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Help Please – Reverb Remote / Button – leaking oil

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    Neville Park

    Hey RFG’

    Hoping for some insight on two things – troubleshooting my reverb button and when new 1x remote will be avail.

    1) A2 reverb stealth remote is leaking oil. have done the following:
    – disassembled the hose barb, tubing and remote button
    – trimmed the tube for new clean threads, inspected hose barb and re threaded
    – degreased and cleaned the remote body and all button components
    – thoroughly inspected the remote housing internal for scour / scoring (seems a ok)
    – assessed the play in the slide coupler that holds the plunger rod (seems normal)
    – checked o rings for nicks / cuts
    – re assembled with slickoleum and then gave bleed

    Post worked great for three rides then would lose return speed, adjust return speed knob, repeat until bleed is necessary.

    internet says 1 of two things may be problem;
    – the internal housing on the remote is scored – replacement needed $100+
    – oil leaking past plunger assembly on the button – button replacement $60+

    only other thing i found was that someone had there internal routing wrong and the strain caused the tube to stretch at the hose barb and allow oil to pass via the loose threads…

    Sooooo – does anyone have a solution or experienced the same?

    2) If not – does anyone know when the new Reverb 1x remote will land locally?

    Thanks for reading and any insight you may have!


    secret agent

    Sorry I can’t help on this, but the problem you are having is the only thing that never went wrong on my Reverb. After a season and a half, I had nothing but issues with it. One paid and two warranty services later in less than one year, I gave up. I recently sold the unit to another Reverb owner to use for parts, including the remote button. I ended up getting a 9point8. So far so good. I have heard about so many of these, I can’t help but think that this is a poorly designed product or is cheaply manufactured with bad components.


    Neville Park

    Sooooo think i found a fix.

    Every. single. A2 service kit shows (1) white split spacer, (1) O Ring that is applied to the machined piston rod.
    Problem is there the O Ring and spacer do not fill the machined void tightly to create a proper seal.

    Soooo, i improvised and added a second O ring (thanks life phone case dongle)

    Rebuilt and tested … seems to be holding pressure, no leaks and better actuation (more snug?)

    see attached photos:
    SRAM diagram marked up showing the leak and remote assembly for context
    Service kit with color coded position of the MFG spec set up
    Service kit with color coded position of my retrofitted set up.

    In case anyone deals with this in the future, i hope this helps you.

    I plan to find a proper “wiper” style double seal O Ring that will be wider along with two peaks and one valley to create a cleaner, more robust version of my retrofit.

    Oh yea – SRAM told me late JUNE for 1x remote … in case people were wondering


    Renegade Hardware

    keep an eye on it. Anyone familiar with the original Jucy7 brakes know full well what happens when the wrong o-ring rubber is spec’d to work with dot fluid….. if it’s good, awesome. If not, it can deteriorate and the rubber ends up in the fluid/system.

    worst brakes ever made.

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    Neville Park

    @renegade-hardware – very good point!


    Neville Park

    Bump – couple months on and she’s working great. not a single bleed required and been reliable.

    will update if it does melt and ruin my dropper / hydraulic lines 🙂

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