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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Explored partway up Kitchen Sink before I ran outta time, thanks @crank and @fred_barclay.

    Very happy to see the side-berm reclaimed on Motown phase three, thanks whomever!

    Things have mostly dried up from this morning’s scattered showers, so get out there.

    Looking forward to more clues in the mountain bike mystery proposed by @jcitizen.



    I’d venture to guess that the trees were broken in the last windstorm by hadn’t fallen over all the way, likely hung up on nearby trees. Now that the leaves have come out on the trees, a little wind might have been enough to push them over the rest of the way.

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    Forgot to mention: keep movin’ while yer out there cuz dem skeeters is bitin’.

    And be prepared to take plenty of Crothers Worms along on any ride.



    Trees along the high line in Crothers out as far as Millwood have been cleared – Keep hitting 311 with requests for the removal of the ones on the ridge… more voices, faster results!



    FYI – not confirmed by me personally, but here’s a report of barbed wire on the trails, keep an eye out.

    Edit: Cycle Solutions has posted photos of the rider with some small cuts on their instagram.



    Well that is some sick. In better news thanks to all the recent work on kitchen sink south there is now an awesome loop via kitchen sink north coming out at wynford hill then back though the new ismaili centre parkette, along eglinton and cross back to climbax at the ibm ‘interchange’. The loop has always been there of course, just not quite at the awesome level perhaps. Any slickness from earlier in the day was literally transitioning to hero dirt beneath my tires as i rode.



    Here’s a link to an article about the barbed wire.

    Mountain biker injured by trail sabotage in Toronto’s Don Valley


    Rob DeBoer

    Jesus. People suck.



    At 11am, along Roller Flowster, just past the switchback with the huge berm, there was a raccoon on the trail. Weird behaviour, probably dangerous. Other than that it was mint. So was Four Play, SHT, Woods Gundy, Swamp, Boo, Bunny Run, Ridge and Crothers. Very few bugs and perfect temps.



    Another daytime interruption due to construction this time under eglinton along kitchen sink. Had to portage up the south side of the embankment to cross eglinton, then was able to sidle along the outside edge of their fence for about 25m to pick up the northbound trail again. Currently it’s a lot of soft earth spread around by bulldozer so even when the associates are gone in the evening it won’t really be rideable. Other than that great conditions!


    Fred Barclay

    Beautiful riding out there. Mowtown has had a big haircut. Cheers the fairies! It really makes a huge difference. Hopefully it gets traffic all summer and stays open. Exploring Kitchen Sink is a fun new project. As mentioned before major construction under Eglinton Bridge so get ready for some walk arounds to pick up the northern portion. At the very end of the trail I couldn’t find the proper exit near the tracks and bridge. Still more poking around to do!

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    As above, great conditions for the foreseeable future. Some additional notes:
    Beaver Flats is rideable end-to-end again, with just a few small greasy spots at the two washouts.
    SSHT – tree across trail is clear.
    Boo – hefty branch spanning trail near the washrooms. Bust out the CX dismount!

    @geezeerider if the raccoon was a slow moving zombie with no apparent fear of anything it most likely has distemper and will be dead soon enough, poor critter.

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    Another great ride in the Don this morning. Crothers, the ridge, catalyst, PA, BOT, Climbmax, Bunny Run all clear and running great. I also want to thx the fairies trimming back Motown. Have been enjoying it lots lately.
    Just an FYI, it appears the city has come in and covered over that jump line DH that drops in from the Leaside bridge onto the ridge.
    Re: construction in the east Don. We can expect some disruption there are plans to build a recreation trail up the east Don. Here’s a link https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/public-consultations/infrastructure-projects/eastdontrail/
    I really hope this doesn’t disrupt all the work that has happened up that way.

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    Tree down on Motown – This afternoon while riding Motown, a large cracked tree that had been leaning on others fell further. I was cycling in the area and heard the crack and crashing. I returned later after my ride on foot and cleaned up the area as best I could with hand tools. The main trunk is still leaning across the trail about head height so caution would be wise. I tied a white cloth around the tree as a warning so riders can identify it and hopefully avoid it.
    It is located after the big climb with bermed switchbacks. After the descent from the climb, going east (toward Kitchen Sink) there is a couple turns and a short sharp climb. The downed tree is here. It shouldn’t be a problem for riders going east because they will be climbing through the section but climbers going west (towards Don Mills) will be descending quickly and may be at risk from hitting the leaning trunk with their head. Many riders avoid this area by taking the steep Whoop de doo above the area.
    Anyway, It would be great if someone has the skill and tools to deal with this problem.

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    Folks, everything is effing superb out there. I want to buy each fairy a beer.

    (Even Swamp is almost completely dry!)

    Saw exactly one tree down and that was the one on Boo you can temp-CX over.

    Not sure it’s been mentioned: you don’t have to loop back on Roller Flowster now; you can exit around the parking lot fence where the construction peeps were blocked off before.

    Extra special thanks to whomever cleared the triple deadfall on Dirt Farm!!!

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