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Fox 36 Air Volume Spacers – Orange and/or Blue

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    Neville Park

    Before ordering from the interwebs – anyone have some Fox 36 fork air volume spacers? i would gladly pay and come pick up




    How many and which ones are you after?



    Neville Park

    Hi @fasttimesinc – Thanks for getting back

    2017 Fox Float 36 FiT4 – 160mm – 190LBs all geared up, aggressive rider.

    TBH – not sure, i am thinking (4) orange and fill it.

    I noted my psi before doing a lower leg service – it was 120PSI and 30% sag … da faq?
    Fox calls for 99PSI for a 240+lb rider…

    I brought rebound and open mode adjust back to fox defaults.
    Still needing 120PSI and now about 28% sag

    Air Volume spacers were my last hope to take the leverage ratio curve up on the initial stroke before sending to shop for damper rebuild?




    Hey @neville-park

    Something definitely doesn’t sound right there. I weighted similar when I had that fork and was under 100psi. At 160mm you should only need one token. Might be as simple as a pump gauge issue.

    I don’t think I can spare 4 tokens but can help you out with a few.

    I’m around this afternoon if you want to swing by. Bring your fork, I can take a look at it for you. I’m in west end.


    Neville Park

    Tail between my legs;

    @fasttimesinc was right – pump was off! my pump gauge does zero, but reads 120PSI when @ 90-92PSI … so i WAS within proper range, albeit a bit high.

    Additionally Marc found that I had negative pressure (vacuum) on the air shaft side. Suspected it was from NOT cycling the fork at lower PSI’s to balance.

    THANKS Marc for the help, tokens, and tune! Really really appreciate it and was nice to chat about your trip and bikes in general.

    Finally starting to get my Fox 36 to feel as good as my old Pike RCT3, which is wonderful because every. single. person looks at me sideways when i claim pike over 36… lol

    Current Tune – 92PSI, 12 clicks of rebound, minimal open mode adjust, 2 orange and 1 blue volume spacer.
    Trail report – small bump compliance is wayyy better and like the ramp up of the air spring on big hits. g-out control was better too.



    Awesome. Glad to hear it’s feeling better. Happy trails!



    @fasttimes is the man when it comes to mechanicals.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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