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RFG spring social/bikepacking ride


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    Fred Barclay

    @fasttimes Sorry to hear about your trip. I was following this thread to gain some insight into bike route planning. What mapping software were you using? I can’t get google maps to work the way I want it to. Only lets 8 pin drops and is always changing the route on me. Thanks.



    @marley @jhop @blurredlines @danlevin @3hill @kirk_clydesdale_peterson @tosh_weyman @dean-campbell @nate_lessnick @alexrose @braindamaged
    I’m game to do this trip whether or not Marc can make it. Let me know is you’re up for it too and we’ll plan accordingly.



    Still lots of campsites available in Albion and Guelph Lake. If people are still interested, I’ll book some sites and take cash from you later.



    forgot to hit “go” on my post.

    I’m in shady campsites or otherwise. @nyby if Albion/Guelph Lakes have sites I’m in to split.

    @fasttimes did you have a GPS track for Garmin or otherwise available? I’d be keen to keep it off the beaten path as much as possible



    Yes! This is happening! I’m gonna book a max 6 occupancy site at Albion and two sites at Guelph Lake now.



    @nyby I polled a bunch of friends and was told Rockwood is the better site. Much nicer!

    I dont have a GPX file as much of the route was on sensitive areas. I just went to ride the sections I thought would be iffy. Some may not be doable on a busy Saturday.

    Glad you guys are moving forward with this. I may have a solution to my shoot but it would involve pulling two all nighters; Thursday and Friday. I still really want to do this so am working out logistics.

    There isn’t much food/drink around Albion or Rockwood so my plan for both days was that we stop in towns leading up to the sites to grab food at a grocery store or eat on a patio. Carry some beers and small snacks to the camp. For breakfast, there are spots not far along the route that we can eat.

    Option B was to stash some goodies or have a buddy drop off refreshments.



    Provided I can move this shoot as planned. Would everyone still be good with proposed start location? We can also start from my place. I can fit a car in the driveway and am close to Islington subway.



    I’m good with start location. FYI just booked campsite 8 at Albion Hills, good for 2 tents and a hammock, fully shaded, lots of trees. Campsites 7 and 9 still available. Looking into Guelph and Rockwood now.



    Thanks @nyby Either way, I will take care of the campsites for you guys but I am still hoping to make it. Let me know what sites you get at Rockwood.



    You’re a pal @fasttimes. Albion only allows full-weekend reservations on holiday weekends so I had to book 3 nights. I’m cool with splitting that though cuz it’s $133 per site.



    Campsites booked! Site #8 at Albion for Saturday night, sites 153 and 154 at Rockwood (little more secluded, looks nicer than Guelph Lake) for Sunday night. I’m attaching maps with the sites marked below.

    Albion’s site is good for 4 occupants, if we need more space we can book both sites 7 and 9 that are adjoining and still available. There are still a fair number of sites left at Rockwood, too, so let’s get a head count ASAP. All the sites I booked are fully shaded with site quality and privacy marked “average” or better.



    Nice work @nyby

    Might be helpful for a few guys to post a gear list. Reduce overlap and make sure everyone has what they need. Bit of rain in the forecast which can add a few items.

    I’m going with the full tent/sleeping pad option myself. I’m old 🙂

    Sites have no power so spare batteries are a good idea for phone and GPS.


    Tosh Weyman

    Glad to hear this is still coming together! Unfortunately I’m out, both due to lack of gear and going up north with the family for the long weekend, but I hope to get the gear together to join future adventures with this group over the summer! Just wishing that shipping from Outer Shell wasn’t so darn expensive.



    wow, nice surprise to see this is still going ahead!

    My availability has shifted slightly, the family had booked sat away as i was going to be gone all weekend, but when this trip looked doa yesterday we made plans to do something together monday.

    So as it stands, the most i could do would be Sat to Albion and then make my own way back from there to toronto, forgoing Sun guelph nite.

    Would still like to try and make the first day If its happening….not sure how we will organize route, and perhaps ill need to book another camping spot, shame it has to be for 3
    days, maybe better luck rolling up on the day for tent and no car availability for an evening?!? ive camped at albion before, it was pretty rowdy, kind of tried avoiding it since…….anyway, hope i can make it work to at least join for the first night. i am heading out of town with work tomorrow morning but will try to keep up with developments in this posting as best i can…freelance life keeps personal plans always interesting!



    What a weekend! Those were some of my favourite days on a bike to date. Such a good crew and the route was worth all the hard work leading up to it. The campsites were also on point A few loud jerks, but I think that’s par for the course on a long weekend, There was also our beer angel, who hooked us up despite getting in to camp after everything had closed. Cheers to you brother!

    We rode so much bomber singletrack, the most I’ve ridden on a bikepacking trip so far. Everything from primitive foot paths to flowy loam and rock-laden trails which tested our bikes limits and our resolve. Can’t say enought about the Fargo, it’s a machine with no limits. Mind blown.

    My Setup

    I was unable to make Saturday due to a last minute gig but met the lads at Albion hills for day two and three. I had completed day one several times while scouting the trails so other than doing it with the gang, I didn’t miss anything. With the route in hand, the guys managed the tough day on their own. @jhop joined the ride for the first day and returned to the city on his own Sunday. I hope you had a fun ride back Jason! Was great to meet you!

    This trip was amazing, I cant say enough about how great @nyby and @blurredlines were to ride with. So positive and eager to explore, which we did a lot of. Thanks for the great weekend playing bikes guys!

    What an adventure!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 79 total)

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