in town and able to complete the survey. Agreed the survey is ‘vague’ but as has been pointed out there is ample space in the ‘Other’ boxes to speak your mind.

    I essentially echoed your comment @alen_z several times over. The Ridge is a ‘historic’ MTB trail in Toronto and the GTA for that matter. While there are certainly trails out there now that turn my crank far more the Ridge serves as a testing ground to get to many of those more challenging trails. Much like how Crothers in a testing ground before moving onto the Ridge… progression.

    Tin Foil Hat time – While I know the Bike Park in the lower Don has long been promised I am a little uneasy about why that question is in the Survey. I am not here to say that the East End does not need/ want a Bike Park – it seems to be a long time coming and a promise that was never kept. However, my fear is that the Bike Park will be the compromise for ‘cleansing’ the Ridge of all its features and challenge. Sort of a give and take, the CoT gives the MTB community a Bike Park and then takes all of the features etc. off the Ridge making it a rather sedate rider through the woods. I may be way off here but I thought it might be worth throwing out there.
    Removes Tin Foil Hat

    Correct me if I am wrong but I feel that the vast majority of riders out there want trails (not Bike Parks) that they are stoked to ride. Trails that challenge riders at all levels from beginners right up to advanced riders – heck, there is lots in the Don that I side step on a regular basis but many float over with ease. In essence, we want the trails that are already being built and maintained by many of the dedicated people right here on this very site.

    I (and I am sure others here) was just invited today to a Stakeholder Meeting for the Concept Design in September. Short of events beyond my control, I will be attending. The invitation also said that there will be a public meeting held in late September/ Early October where ALL members of the community are encouraged to attend. As @mcbain has already said it is imperative that we have as many people out to that meeting as possible – show you care about your trails. As soon as the date for the Public Meeting are available they will be posted here.



    The fact that they call it The Ridge shows you who the main users are.

    No doubt the city will make this less sustainable and lamer. The valley is quite obviously not the priority of the city, so they’ll ignore the vast majority of the trails in the don for some time to come. The resources needed to trash it and police it are vast.

    If the trails really did disappear I feel like I’d have to move out of Toronto.

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