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Fall/Winter Trail Conditions – What's Rolling


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    Just got back from a killer 35km loop through the Agreement Forest. Was maybe my best winter ride there, ever! Conditions were mixed; some ice, some dirt, lots of exposed rocks but overall the trails were hard-pack, fast and techy. Most of the vast network was rideable and perfectly packed down. Studs are forbidden in the AF and while the trails were icy, I had no issues with the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist. No dabs, no bails. It was already starting to get soft as I rolled out, which was why I got in early. There is only a thin vail of snow covering the dirt so it’s likely going to need another dump and freeze to be mint again. Pretty happy today worked out and I was able to ride these trails. so good!



    Whats rolling? Turkey Point is rolling. If you like dirt?

    Some fatbikle trails are still going as well but I was craving dirt, as I am sure many of you are.



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    Hey everyone!

    I’m new here and to Mountain Biking as well. I’ve been riding road and cross for the past few years and have just bought my first MTB – a 2015 Niner Rip9 RDO.

    Obviously I’m enthusiastic to get out and ride but also recognize a responsibility for trail stewardship. With the cold weather we’ve had and with temps tomorrow hitting -3 or so by noon would it be reasonable to go out and do some riding in the Don? Trails should still be frozen I would think.

    This is a nice forum btw! I look forward to midweek rides in the Don this year.



    Welcome to RFG @kixsand Happy to hear you are enjoying our forums! Good community here.

    Generally, if the ground is frozen, you’re good to go. Ride at your own risk, but you wont be damaging the trails. If you cant’ find posted conditions, use your own common sense. If the trails are soft and you’re leaving a rut, it’s not the best day and you’re best to hit the roads..

    Congrats on new bike. Happy trails!



    Puslinch was wonderful.

    1. IMG_1738.jpg



    Very kind welcome! Thank you!

    Loving your trail photos – really nice work!




    Thanks for the update on Puslinch @atom Was curious about recent conditions.

    I ventured in yesterday. All the snow and ice is gone. Was good while frozen and solid but got soft in a hurry. Pretty much the story across southern Ontario at the moment. It helped that it was overcast – bought me a bit more time. Pine sections were mint, darkwoods and other sections will need more time or colder temps.

    I had to cut my loop short and rock some double track for fear of damaging the trail but it looked like many riders were in there on the weekend who weren’t as mindful of the damage they were causing. Lots of ruts. So while the trail was good while frozen, the ruts these folks left when it was soft ruined that for the rest of us. Still a killer ride, anything on dirt at this point is a win. Just couldn’t do the road bike yesterday.

    Still zero days on the trainer this winter 🙂



    I was in there early both days I rode and I agree that despite sub-zero temps, the sun mushed up the trail quickly and some damage was done.

    That second photo is so killer.



    Thanks @atom. Too bad we missed each other.

    Bit late on these updates but here they are none-the-less.

    Rode Turkey Point the day of the crazy wind storm last week. It was pretty nuts. I haden’t seen the warning until I arrived and trees were literally dropping all around me the entire ride. Shorts got washed that night for sure. There were trees down throughout the system. Roads were closed with trees across them on the drive back and the Skyway was closed due to a tractor-trailer blowing over. The ride was still epic; shorts, sun, and dirt. I would have likely gone despite the warning, even had I known.

    I went back the next day, knowing full well the trails would be a mess, I was eager to ride and decided to pack my saw and help remove what I could. There is so much down, they really have their work cut out for them. Some seriously big trees. I removed what I could along my ride and it was a pretty killer day. No shorts, but still pretty damn epic.

    Monday I headed out on my local loop to try and sneak one in, pre-snowrmageddon. Dirt was wicked fast and way frozen. There was only a thin film of dust on the surface. It was cold AF though.

    Went back in yesterday and while I could have ridden any bike or tire combo, I chose the fatbike. We’d only got 5-8cm out my way by the time I rolled in but it was some nice freashies over hard pack. We got a bit more since, so tomorrow should be pretty sweet. Not sure where I’ll go. Suggestions?



    Time to switch this sticky trail conditions post over from spring/summer to fall/winter.

    After a very wet summer, the fall has been spectacular. We’re easily three weeks behind in most regions.

    Here is my quick report from recent rides, I encourage everyone else to share their findings as well.

    Puslinch is in good shape. The trails are not raked yet and many sections continue to be dumbed down/rocks removed. Rocks are even being painted for equestrian use, which is a real eyesore.

    Agreement Forest is mint. Did a monster 40kn ride in HIlton, Agreement Forest and St Helena last week. Trails are in good shape, lots of work has been done. Still laking flow however. St Helena side is a bit of a mess as more lands are taken up by the quarry. Some key trails are simply gone..

    Copeland: Trails are mint. Some have been raked already. No issues. A few poorly built trails popping up, like in 3 Stage.

    Kolapore: Rode the full Northwest Passage loops and it was a full-on mud bog. This has always been a fall classic for me but I don’t think I’ll go back. Despite building boardwalks, most of the trails are in very poor condition. Many technical sections have been dumbed down here as well.

    Happy trails!



    Kolapore mud bog, can confirm! Did that last Saturday and halfway through the Northwest Passage I was totally regretting it. Had to carry the bike through some of it. Rest of the interior trails were in pretty good shape, though. I also rode the entire Wild Mouse trail, but the first half of it doesn’t look like its been used at all, all season. Don’t recommend riding that one until more of a dirt trail pops up.

    Interesting that you mention Copeland, I’ve noticed this as well. For example, there is a short secondary trail off of the start of the long Ridge Run trail. Not sure why, it adds literally nothing to trail. But anyways, trails were awesome yesterday in there.

    Midhurst/School Board trails in Barrie are leafy as hell, but riding very well.



    I rode Puslinch last weekend and the leaf fairy has been out. Lovely cleared trail. Though, people keep added tons of bits of trail in. Maybe it’s for the better in the end, but it still seems like they are turning it into a maze. Some of the new bits are to go around tech bits. I get it. People can’t ride it, so they’d rather ride around it then hike it. Anyways, the trails are great.

    Harold Town in Peterborough is riding perfectly. No blowers have been out yet, but there is really only one trail heavily affected by leafs. A lot of the trail is in cedar forest.

    @fasttimes: Whoops, I hadn’t read your post. I was wondering about those painted rocks. Certainly is an eyesore and I agree about the dumbing down. It’s a shame.



    Rode some of the Simcoe Country bike club trails today. Some areas are raked, some not. Mostly good, but if it gets much more wet in some of those areas, it’ll get greasy quick.

    Dufferin Forest yesterday was a blast in the rain. Leafy, yes, but the soil out there is perfect for wet riding. Only one wet corner in the entire forest, from what we saw.


    Tom Shaw

    Had a wonderful ride on many clear trails in Copeland yesterday and who to we meet on the trails … Marc Fast Times. Pleasure to chat with you as always. I look forward to riding with you again someday.

    SCMBC.ca has had a lot of fall clearing, but with 100 kms of MTB singletrack it takes a while for our volunteers to get around to all of it. But when they have time the club equipment and gas is ready to make our community network the best it can be.

    2018 $upport tags will be ready for purchase this winter, again at the Low Low price of $40.

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