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Epic few weeks on the bike.


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    Been an amazing few weeks of riding. I’ve ridden 26 out of the past 30 days. Not a hero or bragging , plenty of guys here do that all year long, but I have had a very busy few years and this has been a godsend for me. Just lucky and happy I was able to have this.

    But I am punched, big time. Many of those days were spent working on trails as well. Welcoming this rain to keep me in the office, getting caught up on work and also to help the trails get tacky.

    On Friday I am heading to Blue for a mini, 4 day vaca with my family and packing bikes, all kinds of them 🙂 Hitting 3 Stage, Kolapore, Blue and a few hidden gems.


    I hope everyone is riding a ton and having a blast. For you Game of Thrones fans “Winter is Coming” so I hope everyone can make the most of it. LOTS of riding left!


    secret agent

    That’s an awesome amount of riding. Up at a cottage this week. Planning on hitting Buck twice this week. Been doing tons of 3 hour plus rides at Hilton. It’s taken a bit of a toll on my bike and body. With a couple of trail bikes, road bike, fat bike and a joyride bike, there is no off season. End up riding 3-4 times a week just about every week. Got out on a canoe for a while and a swim, couple of drinks on the dock and hardly thought about riding.



    That is awesome @fasttimes. Ironically, summer seems to be the time of year I ride the least. However, I have been doing much better this summer compared to others even if this is my off year for a bike trip.

    Looking forward to some great fall rides, by far my favorite time of year to ride. Not wishing away the
    Summer by any means. Still plan on doing lots of riding!



    That is a lot of time in the saddle, man. Amazing!

    I’ve had a bit more time to ride lately, but I find my problem is that I need to recover if I wanna ride at my best, so after 2-3 hour rides I need days in between. Really started to noticed this late spring when I hit a wall (conveniently before the 24 hour 🙁 Might be that I’m just old, but I’ve often wondered how much time I’d need to build up to riding every day without leading to over training.

    If I get in 3 times a week Im a pretty content person.

    @fietser – fall ride on the chromags?


    Tom Shaw

    Nice post Marc. Any pics? So good to have days through the year where life allows time to enjoy our passion. I got a nice new bike about a month ago and have been on it twice, but this is my work busy time. Thinking about lots of fall riding is getting me through the long days.



    Thanks for the encouragement guys! I have been continuing on my mission to top 100 rides this season. Been a really great summer and I’ve made riding a priority again.

    I had an amazing mini vacation at Blue Mountain with my family and managed to ride every day at both 3 Stage and in the park. Been riding 3 Stage on every trip up there since. Had a friend take me on a solid loop which has helped me make the most of it.

    I am now at our cottage on Big Rideau Lake. I was always reserved to the fact that I would be stuck riding road or gravel while here but this year brought my Tallboy and Bronson and decided to hit up some trails that had been recommended to me by friends over the years. The first are the Black & Decker Trails which I was first told about almost 15 years ago. It’s a lot like Kanata Lakes and did not disappoint. Super tech but with great flow. All great Canadian Shield. I was solo so didn’t feel comfortable hitting all the big stuff but will be back. Managed to ride pretty much the whole place.

    Today I rode the Kingston MTB trails and was blown away. I bought a membership and plan to hit them every single day while I am here. I had planed to hit Kanata Lakes and the Gats but bang for the buck, these are killer.

    Working on a write up and trail review for both.



    Love it. Got me itching to hit the trails reading this.



    Looks amazing @fasttimes! If you ever need someone to head back and hit that bigger stuff with you I will gladly join you.

    I certainly wish those Kingston trails were there (or I knew about them!) when I was at school there. Spent most of my time poking around exploring out by the Fort and beyond. Would certainly be up for a little road trip out there to hit up those zones you have posted up they look wicked fun.

    Thanks for sharing and keep chasing that 100 days!


    secret agent

    Looks awesome. I see some wheels that would look really nice on my Tallboy. How are you liking it?



    Rode everyday this week and hit all the trails. Pretty amazing ride days which all ended with me jumping off the dock into the lake.

    I love my Tallboy @secret-agent Never thought I would be a 29er fella but I think its the best bike I have ever owned. It’s amazing how capable it is. It was a tad out of its element on some sections here but handled it all in stride.

    Had I been there a few more days I would have done all the trails again on my Bronson. I also just pulled the plug on a 5010 and think that would/will be the prefect ride there. But I was more than happy on my Tallboy.


    secret agent

    I am really happy with mine as well. As you know I live in the Agreement Forest, and I am surprised how well it does on the rocks. I think a Bronson would kill in there as well. You’re building an awesome stable there.



    Nice shots and great amount of riding! Super stoked for ya I know how busy life can get.

    Couldn’t agree more about the tallboy. Rode one down in Vegas in January and was shocked at how good the 29er was when I’ve heard about how lame they are for so many years.




    Back in the big smoke and decided to take @fietser out to secret rocky trail north of the city. All great Canadian shield with lots of great natural lines. Raw singletrack at its finest. Was hot as heck today and we were very exposed in some sections. I’m also down with some sort of manflu and had a fever which had me seeing spots all day. Was epic.

    Not long into our ride we rolled up on a mamma bear and her cubs. The cub saw us and bolted up a tree. I’ve never seen a bear climb a tree that close and personal before and was blown away at how fast it climbed. It took under 2 seconds to get from the base to the top of the tree. We were both captivated. We then noticed the mamma bear staring us down. We were 15 feet, only a few strides for her, away and were both pretty worried about the situation we found ourselves in. We were just enetering the singletrack and think that because we were side by each and apppeared large combined with the fact that we were able to keep rolling by smoothly without startling her further, saved us. No way we could have outrun her or got off our bikes to get them between us and her in time. Things could have gotten pretty interesting pretty quickly. I’ve lived out west and seen plenty of bears but this was a less than optimal situation.

    Great day on the bikes!



    Wicked trail! Thanks for the tour @fasttimes.

    Yes, the bear(s). It certainly was an interesting situation we found ourselves in. Glad it worked out the way it did. I too have seen plenty of bears in the wild but never quite that close with a cub in tow. I was happy to be on a relatively smooth section of trail that allowed for an easy get away.

    Amazing trail and chance encounter – that ride will definitely go down in the memory bank!


    secret agent

    Yikes, I know that feeling. The closest we had was a couple of cubs come around our campsite. We did not see the mother, but were all too aware that she would not be too far away. We got into our vehicle and stayed there till they went away. You were in a way more precarious situation.

    Apart from that, I love riding that shield stuff. My first encounter was a camping trip at Grundy when I was about 18. Had a crappy bike and didn’t really mountain bike, but had a blast on a couple of the trails. My favorite spot for that now is at The Torrance Barrens. Now is the perfect time to go. The horse and deer flies are incredible in the summer.

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