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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    The Ridge was never a trail build by the city…they are just takin over. That area was already poorly rebuild by city some time ago. Sure there was a bad spot on the both direction traffic…great fun for skilled rider
    Just want to direct this to new users, new riders:
    If you cant ride something that means you need to get better at it, very motivating and that is the spirit if this sport, if you need to remove the challenge so you can ride through you shouldn’t be there. Go shread the paved trail, that one is build for you. Come back when you are ready to face what many enjoy.

    Awesome… Completely unnecessary belittlement of novice riders with absolutely zero constructive content. You have however (reluctantly) agreed that the blind spot wasn’t ideal, yet still need to stand up on a soapbox to criticize those who benefit from a safer and more sustainable trail. I hate to be the one to underline that advanced riders are the minority of trail users and as outlined in my previous post, there is a need to provide a progressive trail system that allows novice riders to progress safely.

    Maybe it makes you feel good, maybe it makes you feel like a superior rider, maybe this is your stand and your hill to die on about “dumbing down the trails”, but honestly go die on it elsewhere. No one in this community needs that sort of attitude or comes here for that sort of bullshit.

    On a lighter and more topical note. Fresh snow! Everything low lying south of The Swamp has at least a boot pack on it already. North of the swamp has seen less traffic, but will no doubt be packed out quickly. Enjoy it while it’s frozen!

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    Has anyone been out today or yesterday? If so, how’s the ridge etc? Looks like small amounts of snow the next couple of days, and -8 Friday night, so was hoping Saturday morning it might be good to go?



    Flats last night were icy, but with enough crunch to it that un-studded tires probably would have been fine at moderate speeds.

    I balked at riding the ridge as my form is a but rusty, and off-camber that ice would have been slow going…. and I was late for dinner.

    The snow we’re getting now seems to be sticking to the icepack decently, so maybe we can get a Saturday on better snowpack before the snow melts.



    I went for a walk on the Training Loop this afternoon. A 12 inch diameter uprooted tree had fallen down and is hung up over the trail at the 4 foot level. It is located about a third of the way along the trail from the south west end. I cleaned up as much as I could in the area but I couldn’t clear this tree with hand tools.



    Dude, I don”t have to agree with you, I have my point of view.
    100%stand behind my last paragraph towards new people on trails in regards to adopting existing trail to their level of riding. I dont think they should be the ones to customize the lines, ie chop roots, or create new lines around section they cant ride. I dont defend that spot, as I stated it was a blind spot, and eroded to shit…as of challenge one of coolest natural challenges on the trail going north. That made sense.
    MTB is not for everyone, everyone should try it though it might be your thing at the end, welcome to community.
    Do you ever sesh a spot you cant ride to get it with your homies, its super satisfying when you get it and you have progressed…next day you get there and its gone with nice roundabout for novice riders…Im talking in general
    I was novice rider one day, and I was amazed what the trails had to offer, never for a second i wanted to make it my level so i can ride through. I wanted to get better and ride like dudes that could. That was the era when you would ride through and there would be new challenges build by advanced riders. Amazing progressing community.
    Than the City got involved…If you are here for long enough you will see slow process that at the end of it we might not even have access to ride in there.
    Shread on peeps!…I dont care to have long conversation here rather go for a shread…1love
    I think you are touching good point that there is need for novice or casul rider area to ride…
    and superior rider, funny to me, I ride for myself, with respect to others, its a run away sport, fuk politics



    Sorry for rant…back to trail conditions



    I found the trails south of Catalyst to be pretty unexciting and I haven’t been back down there in a couple years, but having that progression is exactly what the trail builders are trying to accomplish.

    Plenty of great and tough xc trails in the Don. Rarely see anyone north of Serena Gundy. Come hang out there next summer!



    Oustanding conditions on the low lines from Pottery road up to Eglinton, but the sun is softening things quickly. The hard packed layer is already a bit slick and studded tires are certainly nice to have.

    Dude, I don”t have to agree with you, I have my point of view…

    …That was the era when you would ride through and there would be new challenges build by advanced riders. Amazing progressing community….

    … I ride for myself, with respect to others

    It looks to me like we agree on most of the topic, I just happen to disagreed strongly with your “respectful” phrasing and delivery directed towards novice riders who haven’t had the progressive environment of the ridge that evolved over time.



    Tree down on Foreplay right @ the 1st fast decent before the dirt launch , and another down right after .
    will try to get in to clear it up .

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    Has anyone else been out? Looks like Wed through Friday are super cold temperatures… can I expect some amazing frozen dirt, or is there a bunch of ice? Hoping the former!



    Heading out from the Evergreen Brick Works shortly after 7:00p this evening to check it all out. I’ve heard word there’s still ice on the slopes that don’t see much sun, but frozen sandpaper elsewhere.



    I went for a walk on Motown today about 3 pm. Trail was starting to soften up but was pretty firm and mostly clear of snow or ice. In the dusting of snow that remained in more shady areas I saw the tracks of two riders who must of gone through in the am when it was frozen. Their tires were nothing special, not studded or wide. There was an occasional patch of ice in areas where water has pooled but generally the trail was clear of ice. I think that the trail would be fine to ride in the am when frozen for that crunchy feel beneath the tires. I saw two sets of three deer including a buck with a good sized rack.
    Yesterday, I rode in the afternoon on the concrete path. I eye balled the west side trails as I passed. They looked a little soft and had some ice patches so I stayed off. I think that when frozen the trails will be pretty good, but watch for the ice patches.

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    sht, gundys, swamp, oob all have lots of ice sections
    the construction workers are busy this week on swamp under eglinton bridge removing formwork. they said a couple months left, and it gets really muddy if the machines have been moving around

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    Just got back from riding the flats (which were fine)- while the snow is pretty, super bummed about it, as the fresh covering made it not a good idea to check out any of the other trails.



    Another round of construction seems to have lurched into gear on the phase I build of the east Don trail… starting on the foundation for the rail crossing at the bottom of the Bermondsey hydro access road. The alignment here is quite elegant. as the rump of Bartley spur still exists on the golf course side of the track and will form a natural pier for that end of the bridge. As usual, a random length of plywood fencing has gone up that by no means entirely encloses any particular area, but does block the trail. Well, it would, except the contractors left a nice little gap for trail users. First I’ve ever seen that happen. While kitchen sink is quite lightly used these days, such signs of agonizingly slow but nevertheless inexorable progress, as with the widening of the eglinton bridge, give some hope for the day when the east don will be more or less up and running again.

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