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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Hey gang,

    I left Toronto for a few years and just got back. I think the last “new” trail was the resurrection of Beaver Flats and the extension beyond Foreplay across the road from the dog park parking lot.

    I’ve seen “Trash Panda” mentioned a few times. Where is the entrance? Anything else “newish” I should be aware of?

    Can’t believe some of the landslides that have happened and the awesome bridge replacements out there since I last rode them.

    As always, mad respect to the builders!



    Well obviously you’ve discovered that these forums have died. 🙂

    You’ll want to get the Trailforks app which is a great tool for trail finding. There are some social media pages but they are mostly super annoying…or I might be getting old.

    There’s been lots of little tweaks and updates but Trash Panda is the only brand new trail I’ve ridden lately. It’s a great little trail. To make a nice Don loop from the end of Fourplay, head towards the dog park but go left across the parking lot and over the bridge, stay left and veer up the hill towards the houses–then grind right up the old horse track (ignore the no bikers sign, the barn sadly burnt down and there are no more horses). Once at the top, stay left and follow the grass double track right across the park. Head straight into the woods when you reach the other side, stay left and go down the little DH track–left again when you slam into the singletrack at the bottom. That will quickly spit you out onto the Lawrence Garden paved trail next to a bridge, and you can go right across the bridge, immediately veer up the hill to the left and Trash Panda starts at the top on the right. It’s a great trail and still bedding in–with a little bit of cleanup this fall it will be really great. It will spit you out right at the ET Seton park entrance at Leslie (just north of Eglinton), and you can head straight across the road and down over the hill on the other side to head south along the east Don.

    Some guy also told me there is another way to do that loop involving an easy trail called “Road Apples” but I haven’t looked into that yet.

    There might also be a loop incorporating the FivePlay/SixPlay extension trails past Fourplay that you mentioned (on the other side of the access road). To be honest those trails ended up not being as fun or well built as the others, partly due to terrain and partly because of poor build/line choices–for me they are a definite step down from the trails running up from Catalyst to Fourplay, or Trash Panda. I initially had high hopes and I think there may still be some potential there, but overall I think those trails have not been as popular and most people tend to duck out after they hit the Fourplay access road (guilty).

    Cheers–good luck!



    Ive done the road apples option (backwards, so enter off the road, and where road apples starts is where you go straight into the DH you described). Problem is road apples has lots of foot/paw traffic, and since you are now going uphill it now has 2 strikes against it. Better to just use the connector you described and take a breather across the field.



    Well obviously you’ve discovered that these forums have died. 🙂

    Huge thanks for the detailed response. I don’t think I will have ever found it without this.

    Sad to see the forum has died. I used to never go out riding before I checked the conditions that were usually up to date to the minute.

    I do have trailforks, so I guess I’ll get on that for new routes.

    Again, big thanks,



    Hey peeps! Has anyone checked what is up in the valley today (Friday 16th)…there is a jones to brrrap.



    Guess I should ask—is the North Don rideable? I quit a couple weeks ago but it’s been dry and warm enough that I was thinking of getting down there today and tomorrow….anyone?


    Rob DeBoer

    I was in yesterday and it was awesome. Quite dry.

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