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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Nice ride this morning. Mostly frozen and firm!

    Rehab and Gspot were great, some icy bits.

    SHT and Gundy were great

    Swamp was mostly great

    Bunny Run was great as usual

    Ridge and Crothers were mostly good with with some damp yet firm section. Might get worse as the day goes.

    On a 27.5 x2.6″, hardtail if that matters.

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    I rode the Ridge, Dirtfarm, and Motown this afternoon- 95% frozen! Should be good tomorrow morning too.



    Part of STD has been destroyed during construction of the East Don Trail, and is currently impassable as construction crews are starting to fence off that area. According to design plans, the East Don Trail will cross paths with STD about a quarter of the way from its east terminus, where a bridge is starting to be built to connect the existing hydro access road on the other side of the river.

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    Got out on the Fat Bike last night and again this morning.

    Flats: Cleared of a few felled trees (thanks hydro!) and running frozen, but well rutted from our CX friends doing what they do, not much concern on the big tires, but regular mountain and CX bikes may get hung up a bit.

    Boo: Same as the Flats. Frozen and fun.

    The Swamp: Still free of the ice sheet that it develops every winter. Otherwise frozen sandpaper end to end.

    Road Apples: As you’d expect 100%frozen and almost completely clear of leaves.

    Beaver Flats: A couple small ice sheets forming at the bottom of each wash out. A few of the bridges near sky pilot have ice on either end as well, otherwise it’s frozen up nicely.



    Just an addendum to Blurred Lines report. I was out both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and can confirm it’s all freezing up nice. Perfect for early morning rides.

    Pottery to 3 rocks: the usual wet spots

    3 rocks to cricket tree via harder line: mint, watch out for frost on the wood.

    Catalyst and PA: frozen solid with the odd patch of ice where it would normally be wet.

    BOT, Swamp, Woods Gundy, Vietnam, Roller Flowster: all running great.

    Climbmax: clear but with significant leaves making the climbs harder. New berms and jumps!

    Bunny Run, Dirt Farm, and Poop Droppings: mint

    Motown: also mint and better sight lines with the leaves down. Does have leaves on the climbs.

    It’s going to be great weekend to ride for those that get out early. Slopes that face the sun will soften as day progresses. Was returning on the ridge around 10:30 yesterday and it was just starting to thaw in the sun.

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    Riding this morning for the first time in a long time. Frozen goodness, wicked sunrise, and a clean bike! As above, with a few notes:

    Woods Gundy DH has a large dead ash leaning over the first sender. Currently you can ride under it but it’s destined to lay across the trail soon enough. It’s near the start around that high-speed blind left-hand turn…

    Woods Gundy @ the Serena Gundy paved path: someone has completely ringed the trunk of a healthy maple and cut large blazes into a red pine and spruce??? Watch out for an axe-wielding hylophobe.

    Boo & Bunny under the Overlea bridge: The fences and flagging tape blocking these trails have been un-installed many times. However, City workers are occasionally chipping concrete off the underside of the bridge so you’d be well advised to NOT ride beneath them during business hours.




    I had to google that and hoped it meant something worse… you are too kind.

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    The hylophobe does appear to be right handy with the axe. Took a walk through part of the east and another look at the bridge construction. Didn’t see any issues, except for that the first (small) bridge on kitchen sink northbound has gone missing. It’s the one right by the corner of the chainlink fencing. I walked down the slope a ways and couldn’t see it anywhere so doesn’t look like the usual sort of vandalism. I haven’t been out in that direction for a couple months so others may know what happened?



    Anyone been out? Wednesday has a high of -1 with mix of sun and clouds… think if it’d be rideable during the day?



    Was out this morning between 7:30 and 10 in the West Don. Everything was running great and was frozen solid. Snow and ice mostly clear on trails with exposure to the sun. Trails with no sun have packed snow and ice in spots. Because it’s cloudy today I did not see the usual thawing that starts to happen as the sun rises. If it stays cloudy I think the riding will be good all day.

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    rafterman wrote: “the first (small) bridge on kitchen sink northbound has gone missing. It’s the one right by the corner of the chainlink fencing. I walked down the slope a ways and couldn’t see it anywhere so doesn’t look like the usual sort of vandalism. I haven’t been out in that direction for a couple months so others may know what happened:”

    This appears to be the usual vandalism for those two bridges. Three times over the past few years, one or both of those bridges have been removed. Good news is that I found the bridge which had been heaved over the fence and retrieved it. It is now back in place although not very secure. Let’s see how many days it takes before it is ripped out again.

    Took a walk down Dr. Quads. Frozen surface with the odd ice patch. Checked out the paved trail construction. They were installing the bridge across the river- had about half the frame in place. Across the river they were felling trees as they work towards the railway.



    Out this morning 830-945.

    Gspot, rehab, sht, woods Gundy, Bunny Run were frozen and fun. Some frozen evidence of traffic makes it a rougher ride.

    Ridge was turning soft in many areas by 915.

    Crothers was fine.



    Heads up, apparently there was some sort of chemical spill in Taylor Creek originating at St. Clair and Vic Park and heading downstream:


    It may not be any more serious than the normal contaminants, but maybe keep those canine friends out of the waters for a few days.

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    Rob DeBoer

    Hoping for prime frozen conditions tomorrow morning. It’s weird… when I was in there last week I was imagining what it would be like to have one of those Law and Order moments where a jogger (or cyclist) finds a body in the woods. Just read that a woman’s body was found on Monday after hiking in Crothers on Sunday evening. Did anyone catch any of this? https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/12/24/toronto-police-using-drones-dogs-in-search-for-missing-woman-on-east-york-trail.html?fbclid=IwAR1XT0dhWUY3QUKsfZziVeulknZRppeRnHCC67B7o_80kbB7bzVkebrz6WY



    Yeah, we were through the valley at 7:30 when the police were still looking for her. They stopped us and showed a picture of her so we could look out for her. Riding the flats home we saw the marine unit out in the river. Article doesn’t say if that’s where they found her or not. It certainly added a somber mood to the ride. Sad story.

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