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Kid's bike seat


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    secret agent

    I know a lot of you here have younger kids and might be able to help me out with this.
    My niece will turn two in a few days. I want to take her out on the bike this spring. I have Kona Stuff and a Santa Cruz Chameleon hardtail bikes that I could use with a bike seat. I am not sure if she will like it and if anyone has anything suitable for a bike like this or any suggestions or comments. I’ve looked at a few online and really like the one made by Thule, but it is a bit pricey for something that will not get used that much. I bought her a really nice kick bike and helmet already.



    Hey @secret-agent I would suggest this one: http://ibert.bike/
    We didn’t actually ever own it (borrowed it from a friend) when my kids were young. Had they not have lent it to us I would have bought one. I liked it better than the behind the seat models for a few reasons:
    1. WAY more interactive for the child they are actually experiencing what you are on the bike. Plus, when you are talking to them they can hear you.
    2. Easier to balance as their weight is more centered in the bike.

    I took the kids on basic trails with this model no problem. If you feel comfortable buying it used these items often come up since they have a fairly limited time of use when the kids are young.

    Happy riding to the two of you.


    secret agent

    That looks like a good idea. I’ll check the steer tube height on my two bikes. I know I don’t have a ton of room on either. I watched the video and it looks simple to install. The point about interactivity is something I had not considered at all. I am going to see if I can pick up something used, but they are not horribly expensive and I can probably sell it as well. I already bought her a kick bike and a helmet. She wants to ride it in the house. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t know those existed. My search was all seats and that did not come up.



    I’ve never tried the front seat for a kid, but I’ve used a rear rack mount extensively. We have this one: http://www.topeak.com/products/Child-Carrier/babyseat_wrack and I’d easily recommend it . The rack is very sturdy and I can put my full weight on it. It comes with a mount for a rear light on the rack so when the seat is on you don’t have to worry about where to mount a light. The seat clips on and off in about 30 seconds (one clip and a safety strap around the seat post). The back of the seat is very high and my kid occasionally falls asleep in it when I push my luck around nap time. Our kid was 3 last summer, now that he’s getting bigger his feet are low enough that I need to ride with the arch of my foot on the pedal, next summer he won’t be out on it anymore. But for 2 and 3 year olds its awesome.

    Reasons I didn’t go with a front mounted seat:
    – a persons control of the bike is affected with that load on the front wheel, to me bike control was important
    – if i get doored i’d rather it be my face going into the door frame than the kids
    – cant lean forward to draft that Cervelo across the Viaduct (PRd with a kid on the back!)

    Drawbacks I can see from a rear mount:
    – weight distribution is strange when you’re stopped/starting, you cant let the bike lean over
    – when the get larger they interfere with your pedal stroke
    – adds a fair bit of drag when empty, acts like a sail *sometimes helps

    I also have a single chariot Cougar and it’s awesome. we used it for the younger kid (started around 8 months) with the extra child support pad kit. that thing is a tank and as long as you keep the tires pumped up really moves with you.

    both the chariot and topeak rear seat came either used or left over shop specials, i wouldnt buy any of this stuff new. there’s so much infant/toddler stuff on Kijiji… and when im done with it ill just relist and the difference will be my cost of ownership.


    secret agent

    Thanks for the info. another rider has an Ibert and is going to let me try it. I found several used online and one Thule seat. I hope she likes it. The plan is to keep that bike with the carrier at their house. I’ll do a 25 km road ride there, take her out and ride home. Would make for a great day.


    Matty F

    I STRONGLY recommend against the I-Bert seat unless you have a quill stem. Even then it seems a bit dodgy to me. We used to sell them at my shop, but pretty much the entire staff hated them and had no confidence in them, so we stopped.

    The key problem with mounting them to a threadless steerer is that they must clamp onto the headset spacers. As far as I know, there are no headset spacers in production that are designed to handle a clamp load of this nature. It’s entirely possible some of them have almost no hoop strength at all. Furthermore, a properly adjusted headset can sometimes allow the spacers to rotate just by grabbing them firmly with your hand and twist. So add in 18″ of leverage and the weight of a small child to the end of that and you can easily have a real problem.

    I also had a real problem with the instructions, which at one point, in regards to the streerer mounting bolts, strongly emphasize “DO NOT OVER-TORQUE!”. However, they don’t give you an actual torque spec for those bolts. I really have no idea what is too much or too little torque in that application, especially when trying to take into account the myriad of different properties of different headset spacers involved. I also found the manufacturing a little shoddy, which the bolt holes being a little crooked, and the interface between the mounting bar and seat is really sloppy.

    There are other similar seat options out there which are similar in concept, but I’m not exactly sure what they are or what they cost.

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