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Forbidden Druid – High Pivot Witchcraft


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    Ive always been a fan of high pivot bikes. Ever since those early years ridding Bromont with the Balfa crew, i’ve loved the concept and how the bikes worked for my style of ridding..

    The high pivot is making a bit of comeback. Anyone following the past few World Cup seasons has surely seen Amaury Pierron laying waste to the gnarliest tracks aboard his Commencal. Norco has also adopted the concept on their HSP DH bike.

    I’ve been closely following the development of the Forbidden Bikes Druid. The Druid is an HSP, mid travel trail bike. I recently decided to pull the trigger on a frame, which I build up with some spare parts as well as some new trick bits such as the SRAM AXS group.

    It was baptism by fire for my shinny new Druid. She never even got a shakedown ride and was immediately thrown into the steeps and chunk in Quebec.

    So far the bikes has performed flawlessly and I am just dialling in the fit and contact points at this point. Suspension is mint. It certainly can gobble up the chunk but what caught me by surprise was how well it climbed. No lifts here, so I earned every bit of the downs. I’m heading back with my buddy Yannick for more fun next week, place is just so good.

    I’m not sure I’ll do a full review but if anyone has any questions or wants to see it in person, post below.



    I have been eyeing this bike since it was announced! It seems like an awesome bike overall. I’m curious to know whether you think it’s suited to the typical trails we get in the GTA (i.e. rolling and smooth or flat and slow techy trails).



    Hey @8eas It’s actually shocking how well it pedals. This is what most surprised me about the bike. I didn’t buy it with this aspect in mind at all really so that was a nice surprise. It climbs like a beast with tons of support. There is a firm feel and it goes when you hit the gas. It’s a hard bike to categories in that sense. It’s a mid travel 29er so it is pretty well suited as far as amount of travel and angles are concerned. Id say the weight is the only thing that would make another bike come out on top. But to be fair, it’s coming in close to other, current bikes in that range. For comparison, my Druid is 29lbs, whereas my Mach 4 SL and Tallboy 4 are 26-28lbs. So considering these are top end XC and down country bikes, the Druid isn’t that far off for what you’re getting. It would really come down to what you want to ride.

    I don’t have a ton of time on it yet but so far I am really impressed. I think it could make a very desirable one bike setup.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if I can answer anything else for ya.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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