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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    I named it RollerFlowster when I designed it. As we built it, Eric and Chris were building in the same area. He was calling it Smiths Edge. By the time it was completed, Smith’s Edge and all of its associated punji’s were removed. It exists no more. Never should have.

    Pop a wheelie!



    West Don Crothers to 4play in great shape early this afternoon (but didn’t ride Climbmax, Bunny, Dirt Farm or the Flats).

    Boo – one 30+ cm tree blocking the trail by the circle parking lot (close to Pedro & Napoleon Dynamite’s sweet jump).



    Roller Flowster, SHT, Woods Gundy, Bunny Run, Ridge and Crothers are in perfect condition. Temperature was great this morning too.

    Expect red ants to stay with you when you go through the high overgrowth.



    Everything was pretty prime this morning.

    Catalyst – Hero Dirt
    Rimjob – Some greenery is starting to grow back in, but still completely viable
    Party Atmosphere – checking all the fast fun and flowing boxes
    The Swamp – So Dry!
    Woods Gundy – Couple new stone side booters are super fun, but not to be confused with the non-booter rocks
    SHT/SSHT – Clear, dry, and delightful
    G-Spot/Rehab – Best shape they’ve been in all seson. The full bench cut portion is finally settling in.
    Roller Flowster/Foreplay – Minty. Only thing of note is that the bottom of the wall ride immediately before Foreplay has a sandbox at the bottom of that may try to devour your front wheel.
    Boo – Large diameter tree remains adjacent to the circular parking south of Overlea. Looked like some parks staff we’re prepping to give the north end of boo a bit of a trim today, or at least had it coned to keep folks away from the area they intended to trim.

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    Echoing @BlurredLines- everything is mint today from the Cricket tree up to 6-Play. Managed to trim back some overgrowth at the far end of 6-Play (Floating on a Vine?).
    At the north end of Boo, the paved trail is closed between the 2 bridges for some re-paving (expected to take a couple of days according to the workers). When exiting from the Swamp had to detour left and pick up the more easterly paved trail. I believe this means the northern access to Beaver Flats is currently unavailable.


    okay player

    There is a homeless fellow who has started getting comfy on garbage cow, in between the entrance to the park off Leslie street and the set of traffic lights by the fire hall. He seems pretty chill but did have a bunch of his belongings laying across the trail which is quite narrow there. I simply waited for him to move them out of the way before carrying on, silently. Wasn’t really sure what to say, caught me a little off-guard. Initially I thought “not a great spot for a camp-out” (he had a very small fire going as well), but then I saw the sleeping mat and suddenly felt extremely privileged and well-off. Didn’t want to be a dick as he’s obviously got enough problems. Plus you never know how they’ll react.

    Just a heads up.



    As of yesterday afternoon, there’s a tree down on PA at the junction of BOT (i.e. between Tremco plant and the Big Old Bridge). It’s ~30cm in diameter and blocking the trail at face-height. Low risk of a slam, but it’s definitely in the way.

    Seems like Bunny Run has seen some love in the form of refreshed bench cuts? Nicely done, and many thanks.



    Thanks for the update. What’s the moisture situation? I’m thinking of a later afternoon ride if the trails are dry enough…



    Thanks for the update. What’s the moisture situation? I’m thinking of a later afternoon ride if the trails are dry enough…

    To answer my own question, the Ridge, Bunny Run, and Climbmax were in generally lovely condition yesterday evening. Then it rained, and continued to rain, and now who knows when they’ll be dry enough again.


    Rob DeBoer

    The waters have receded, but there’s lots of evidence of their passing! The rock crossing at Pottery Road trailhead has been washed away. Lots of sand flows, rutting on slopes. Other than squishy low bits, surfaces are not too bad actually… as long as you remember those wet roots are super slippery. With today’s sun and heat, things should dry up quickly.

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    Anybody been in today? Would like to venture out around 1130ish. loblaws, ridge, cat, party, bunny, beaver flats, climbmax.

    Any intel would be appreciated.



    Everything north of Eglinton was pretty great last night

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    Was surprised by how damp it was last night including slick turns, and some pooling on the new switchbacks to the road intersecting Crothers. I’m sure everything is great today.

    Rode Dr. Quads for the first time this year, and it is in fantastic shape if you are looking for a limbo competition spot, or shooting a horror movie! Yikes. Much of the trail is currently unrideable, and would need a fair bit of work to fix. A vine canopy has grown in about 3 ft. off the ground near the North end rock gardens that is a neat if impractical feature. But those signature bridges seem no worse than any other time I can remember in recent memory and continue to really impress with their somewhat unlikely hardiness.



    I too passed through quads recently but I sure didn’t ride it. There’s been work going on the tracks all summer and that day they were on the bridge so I had to go back along that river trail and then ascend along quads. I too noticed that the vines were almost the worst part and many of the bridges could plausibly be repaired rather than replaced outright. Which is remarkable. Are those original builders still around?



    Roller flowster, foreplay, SHT, woods gundy, beaver flats, ridge all great last night.

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