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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Rain last night, steady drizzle all morning. Trails are classic Don super-grease *sigh*. Not recommended until sun and wind make an appearance. Poo!



    This is brutal. Snow tonight? And now rain in the forecast for next week?!

    I’ll be taking up @shortcuttomoncton on his offer of therapy…



    Maybe the trail gods require a human sacrifice in order to improve the conditions. I volunteer my teenage son.

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    Doesn’t anyone here have a road bike for this situation? I’ve recently discovered the toronto app that shows re-paving schedules, so I can adjust my routes accordingly to capitalize on the latest fresh. Otherwise, GTA road riding can be more like mountain biking on a rigid niner than anyone would guess.


    Rob DeBoer

    I’ve been on my road bike all winter… it’s just not as fun.



    Hopefully y’all slept in and didn’t see the s*** on the ground this morning. On foot this morning in Crothers area and trails were drying out fast. Should be mostly-hero by mid-afternoon. Aiming to ride at 3:30 myself… Rocket is all tidied and ready to fire. Check out the new bike racks!

    Re-posting last Friday’s trail report which *should* still be relevant. No guarantees in life tho’

    Green light:
    – Crothers, Ridge, Flats, Catalyst, RJ, PA, BOT. Further north all the Rehab trails, Roller Flowster, 4play (tricky exit) also good to go. On the return trip Climbmax (just one super soft spot in the middle where you come in hot), Boo, Bunny Run, Dirt Farm all good.

    Amber alert:
    – the Swamp and SHT have their usual poopy issues but nothing they won’t bounce back from if you STAY ON THE ROCKS! Your call. As a late bloomer the Swamp will get way worse before it gets better. Please do not be tempted to throw sticks at the problem. Short term gain, long term PITA.

    Red light:
    – Beaver Flats beneath the Doobatorium is a NO GO until things dry up (this is the area with steep sideslope and multiple bridges). You can in/out from both the south and north ends but please stay off this middle section.
    – Woods Gundy has significant water issues on the rooty climb and later in the fast down/up. Best to cut across the field and paved path for another week. The north end fun line is, however, lap-able via the paved path!!!

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    Road biking?!

    Sure, the GTA offers sufficient pothole action to simulate trail drops, but if I’m not shouldering trees I’m not on wheels.



    Just walked from Pottery through to the cricket tree by way of the ridge and back along flats. Everything is looking great (except the usual slow drying bits). Can’t believe there was snow on the ground this morning! I guess the human sacrifice worked.

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    Thanks, Slabs (and to your son, for his selfless contribution in support of this community).



    Great ride today, lot of people out. Also more kids than I’ve ever previously noticed on a Sunday ride, nice to see.



    Mid Sunday afternoon ride today was a considerable improvement over last Friday. Most West Don trails are good to go. Even Woods Gundy is much improved, although there’s a new tree across the north end of the trail (in the toboggan gully) just before the paved path.

    Amber alert: Swamp is a bit swampy, SHT has one nasty spot, Woods Gundy has one soft spot, Climbmax one soft spot.

    Red light: the middle of Beaver Flats below the Doobatorium still needs some time to shift, drain, and dry. Please stay off!

    Get out there Monday and Tuesday!

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    Just got back from the Don. First singletrack ride of the year. (been patiently waiting)

    The Ridge: Mint. Hero dirt. See attached tire photo.
    Catalyst and Party Atmosphere: Mint. A bit of water over the concrete slabs which is normal.
    BOT: Glad to see the construction go away. However the big berm under the bridge is a mess. Looks slippery and is rutted to hell. I chose to walk around it.
    Swap: Muddy. Best to avoid if possible or walk around the muddy sections. This section really needs to dry out.
    Woods Gundy: Mint. There is a tree down after the second drop right before you climb back to the pavement. A hand saw will do the trick.
    Secret Hidden: A mess. The first downhill portion is still a little wet. The usual drainage spots are rutted to shit. I would avoid this trail for now. See attached photo.
    Roller Flowster: Mint. The switchbacks towards the end are muddy at the usual spots.
    Foreplay: Mint.
    Road Apples: Muddy at many spots. Best to avoid for now.
    Boo: Mint.
    Bunny: Mint.
    Flats: Mint.
    Pottery to 3 Rocks: Mint.

    Get on your bikes and RIDE!

    PS. I got chased by a off leash German Shepherd today right after you exit flats onto the gravel path. I typically slow to a crawl and pass dogs since they can be erratic. This one however was pretty aggressive and kept chasing me. I had to sprint the hell out of there. First time experiencing such a thing so I want to know if it ok to defend myself in case things get out of hand. Aren’t dogs supposed to be on a leash on the trails?

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    There’s a pretty big grey area around dogs and leashes. You’ll notice that no one absolutely no one runs their dog off-leash in the neighbourhood. As soon as they hit the park, it’s off with the leash. It’s all the same by-law, and It’s all good. Until it isn’t. Hopefully it won’t happen to you again for a year or three.

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    Fixed up hubbles return climb ridge in the middle, as well as a temp rock job at the muddy spot at the start.

    Smith’s Edge Soban, also did work in the middle for alt safe line for jump, and fixed arc in jump for crunching. Also added some dirt to build up the berm. It isn’t completely solid yet, hopefully by tomorrow aft, ride safe.

    Will be making my way around PC, bridal runner, junkyard estates, floating on a vine after Rainfall this week.

    And opening Up up and away before I leave on my journey. Keep an eye out for me to find out where.

    @soban, just bad luck I say, but technically yes, however as a builder and me having my own dog out and off leash, riders usually are reckless and really only care about keeping moving, and if something is in its way, it might or might not move in Time, they’ll go anyway. As for where you can suddenly go on a trail with your pet. There really isn’t anywhere but down, and having a nervous pet on a leash could result in an anxious pet and owner trying to figure out how to not fall down the hill. If your in incident happened out on the road, someone probably just lost control of their pet.

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    Neville Park

    Thanks to all whom have been making efforts on the trails.
    Incredible riding yesterday.

    @mr.smith – lol, nice bong rig and thanks for digging.

    Discovered “Flying F*ck” DH run … so first off – super fun, thank you!
    Buuut, some tweaks would make that line run so much better … is this a rough in then, fine tune? or finished project?

    More this aft! yew!

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