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RFG bikepacking ride from Toronto to Collingwood

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    Popped a tent while looking at my bikes 🙂

    Final prep underway. New tent, so always good to try in the dry so there are no supruses in a storm.

    This is the Big Angus Fly Creek HV UL2. My other tent is an old 4 man which would have been to heavy and bulky for this trip.


    Tri Vuong

    Hey I’m new here! Somebody at Cycle Solutions told me about this trip you guys are doing. Can’t wait to see how it goes, would love to join you guys sometime.

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    Hey @tri_vuong Welcome to RFG!

    Planning the trip has been challenging but I think we have a good shakedown ride sorted out. There are so many good loops and I have certainly caught the bikepacking bug. It combines so many of the things I love. I hope to do a few more this summer and fall and will certainly post up. I think these trips would be a blast with a big group of guys.

    Happy trails!



    Marc, let me know how the dry test goes. I’ve been doing my reading and that tent is on my shortlist for bike packing along with Northfaces “Triarch 1” I know it adds some weight, but having a vestibule to keep additional gear out of the morning dew without sacrificing sleeping space just screams “sweet, I have dry stuff”

    Also, I got clever with the Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag and instead strapped gear to the out side of the downtube. I figured @cyclesolutions had a very good point about keeping as much weight as possible as low as possible and without suspension it’s pretty straight forward regarding wheel clearance



    Will do @blurredlines. Here is the final, fully-loaded bike and Camelbak Kudu I’ll be carrying. You definitely run out of space in a hurry. Like all packing missions, it’s a game of Tetris. They’re calling for some wet weather so I’ve packed rain gear over other luxuries. Interested to learn what works and what doesn’t for future trips. Outpost stuff is nice. I ended up having to cancel the stuff we had coming unfortunately. Anxious to see how the Apidura stuff performs for me on this one. Heading out tomorrow morning for three days. Stoked!

    Let’s chat about some trips. I have routes planned all over the place now from researching this trip. Looking forward to trying more raw terrain on the fat bike this fall and winter as well.



    Had an absolutely amazing trip with my good friend @dean-campbell. So many good memories. Cant wait for the next one. You can read our full story here: https://www.ridingfeelsgood.com/ontario-bikepacking-trip-headwaters-shoreline/

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    It was indeed a great time Marc. Onto the next one (with fatter tires for me).



    Check out this epic photo essay and story from our newest member @miles_arbour from Screaming Beaver Bike Bags. I haven’t been this inspired in a while. On the bucket list for this fall for sure. Epic!

    Solo Bikepacking the Central Ontario Loop Trail: COLT

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome adventure with us Miles!


    Miles Arbour

    My pleasure Marc!



    Check out the “tent” set up at the 1:00 mark… I think that’s a pretty dialled in setup and certainly seems worth trying.



    Great video but that tent seems a bit impractical. Open to bugs, flies, raccoons and rain?

    Having said that, a tent built around using an inverted bike as the frame is a great idea. I wonder if that’s been made?



    That’s Lorraine. Pretty rad lady, used to race for me way back.

    This would be a nice setup but you’d want to be confident of conditions, which on a longer trip might not be a good gamble.. Looks a bit drafty 🙂

    This tent from Topeak is pretty cool, minimalistic.



    To me the bike camping doesn’t seem much different from hiking, more pleasant when the gear can be minimized. The tarp does save a small number of pounds if going before or after bug season and it’s perfectly fine in any normal rain, but you do have to guess/predict the prevailing wind conditions when you set it up. I always had the tarp set up with a hiking pole though which means nothing can dislodge it. Looking at these photos I don’t see what’s holding up the bike? Even if you guyed it out, it’s own weight might still dislodge the pegs or guylines if it tipped? ie from sleepers rolling over and/or getting up in the middle of the night or even some strong gust of wind. I can’t quite see from the photo but there does appear to be a guyline coming over the front wheel which I can see might mostly hold it steady, but if the front wheel is not also locked in some way I’m not sure how trusty that would be in a wind. Can’t beat it for minimal though!



    After being sick as a dog and off the bike for nearly two weeks, I though it would be a good idea to go slog out 35km in the rain and cold 🙂

    Trails are a mess right now and I wanted to see how exactly the new Etobicoke Creek Trail Extension connects at Tomken Rd. I still want to tackle this trip and this is an important section to link it all up.

    Link to article trail extension article here: http://bramptonist.com/brampton-receives-325k-cycling-connection/ “The funding will go to closing a 1.93 km gap on the south end of the Etobicoke Creek Trail, where the trail goes underneath the 410/407 lands.”

    According to this map, the trail should connect were it fell apart on us and turned into a 4×4 mud bog. I was hoping to arrive at that section and see a paved or gravel trail continue but it did not. I hunted around a bit but it certainly wasnt obvious if it was there.

    I arrived to this same mess.

    This article http://bikebrampton.ca/2016/10/04/etobicoke-creek-trail-link/ describes the “link” as “This extension is from Mayfield Rd to the Hwy 410 overpass encompassing approximately 800m of new trail within Town of Caledon and 700m of new trail within City of Brampton boundaries.” Not sure if the same extension but if it is that bog is still the issue to connecting it all. Anyway, clearly I missed something but love to explore so now I have a reason to go back.

    The rest of the ride was awesome, as it always is, and I love this Pivot Les Fat so much. So much awesome!

    I plan to do this ride a bunch over the fall, winter and spring if anyone wants to join. Can be done on any bike.

    Here is a fun little aerial video of the ride today.



    Headed back up with @braindamaged today. Super fun ride exploring the northern section of the creek. And can confirm, it does not connect. No idea what they are reffering to in those links but it’s all a bog.

    Nonetheless we explored and had a blast. I’ll start a new thread in the Etobicoke Creek thread with more details.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 75 total)

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