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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Was out on foot the past few days hiking most of the trails north of the cricket tree. Boo and Bunny are good to ride. Most of the others still have mud and/or ice present and should be avoided for now. Some other updates:
    Beaver Flats: typical erosion below doobatorium although not nearly as bad as last year. The dirt after the most northerly bridge in this section is the worst hit. All the bridges are still where they should be. Still pockets of ice on the trail.
    Swamp, Woods Gundy: mud and some ice. Reports on Swamp state it is very muddy but I did not check this one out.
    SHT: muddy in sections. Part of the trail has washed into the Don at the north end; a trail fairy had constructed a bypass and blocked off the offending section. Thanks.
    PA: one tree down just north of the first split from BOT just before the angled log-over.
    Lower Rehab: a bit rough in some spots from boot and bike traffic
    Roller Flowster (aka Smiths Edge): the landing on the last roller before the switchback climb is pretty rough from boot traffic.
    Foreplay: the reported tree down on the downhill near the end has been taken care of
    Road Apples: reports of some smaller trees down but I did not check this out in person.
    Garbage Cow: still some mud but huge improvement to the trail- has been rebenched pretty much the whole way.

    No other trail blockages on the West up to 6-Play and on the East up to Eglington on Kitchen SInk and over to Boomerang. Just need more days of sun to get rid of the mud.

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    Update of some East side Don trails – I rode Motown yesterday. It was clear of logs and branches, no ice. mostly dry with only a few puddles. It was in great shape! It faces mostly south so it dries pretty quick if there is sun. Too bad the rain this weekend will set the trail back a little.

    I also recently walked Fruitloops and Training Loop. Both of these had wet, swampy and/or icy sections. No trees down on either of these. Both do not get much sun so they probably won’t dry out anytime soon.

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    On foot PA / RJ / Cat / Beaver Flats early this morning. Things are way further along than expected!

    PA – the washout below Squirrelly Point (the wide uphill bridge) is eating its way uphill really quickly.

    Rim Job – bumped into 4 City workers dropping in from Beth Neilson Drive. They were either Toronto Water looking at the sewer/culverts below or By-Law officers just getting around to noise complaints about Camp Campy Campy 😉 They left a yellow rope to guide future workers to the spot, which of course crosses the trail at neck height…. Looks like more infrastructure projects coming this way.

    Cat – I’d say the warranty is up on almost all bridges. Some are so off-angle they should be called wall rides!

    Beaver Flats – great except for the steeps below the Doobatorium with one super mucky section threatening to slide. Oh, and an abandoned baby stroller. Creepy.

    Fingers crossed for 4/20!

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    Finally got out Sat – great to be back in The DON!
    Calling all chain saws – Roads Apples has two trees down – if riding it clockwise the first one is about 3/4 of the way around and the second one is on the way down the hill as you exit Road Apples.

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    Mikester wrote: “Calling all chain saws – Roads Apples has two trees down – if riding it clockwise the first one is about 3/4 of the way around and the second one is on the way down the hill as you exit Road Apples.”

    The downhill is now cleared. Didn’t have the right equipment for the other but I did clean it out somewhat so it is easier to get under the tree.

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    Out this morning on foot in the east. Updates:
    Motown: There has been tree-felling for the new paved path at the north end of the trail. Currently blocked with the trees until the work crews clean up in there. To connect to Dr. Quads/Kitchen Sink you can take a right just before the last 2 downhill switchbacks and exit beside the fence out to the bridge.
    Kitchen Sink: The vandal has returned- the two southern bridges are removed again. The smaller one has been tossed over the fence. It has broken off so is no longer reusable. The larger bridge is lying in the gully just below where it belongs and looks to be retrievable. The vandal also removed several cement blocks along the trail, most notable along the traverse section north of the two bridges and the first drop on the jump line down right after “Bartley Connection”. There has also been some tree felling where the new paved trail will cross the rail line to the Bermondsey access. Bit of a ride around required but not serious. Trail was quite wet in spots, especially in the orchard area at the south end.



    I have saws and tools and happy to help with spring clean up, We’re in the same boat in Etobicoke Creek.

    Looking promising for 4/20. Any rides planned?



    Anyone have plans or dates to do some spring trail maintenance? Met one fella on the trail Saturday doing some maintenance.


    Anyone know what the Don trail conditions are like today? Nice temps. Just not sure if the trails have dried out from last week.



    Did a loop ride today starting from Lawrence in the East Don. Garbage Cow-Rehab-Roller Flowster-4-Play-SHT-Woods Gundy-Boo-Bunny-Motown-Kitchen Sink. Garbage Cow, Flowster, 4-Play-Boo (riverside), and Bunny were very good with only 1 or 2 small muddy spots each. The others had a bit more wet/muddy areas and I had to walk a couple of times on each. Kitchen Sink was quite wet at each terminus. There was also a paved-trail construction crew at the bottom of the Bermondsey access so I scooted up to the road and re-entered at the Victoria Village arena. Based on yesterday’s walk, Beaver Flats would still be too muddy to ride.

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    Out this morning and rode the west Don. Conditions for the most part were great with the exception of a handful of wet spots. Pottery climb was pretty wet. The switch back just before 3 rocks is nasty. Swamp is drying but still is really bad under Eglinton. SHT has a nasty stretch that’s passible if you can get on the rocks. The dips in the rollers at the bottom of the second DH on Climbmax were brutal. Do not send! Everything else was nice and tacky.
    There are 2 trees down towards the south end of Cat. One is just a big log straight across the trail. It looks like someone started to pile logs to make a jump out of it. Could be fun. The other is a rather large tree that fell traversing a bridge. The trunk is still 4’ off the ground and needs a chainsaw for sure. It’ll be a bit of surgery to remove it without damaging the bridge. The root ball was also lifted out and has damaged the trail. It’ll need some work once cleared.

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    Tried out the Don today. Trails are dry and in great condition if you stay high. Pottery Road to 3 Rocks, along the Ridge to the park parking lot is all good. Catalyst is still too wet. All of the lower trails will be too wet.



    New connector to cross river from Motown return to Fruitloop. There also appears to be some new trails connecting Dr Quads to Fruitloop. Ride Motown, cross the tracks and follow the Motown return until you see the new bridge. Cross on the bridge and you will see the trail on your left side. Both Motown and Fruitloop was in decent shape last week when I rode them last week.



    On foot today. Trees on Catalyst are clear. Trails are pretty wet from the rain yesterday.



    Anyone been out this morning on foot? Thinking of an afternoon ride.

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