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Ontario version of the North Shore Triple Crown

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    Hey guys,

    Really loving this video and story about Shandro doing the big Triple Crown ride on the shore. Three summits in one day. Ride comes out at 2600m of climbing over 60km. The fact that they did it in pretty adverse conditions makes it that much more epic. It’s on my bucket list for sure.

    My buddy Tyler gave me the heads up on this and has expressed interest in us doing an equivalent ride and story here. Yoann Barelli is also doing big 4000m days along the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Unlike out west, where elevation is easily acquired, it’s a bit of a challenge here. Just one of those climbs is three times longer than anything we’ve got access to.

    I’ve been unwittingly preparing for something like this, doing big rides and regular climbs up Blue this summer. I’m going up weekly and grinding five laps up and down the park. May sound dumb to some, when there is a perfectly good lift running, but I get my laps in just as fast as going up the lift and riding across the top. It feels pretty good to earn those turns and make proper use of these all mountain machines we ride. Cresting gassed and smashing the laps certainly tests machine and man.

    Way, way back when I worked for GT I was taken on this ridiculous soul-crushing ride in Collingwood, This is going back 20 yrs now. I honestly couldn’t believe it was even possible to do a ride like that here. It’s not like any of the Over-the-Top or Duntroon shuttle variations, it was much bigger. I have never been able to recreate the ride but over the years have pieced some of it together. Some of the key connections have become illegal and I try to respect that. I’m not over poaching it for one epic day however.

    Last week I put together a similar loop. While completing the ride and mapping it out, I now see how I can make it ever bigger and better. As close to that original ride as possible today.

    My neighbour Hal joined me for the adventure. In short; we climbed Blue and rode over to 3 Stage. Hit the goods at 3 Stage and bombed the 540 to the bottom of Pretty River. From there we climbed back up and across to the base of Olser. We then climbed up Osler and rode back across to the top of Blue where we raced down to the bottom to complete our ride. The ride worked out to 54km with 1200m of climbing. The numbers don’t fully do justice to this ride. It was a tough one. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to replicating a day of riding the Singletrack 6 back east.

    All that to say, I think it’s more than possible to do our own version of the Triple Crown. To reach 2600m would require more kilometres (likely 80-100km) but I don’t think that takes away from it. It’s easily done climbing Blue 12x but I prefer this bigger loop option. Doing it twice with variations seems like the best option but there are many and I spend lots of time dreaming up these sorts of rides. Lots of secret goods up that way that can be added in.

    If anyone wants to join this mission or any of my other adventures, please let me know. Don’t have to live on the shore to have an epic day on the bike.

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    Going to try for 7-10 climbs up Blue tomorrow if anyone would like to join. Aiming for 2000m. Leaving early to avoid the heat and have up access to the green trail as well as the Grind.



    Good luck! Maybe next year…

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    Neville Park

    Climbing is the best (and the worst)

    all of this sounds awesome – wish i could join but still a bit away from being healthy again.

    Maybe join yah in the fall for something like this … doing lots of m’s on zwift to stay fit

    Enjoy and keep these posts coming, love it!



    I’d love to do this on a fall weekend if we could find a time.



    Thanks guys! Definitely wish I had some company on this mission. I was getting all kinds of encouraging messages popping up on my phone throughout the day, which was awesome. Trail crew and Blue staff were great as well. Thanks!

    I got up at 5am so that I could take advantage of the cooler temps and get some laps up the Green trail before the park opened. On the way up on Airport Road, I was rear-ended by a driver in a construction vehicle who had fallen asleep at the wheel. It wasn’t a good start to the day and it ate up quite a bit of time. My game plan went out the window after that. Honestly though, just glad I am ok. Could have been much worse. I continued up to Blue to make the most of the day.

    I only managed two climbs up the Green trail before riders started to come down. The rest were up the Grind. Comparing the two now, I don’t think the Green trail helped conserve any energy. I did beat my time up from the enudro, likely due to the fact that I was now rushing to get in as many as I could.

    It got real hot, real quick. Staying nourished and hydrated were the biggest challenges of the day. The sweat was pouring down my face with every pedal stroke. Had to dig real deep. I packed all kinds of food and water which was clutch to surviving this. I kept with real food, no energy drinks or gels until the very last lap.

    I was honestly ready to call it after three laps up. Given the morning I had, who would have blamed me. Figured it just wasn’t in the cards today. I convinced myself to, at the very least, complete my usual five laps and make the most of it. Once at five, I decided to try and match my buddies recent achievement of seven. As I was about to head up for the seventh lap, a friend informed me that a guy in the shop just crushed eight on the weekend. Crap!! Now I was in for eight. As I was going up for my eighth, I knew I had to now go for my long term goal of ten. I was so cracked: headache, dehydrated, sunburnt and cramping. My energy was depleted as was the battery on my phone. It was looking like I may have to do the last few laps with no tunes. With only the beat of my heart, thumping like a rave, to keep me going. The key was to start the ninth effort, no turning back after that. The end was in sight. One turn of the pedals at I time, I did it.

    It was hard, one of the toughest things I have ever done. Bigger than any stage I completed at ST6 or day riding out west. There was never a section to let up on or cruise. I humped up and hammered down. I planned to recover on the descents, but that’s not in my nature I guess. My top speed for the day was 73km/h, which is quicker that most of the WC DH races this season. Likely not the protocol when rocking a half lid. I know it would have been smarter to back off and conserve some energy but I live for the downs. What’s the point of climbing without them. Might as well just climb Brimley or Ellis road otherwise. Knowing that a tasty descent was waiting for me after each climb was great motivation. Thinking about which trail to take down kept my mind occupied while climbing up – “remember to unlock your shock”

    I came short of the distance and elevation needed to match the Triple Crown but there is still lots of riding left this season. There is now talk of 24 in 24 (24 earned runs in 24hrs) I’ll be honest, ten hurt a lot. Maybe I could have smashed out a dozen if it wasn’t so hot, maybe not. I didn’t walk at all but might have had to for more than ten. I was fighting for every foot of trail in front of me.

    Not 5min after I finished, the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. I just got them in. Had I got rained out at eight or nine, so close to my goal, I would have been bummed. Was only a week ago I got caught in a similar situation and it wasn’t pretty. Though I would have welcomed the cool rain and break from the relentless sun.

    Throughout the day, between runs, I tried to get my rack off the car. It just wasn’t safe to drive with it like that. Blue staff tried to help as well but it just wasn’t coming off. It was rammed 2″ past its end point and the hitch was all bent. So is the frame of my car. I stopped in to get it cut off on the way home. First with an angle grinder then a torch. Definitely not a typical day. Pretty thankful i’m ok and that everything worked out. I’m lucky!

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with my effort. Going to remember this one for sure. Feeling it today. Next adventure?

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    Neville Park

    @fasttimes – amazing stuff. So very happy for you and can def get the mental fortitude to persevere through and obtain your goal!


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    Some epic rides man!

    I’m glad you escaped the car incident without injury.

    When I’m fully healed up, you got to show me this loop.



    Let’s talk about the fall. I’ll be over that way in October, and I have lots of elevation to practice with here in the Gats.



    I think my buddy and enduro racing machine, Tyler, is planning on going for 24 in 24 soon. I haven’t done many big rides lately so not sure I’ve go it in me. I’m still hoping to give it my best at one point this fall though. Blue now running fall hours will make it harder. To complete 24 in 24 will require a pretty mellow pace with lots of food and water breaks. Cooler temps will certainly be a welcomed change from the 40° scorched I made my attempt in.

    I think others have found the spirit of it and are giving it a go. One of the riders I admire the most , a true source of daily inspiration for me, just did 10 up. This is a guy who regularly rides 200-600km in a day with many >5000m days under his belt. He has completed the Tour Divide several times and banged out the 500km C.O.L.T. loop in 24hrs. Bikepackers normally take 4-5 days to complete this. He’s not human and his rides have been a great source of inspiration for me over the past few years. What ever I thought my limits were, there is more, way more. To see him be inspired to try this is pretty awesome, though he likely didn’t even break a sweat.

    I will 100% be doing the big Collingwood, Blue-3Stage, ride again this fall. I’ve got some more sweet km’s to add to it. Be great to get a big crew out for this one.



    A mellow pace with lots of breaks sounds like my kind of riding!

    I really need to get off my ass and ride up to Fortune and back from home. I am sure I can log some good distance and elevation doing that. Then I can build on that. It’s right out my door, so no excuses.



    If you can believe it, i’ve only just received my car back today. Was a complete shit-show getting it repaired. Thought for sure they would write it off, but they didn’t.

    I’m trading it in for a 2019 Forester. This was the year anyway but this incident just moved the date up for me. I’ll also be adding a Roof Top Tent for trips and overnighters i’ve got planned. Should help to move home base for some bigger, more remote rides.

    I’ll be getting this iKamper. Pretty cool design. Ready to roll in 60sec.

    Let the 2019 adventures begin!



    @fasttimes You know Wayne Burnzee as well I see. We rode together in Squamish a few years back. That guy is a diesel engine!! Look forward to hearing about your Epic rides is 2019 — perhaps I’ll join you on a few.



    Burnzee is the man. Guy is huge inspiration for me. His rides are next level and always make me want to push my limits.

    I’m not really an endurance rider but have grown to love it and he was a big part of that. Even did a 120km gravel race this year, it hurt. haha

    For sure join on rides, I’m all about making the most of the region and adventures on the bike.



    Myself and a group of buddies are looking to tackle my idea of an Ontario Triple Crown style ride tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

    The ride is outlined briefly in previous posts but it essentially links three of the best climb/descent zones in the Blue Mountains. I’ve actually incorporated a fourth ascent/decent but we may opt out of that as it really puts the ride over the top. The whole enchilada is roughly 75km with 1,200m of climbing. Pace is chill, and there is a natural spring to top water off. Temps are great for this right now and will be nice to complete it before the leaves come down.

    Was five degrees last week when I camped out up there, winter is coming.

    Unrelated, but also plan to two few days in Bracebridge. Ride Porky, Bucky, MORCA and my secret stuff over tow days of ridding.

    Any and all welcome on this or any adventure.

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