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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Yesterday aft there was an 8-incher down at the start of bunny drop.
    It’s avoidable if taking the scenic route through dirt farm.



    Forgive me riders, for it has been three weeks since my last trail ride.

    Was out from 1130 to 1400. Crothers and The Ridge we’re in great shape, just a few puddles.

    Flats was fine as usual.

    Motown was very good, some tacky sections, should be mint soon. Maybe even later today. I just love the Motown groove, Hard Rock to Smooth Jazz. Get out while it’s clean.



    Oh Motown, how I missed you. (A couple muddy sections; otherwise very good.)

    Thanks to whomever did the elegant reroutes around deadfall, tho’ I’m sad to see one side-berm diversion blocked off.

    Hopefully it’ll open up again sometime?

    And grats to the two wayward youth who cheered me up the switches.



    Couple of the bridges to be aware of on catalyst. One has one span cracked but is easy to spot and still rideable too.. The subtler one is the angled structure (not really a bridge just a ladder structure sitting on the ground) that is sitting tucked in a 90 degree bend and that (I think) is the first structure to the north of the sharp switchback climb at the tee junction to beaver flats. Sorry for the convoluted description didn’t have my camera with me. It is still solid and looks intact but has sagged in such a way that it catches the front wheel in a surprising way.


    Rob DeBoer

    Kind of goes without saying, but everything is awesome today. That tree across Pottery Downhill has been dealt with, so was able to finish ride with a flourish 😄



    Has that one switchback in the middle of 5play been subtly regraded? (specifically the turn which is to the west side of that little helper bridge for drainage) All last year I never managed to get it, but this year it looks different somehow and it rides more like the ones on climbax. I’m also seeing or imagining a bunch of regrading on motown which I didn’t think I remembered from last year, but which has really enhanced the flow of it. And I was shocked at the evidence of wind damage on motown, I even saw an intact railroad tie that had been hurled against a fence and knocked it right over. All in all, shaping up for a great season, thanks to all who are getting these things done out there.



    Late to the party… first proper ride of 2018 for me yesterday. Disappointed to have missed the Scilla carpet in Crothers, but Trilliums (white and red!) are out in abundance. Also saw a ground hog – in a tree – on Catalyst.

    Thank you for the updated Tremco bridge!

    Watch out for low headroom on the Three Rocks > Redway downhill. There’s a bit of a squeeze after the berm at the bottom of the first hill.



    Construction on the foreplay exit road. Fenced off from dog park pretty good, probably best to avoid until resurfacing is finished (or until workers punch out). Foreplay isnt known to be a great 2-way trail but riders might get forced to backtrack so heads up.



    Yup ran into that in the morning as well. No exit on foreplay, even the tricky exit is blocked by a tree. Once you get down, only told you gotta hike it back to where you came from. Construction works telling me i’m trespassing and bla bla bla.

    Don north was greasy as hell anyway, might be better tomorrow but even so, stick to rehab and exit back out down the rocky downhill back to the board walk. That way you can get back to secret hidden trail and woods gundy.

    The hike back that I had to do sucked, and good luck getting up that huge berm on foreplay if you do have to hike it back. I found a little trail that took me right down to the board walk so I got lucky…otherwise it woulda been one challenging, greasy hike.

    If some one has caution tape and can put up a sign to block off roller flowster entry point, I’d recommend that until all this construction business is over.

    Bunny run is eroding quite badly, the dirt bridge is pretty dangerous. my front wheel dug into a hole on that bridge and down i went. Luckily there’s a soft mud patch below, but that will dry up in june. I’d like to request a trail fairy to work on the bunny bridge. I’d do it, but I have no idea how to maintain a mud bridge.

    Also, washrooms along boo are closed with a construction permit up, so if you gotta do a #2, bring baby wipes.


    Rob DeBoer

    Swamp -> SHT have a few greasy spots, but rideable. New tree down on Ridge. About a million riders out this evening… I’m reminded why I normally ride early in the morning 🙂



    After my convo with the construction worker/sheriff, pretty sure they will take care of the signage.

    In other Sunnybrook dog park news a white bulldog bit a 12yr old girl and killed her puppy last week. If you’ve had an encounter with a similar dog around SHT/gundy the police might want to hear from you. Owner has been arrested and dog seized.



    I wouldn’t pass on fourplay/5play altogether on a daytime ride, may be worth a look from the top of the ridge. There was only two guys onsite this afternoon and they were down at the bottom by the bridge so it was easy to scoot across to 5play. I was seen exiting 5play, but they didn’t stop me from riding straight back up the road, so didn’t have to hike out or anything. Rode back up to the parking lot, over to the helipad, back onto flowster, then out at the pre-flowstser uphill as noted above. Then if that wasn’t bonus enough for today’s ride, I checked out that new line off the riverside trail; quality work with lot of nice touches in there!



    Great conditions this morning. Rode from Pottery to Sunnybrooke and everything in between. At the exit for foreplay the construction workers did not seem to care but I still kept my distance. Was able to cross over and ride 5 play. I rode over to read the signage posted on the fence facing the dog park. It says it’s going to be like this until late June, assuming they are on schedule. One relatively painless option is to just double back on foreplay and exit the old entrance (or just skip foreplay and exit it’s old entrance at the end of roller flowster) . Or, another option would be to open up an old downhill that is just south east of the foreplay exit. It drops down from a spot we use to call the captain’s living room (foreplay passes right through it). Next time I’m out I’ll see if it’s still there.



    Oh it’s wet. With complete ground saturation and leaf cover holding the humidity it’ll take some time (and wind) to dry out. Sleep in Sunday but I suspect it’ll still be greasy. Monday will be THE DAY.

    I’d give Beaver Flats a pass at least until Monday. The steep slide-y section with the bridges has seen some realignment but the trail is mostly made of poo. And as @repack mentioned, be on the lookout for SSHT…



    Walked bits of the northwest this morning. Still greasy spots on high lines, wet spots on the low ones, but all drying up quickly. Afternoon should be good enough for a rip. Monday is still THE DAY.

    Lose a phone? Found one this morning in Woods Gundy that seemed pretty dry considering (but currently buried in rice anyway). Sticker in phone case is Mr. Jenkins standing beside a Swiss Army knife, kinda like this: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CuAxABfWYAEsO6H.jpg PM me make/model/contact info if it’s yours.

    Also found a dozen morels this morning on 4play! Sometimes it pays to travel slowly…

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