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Looking for a place to ride within an hour of the 404 (to the east)

HOME FORUM RIDING YORK, DURHAM AND THE HILLS OF HEADWATER Looking for a place to ride within an hour of the 404 (to the east)

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    Looking to ride on Saturday AM, as the title says. Have ridden in TO for 15 years, but almost exclusively in the Don or west of GTA (Albion, Hilton Falls, Kelso, etc). So looking for a place to ride in the east, and would prefer some technical, some flow, and something that is decently marked so I don’t have to stop and check a map every 5 minutes. I read the review of Durham Forest on here, looks like that checks most of the boxes – is that the best bet?




    Durham Forest for sure fits the bill. Alternately you could check out Ravenshoe – it’s smaller, you can hit every trail in about 1:15hr. Durham you could ride most of the day if you wanted to. I’d love to take you out but my wife is working nights this weekend and I don’t have a sitter lined up to sneak out for a ride this weekend 🙁


    Durham Rider

    Durham Forest checks off almost all the boxes except well marked. There is an app called Maprika that you can find here
    It is a free app that once you have the relevant trail map installed will show you were you are in the trail network.
    The Durham Forest map is a couple of years old so there are a couple of great new trails that the DMBA has built that aren’t on it yet. If you do go the Maprika route start at Burnt Toast which is right off the north end of the parking lot.
    This will lead you into Bowes I, Bowes II, Big Butter and Baby Butter which is a super fun 5k start to your ride. From there most of the trails are on Maprika except Naughty But Nice which is a short technical trail with a couple of boardwalks and a plank ride. Super fun. You will find that at the east end of Logs Over Easy.

    I would also love to show you around but Saturday doesn’t work for me either.

    If you go to the Durham Mountain Biking Association Facebook page
    and post that you are looking to ride Saturday morning you might get someone interested in showing you around.

    Or look for the green and black DMBA jerseys in the parking lot and ask if you could join them.

    Hope you have a great ride.




    awesome, thanks guys!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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