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Humber Bay Trails Improvement Meeting


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    Humber Bay Shores Park Trail Improvements and Bicycle Connections – Roads and Trails – Infrastructure Studies | City of Toronto‏

    I plan on attending this meeting (when to one of the earlier consultations). This trail is part of my regular ‘road’ loop and is so bad I avoid it like the plague during peak times due to congestion. The proposal (see below) looks interesting as it separates bike and walkers which is the main problem down there – too well used, not that it is a bad thing!

    Pretty close to Sunnyside too so might see even more bike traffic as the Park becomes more popular. Never hurts to put a bug in their ear about the Natural Surface Trails just North of there too which could tie in easily from this Trail.

    Information can be found in the link below.



    secret agent

    I rode through there yesterday and it too is part of my road loop. I ride from the west end of Mississauga to just past Sunnyside for my 50 Km loop and to Ashbridges for just over 75 km loop or whatever in between for desired distance. The portions east of this park have separated walkways defined by a different surface, and in many places a separate boardwalk. You still get people walking in groups on the paved portion. You have rollerbladers and joggers with earbuds that can’t hear anything, families with strollers in peloton formation, as well as guys on road bikes that think they are racing the Tour on a MUP. I still like to use the waterfront trail system in the summer for a leisurely ride and to people watch. I have seen several approaches at this trail system, and when it gets busy in the summer it is mayhem no matter what. It’s good that they are looking to fix up the trail system in there though.



    Anyone planning on attending tonight?

    Could easily be convinced to head out for a pint after.



    Little bit of an update – perhaps…


    So, the first Public Consultation Meeting was April 2014 which would lead me to believe that there has been a known ‘problem’ for sometime – not really telling anyone anything new here I am sure. They have had 2 more meetings since then and come up with several ‘solutions’ for improvements to improve safety. I guess my question is what exactly is the City waiting for?

    If safety is so paramount and there are daily collisions (according to the article) shouldn’t this skip the queue and become priority number one? Am I way off here?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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