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Marie Curtis Park


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    How much does something like that park cost to build?



    Great question @somers!

    I know is have seen many numbers tossed around. With all the pre-fabricated features that are spec’ed on the design I can only imagine the cost will be augmented. Kind of a catch 22, high capital investment initially but potentially less maintenance in the long run. However, given the CoT model they would like to adopt (accoding to the NETS document) with Stewardship to maintain the parks (free) it might be interesting to look at the design and suggest something more along the lines of Sunnyside that is build from ‘dirt’.

    When it came up at the Sunnyside opening Hoots asked what I thought of the MC design. I said it look great but expensive.



    Good insight. What’s high though, like $10k? $30k? $2k?



    I did some searching on the interwebs (not exactly my forte) but didn’t come up with any concrete numbers – like quotable stuff, which I find a bit odd. However, I have heard the figure $500K thrown around many times for the final pricetag on Sunnyside (not sure if that includes the second phase that is currently underway).

    Perhaps @singlesprocket or @cracker could shed some light on that figure as they are on the Sunnyside working group.



    Well with Spring in the air and April around the corner, I decided to put out an email to see what the status of the park is, as was suggested to me in the Fall.

    Received some unfortunate news. Here is the reply I received today from a staff member at Councillor Grimes’ office.

    “As you know, Parks staff made a request for capital funding for the Marie Curtis Bike Park in order to attempt to proceed with detailed design and construction for Phase 1.

    I’ve just learned that unfortunately, staff did not receive funding for their plans for the project. I have been told that staff will apply again next year.”

    Needless to say this is not the reply that I was hoping for or quite frankly, expecting. I have followed up the reply with some questions about why the funding was not given for the project. I hope to hear back from them with some further insight and next steps.

    Will keep y’all posted on anything I hear.



    Heard back about the funding. Here is the official reply.

    “There are numerous requests for capital funding for projects to be added to the capital plan every year, and limited funding opportunities. Proposed projects are assessed for viability and prioritized for consideration in the development of the capital budget.

    Bike parks are one of the categories included in the PFR Facilities Master Plan that will guide the division on the strategic planning of services across the City. At this stage, there is not adequate funding available, however, the request has been recorded and will be considered in the implementation of the plan.”

    Not totally sure about all the language – but, if I had to paraphrase:

    There isn’t enough money and Bike Parks, although part of the plan, are not a priority. Better luck next time.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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