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Don Vivants and Ridingfeelsgood.com Season Launch Party at Amsterdam Brewery

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    Just here to echo most of what has already been said above. What an amazing day! Hats off to all those involved in putting this together. Spent most of yesterday recovering from both the ride and the après.



    Thanks to the organizers for putting together a fast ride and fun finale at the brewery. It’s nice to see a solid core of mountain bikers in the city. Their flair for anarchy is a nice touch!



    Wow. Unbelievable turnout for the spring fling bigish dirty don ride. I counted over FOURTY RIDERS at the cricket tree! Madnesss. I want to say next time the direction, who is sweeper, etc will be a bit more clear, but I honestly can’t image everything going better than it did with that volume of riders. We covered most of the prime-time trails in the West and East… with time to kill at the end!

    The weather was perfect and somehow there were no mechanicals, flats, or significant injuries… I’m pretty sure someone is not still suck in the bottom of the ravine somewhere. Anyway, whomever is sacrificing goats for these things, keep it going!

    I had a blast. Thanks to everyone for showing up and being so fucking cool.

    I tried my best to take as many pics as I could, and promised copies to a bunch to people. Even though some of the better ones are in this thread, I spammed the photos section with a bunch more. Check there if you are looking for one you think I took.


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    Those are killer shots @marley Looks like an amazing ride with a solid group. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.



    Amazing shots from a great day.

    I’ll add the could of selfies I got from the Bellwood’s Cruise



    I tip my hat to the organizers for their considerable behind-the-scenes work – an unforgettable kickoff to the 2016 hometown riding season. Horseshoes on the weather for sure and trails were minty! Still can’t believe how a group that size managed to stay together and finish West and East. Thanks to @marley, king of the cat-herders! Next time I’ll try to stay awake past 9:30. Lightweight… Thanks for sharing pics.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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