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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    On foot this morning things were very bipolar on the Sunnybrook loop. Either clear and super dry or slick wet leaves holding water. The end of Roller Flowster and start or Foreplay appears to have gotten a serious rework I hadn’t seen mentioned. It looks a lot faster with a ton more flow.

    With the additional rain that started coming down this morning I’d likely stick to the flat stuff for the sake of self preservation let alone trail preservation.


    Rob DeBoer

    Good riding today!



    Leaves cleared on Cat / RJ / PA / BOT / Beaver Flats but greasy underneath. If you’ve been thinking about helping out this year now’s the time to grab a rake! Even just cleaning out low spots and drainages will make a huge difference. Thanks to those who have already been out in the West.

    Last night’s wind brought down some fresh lumber. One of note:

    BOT – large 25cm tree lying along/atop the trail between the railway trestle and the final berms



    *** 20cm tree across Woods Gundy DH at the WORST possible spot ***

    Lower end of a snapped crown – sorry, too big to move.



    Raked Dr. Quads and Fruitloop this morning. 2 large trees down on Fruitloop- one about 150m north of the big switchback climbs and the other on the final south end downhill run. Some wet and greasy spots but mostly fairly dry- should be good to ride tomorrow.



    To sum up the last few posts and update the state of the nation:

    Leaves cleared on:
    East Don – Dr. Quads / Fruitloop (thanks @drc); Motown (two weeks ago – thanks @crank)
    West Don – Cat / RJ / PA / BOT / Beaver Flats / Swamp / Woods Gundy / (S)SHT / Rehab trails / Roller Flowster / 4play

    RF & 4play had A LOT of leaf cover and were pretty greasy underneath, especially the bit of 4play facing the dog park.

    And a few warnings about trees that fell on the fast & fun bits:
    Fruitloops – large trees down at both ends – careful on the southern DH run!
    Woods Gundy DH – medium tree across trail at the worst possible spot. Also greasy.
    BOT – large tree along/across trail between rail trestle and final berms

    Please post up work done and any issues you encounter!



    Good day of raking and riding. Dirt is generally very grippy with the odd wet spot. No additional downed trees to report.
    Kitchen Sink: raked from the southern terminus up to and including Everything Butt.

    Boomerang: raked about 2/3 from Fruitloop to “Devil’s Hill”. Should be able to finish the remaining tomorrow morning.

    Bunny Run: rode, not raked. The southern end has some fairly deep leaves in sections and I should be able to rake these tomorrow as well.

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    Did some additional raking in the rain. Boomerang, Bunny Run, Dirt Farm and Bunny Poop all raked and clear. I did rake Climbmaxx about 10 days ago but not sure of its condition.

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    Out today in both the east and west, tread looked good with only scattered squishy and slick spots and for the most part rideable with suitable judgement. All that raking has had good effect, by comparison to the nooks and crannies off the main routes where leaves had accumulated and which consistently showed more moisture. Deadfall has been removed and there’s a spectacular chicot on woods gundy, I’m guessing it’s probably in the neighbourhood of two or three tons, and being held up by a very sturdy oak on the one end.

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    I did some raking on the trail near Woods Gundy. The soil is very loose and a small amount of raking still needs to be done. I think the back slope should be relaxed to help minimize erosion.



    There’s a fallen tree blocking the trail in the first third or so of Motown.

    Conditions as of yesterday afternoon were generally decent, with occasional grease. The snow didn’t help, but it was beautiful.

    Seems likely that the trails will be a mess for quite some time.



    The ground is starting to firm up at night with these below zero temps. I’m hoping for early morning rides this week. Fingers crossed.



    On foot this morning along motown, the trail was definitely firm enough with frost for riding and almost entirely clear of snow so early mornings are looking good. As for later in the day I can’t be sure, but what I could see in the dirt was many tire prints from the previous day or so, and there didn’t seem to be much sign of slipping/skidding so it’s possible that with care there may be some riding opportunities? Deadfall has been cleared.



    Early morning ride today.
    -Crothers was very good. (830am)
    -Ridge was mostly good (0830-900, but turning soft, quickly)
    -Boo, Swamp, Woods Gundy, flats all very good 0900-0930

    Everything protected from direct sunlight was frozen enough for great riding.

    The next few mornings look promising.



    Out on the Fat Bikes last evening and the trails were thoroughly frozen up by 7:00 last night. If the forecast holds tonight and Thursday are going to be pretty much perfectly frozen dirt as well.

    Flats: Prime. Everything has wholeheartedly died back, sight lines are as good as they get and even the frozen ruts aren’t too bad. Worth noting the Bell Ringer is washed in about as badly as it gets before a full dismount is required. Watch your noggin.

    Boo: Ideal both river and hillside. Remember to aim for the rocks in the sections that get wet, that’s what they’re there for.

    Swamp: About as wet as it ever gets now, which thankfully is not very. Be mindful under the Eglinton bridge as it will start icing up this time of year.

    Road Apples: Mint. A small bonus in that all of the stones that would typically eat a derailleur or clip pedals all seem to have a small bit of reflective paint on them.

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