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Monster Truck

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    Went to the Everything About Fred night at the Sound Academy and left the venue blown away by them.

    They have most of their music available for free, but as soon as I get home tonight I am ponying up the cash for both albums.

    I had honestly not heard much of them before the show, but I’m hooked now. Their songs sounded awesome live and they had some great energy.




    And on the opposite end of the spectrum from this show, USS headlined and I thought that they absolutely sucked. I had also not really heard of them before and I have no reason to listen to any of their music. Oh well? :guns


    Get Up

    Love listing to old southen 1970’s biker sounding bands and see there sound grow over the years and yes in those southen bars they do have the wire up in front of the band.
    I still like many bands my hang up is why we never hear them of the FM dial, so I’ll add something in or back for your topic and look for more.

    Captain Beefheart – Electricity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE32tcojArI

    Thanks for the tip of what to buy next.



    Sweet! Those are some good tunes.



    If you like Monster Truck. Then you’ll love this.

    CLUTCH and HELLYEAH Unite For North American Co-Headlining Tour
    Looks like you have to hit the USA for this.

    Slash will be at the Phoenix Mar. 23
    -not to sure if it’s an all age’s event
    Tickets on sale today.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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