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RFG spring social/bikepacking ride


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    Hey guys and gals,

    I’d like to get an early season social/bikepacking ride going for us. Think, primitive style BDDR but multiday, overnight and camping. This is a full on social, no-drop ride (to a degree) but it can be done on any bike and its only purpose it to have fun and maybe suffer a bit.

    I have several route options and I propose the May 24 weekend. Most options will be 80-100km plus each day but the pace is chill. I would discourage those looking at that distance from feeling discouraged or bored. This is about a great group and a lot of fun. If you’re fast, you’ll have beer and food early, if you arrive later, who cares. This is all about fun, we have all day and beers will be cold whenever you arrive. Consider this an intro ride with better stuff to follow. You can do it!

    This ride will be doable on any bike. A cross bike will be great for most but could suck on singletrack and a mountain bike will slay singletrack but will suck on the road/rail bits. The really important part to factor in is; it doesn’t matter. This is about fun, riding bikes and campfires. You’ll have to carry what you need but that’s not difficult.

    I have a few options in mind but am looking at a 2-3-night trip. It would be interesting to do the C.O.L.T. as a big group but that may be too ambitious. Other options include Collingwood and back with RFG party in C-Wood. There are also some killer loops west to Turkey Point, Goedrich. Going east is more Rail Trail but it’s killer. Good campsites and pubs along the way. I have a good amount of experience on the loops and think I can make something fun for all of us. I’d even pony up for a private bus back if we wanted to go to Ottawa say. This is about the riders and fun more than anything.

    RFG will have no responsibility in the loop officially but I/we will foot the bill for most of it. It’s low cost to begin with but we’ll pick up any tabs, lets just say.

    I want to discuss this in our forums first then can open it up to our social media feeds for anyone else. I’ll do what I can to get shops and industry involved but I hope the memory of this ride is the prize. I can say from experience that the rides like this I have done will remain with me forever, they are a lot of fun and would be killer with a big group.

    Who is interested?
    How many nights?



    Absolutely interested. My schedule is pretty open, and I am game for most any route option. I have a work trip to BC from May 24-29 ish, but the long weekend is before that, the 19-21, so if it’s the long weekend, I should be good.


    Since most would only have 2 nights and 3 Days COLT would be ambitious I think with a Social Ride. But my humble option only :). Aldershot Go train station to Turkey Point via the rail trial to Brantford then south to Simcoe then some back roads to Turkey Point Provincial park is about 115KM 5-6 hours. Options to ride the trails there on Saturday then ride back Sunday. Route is relatively flat and generally good trail conditions for any bike. MTB would be recommended for riding trails at TP but there is a Brewery and a couple Wineries.



    This sounds really great. I *just* picked up a bikepacking bike too–it’s a sign. I’ll be following this closely. Heading to Collingwood or Ottawa would be my preference.



    That’s awesome @nyby Let’s see some pics and build info on that sweet bike in the bikepacking thread. I may have a similar machine on its way 😉

    Ottawa trip is killer. I really liked that route and plan to do it this summer for sure. Great camping and views along that route. It’s a solid 3-4 days however so may not work for this social.

    I’ve got a really good route to Collingwood so that is definitely on the table. There are some cool legal and illegal camping spots along the way but if we’re talking 2 night it will mean one day is a long haul. 140’ish kilometres. This would be a lot of fun with a big group.

    A good ride can be had west and I’ll start to post a few options. What @kirk_clydesdale_peterson suggested is a good option but I think one of the main goals is to ride from our door,. From my door, we can get up Etobicoke Creek or the Humber and be on gravel and trail in no time.

    For a decent loop you need 3-4 nights. The less nights you have the longer the days need to be. Given that this is an intro and social, with some potentially late nights, I don’t want to go much past 100km each day.

    The goal is get more folks into this so that regular trips can be made and routes established..



    Here is the loop I propose which has us leaving from the west end of the city for 2-3 nights. Roughly 100km each day depending how it’s broken up . 268.5 km +1282 m / -1284 m

    I’ve done a lot of these sections but as part of the fun and prep we can do sections leading up to the event as a gear, route and fitness shakedown. This is highly recommended to anyone wanting to join us. Much of it is rail and path but that is good as far as covering ground goes. There are some good sections in here that will keep it interesting.

    This has us going up the Humber, through Nashville, Bolton, Caledon, Elora, Guelph Acton and back down Etobicoke Creek.

    bigger image here: https://www.ridingfeelsgood.com/wp-content/uploads/rtMedia/users/27/2018/03/Screen-Shot-2018-03-27-at-10.33.41-AM.png?

    Elora has a good campsite and we can figure others out. That may take us off the route a bit but I think we should be able to figure that out. Depends on how many nights and which days we want to be the long ones. So we could stay at Albion one night, Elora the next but then we need one more on the way back. Or thats just a big ass day for us.


    Tosh Weyman

    This is a fantastic idea. I like the suggested route too. The Humber is a great way to get out of the City. I’m interested for the May 24 weekend (May 19-21), subject to approval from the wife! Also need to get some bikepacking bags in order.



    just logged in and saw this proposal, sounds amazing! i am freelance and work out of town last minute often so can never be sure if ill be available so far from the date, but this personally ticks all the boxes for bike adventures i’d like to take on this year so tentatively count me in! proposed elora route looks great, quite big days but sounds epic! look forward to seeing how plans shake out . hope i can attend and help out as well



    I have an unmoveable commitment on the evening of May 18, but just got permission from the wife to join this adventure as long as we leave on the morning of the 19th. Mark, your proposed route looks great but I’m up for anything. The more singletrack, the better. Can’t wait!



    Wow – awesome! This sounds like it would be a great couple of days. Love the idea of adventure waiting right out of your door!



    Be so great to have you along on this @marley I’ve got extra gear if you need anything.

    Just want a big gang on a fun adventure.



    This is an amazing idea! Would be a great adventure.
    Not sure i can commit to the multi days with school, but if the ride goes through Guelph/Elora id gladly link up and do the days ride with you all! The new Elora Brewing company is calling us!



    Be great to have you along @3hill. Study by the campfire? It wont be too rowdy 😉

    Lets go scout those ares together leading up to it brother.



    I’m following this thread… With an 8 month old, I feel bad just thinking about leaving the wife to deal with the baby for 3 days alone. Having said that, if I can get her mom to help out or something then this may just be possible. If not this time, next year for sure. This looks awesome.



    @fasttimes Any chance on this route for some singletrack extensions for anyone who wants to put in a little more saddle time?

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