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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Rode this morning. Was -3 when I left and -1 when I got back.

    Easy Taylor Creek trails and little bit (riverside) of Boo I rode – good but soft spots later on. Best frozen.
    Razor’s Edge – pedestrians have worked a route around the mudslide, but trail is a bit soft and trees now in the way in a couple of spots. Given how short this trail is it’s probably not worth it.
    Boomerang – didn’t ride it as it looks wet on the high shady parts. May be OK but didn’t want to rut it up.
    Fruitloop – as dry as it has ever been. Ride on! Couple of new trees down will slow you down but otherwise in great shape.
    Bunny Run – as described above – mint!
    Climbmax – couple of soft spots otherwise good. Again, probably best frozen. Back tire packed up a little but not too bad.


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    went for a walk.
    Secret hidden trail was very wet unwalkable ! Hubbles return/rehab very muddy. Saw evidence of some hero eating the upside of the drop when they hit the mud. I couldnt walk it.
    Upper rehab was fine.
    Roller Flowster was quite dry a little tacky in spots, some erosion? Tree down after small roller near beggining.
    Fourplay a bit more slick but hard surface, the end was a bit dodgy but when isnt it ?
    Looks like trails in the sun are coming along nicely and shaded spots need time.

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    On foot this morning checking out the wind damage from yesterday and cleaning up downed limbs where possible:
    Catalyst: all clear
    Beaver Flats (south of Sky Pilot): all clear
    Woods Gundy: all clear
    Smith’s Edge/Roller Flowster: disaster. Several very large trees down blocking the trail in many spots. Will take a big effort to make this trail rideable.
    Foreplay: Things were starting to get a little greasy so I cut through Sunnybrook parking lot and caught the last part of the trail. Very large pine tree along with some other trees blocking the exit. The easier exit to the left is pretty much passable.
    None of the trails would be rideable after around 11 am when the sun melts the top layers.

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    Conditions have been semi possible for fixes, and up up and away to be dug (no work done)..

    May not be able to do any work before I go and do trail work in Paraguay and Argentina…

    I trust those who have claimed Smith’s Edge to look after her. Or just leave it blocked. 😛 Cheers.



    Seems like we’re stuck in late-winter and until temperatures stay above zero overnight there will be little progress in trail conditions. It’s still good news for the early shift riders, but yesterday’s afternoon crew essentially picked up the top 2-3 cm of dirt and flung it elsewhere… it ain’t pretty.

    Thanks to the those who went for walks after the windstorm. Ridge, Beaver Flats, Cat, Rim Job, PA, Swamp, Woods Gundy all confirmed clear. Still blockages on BOT (at the start), Roller Flowster (everywhere, apparently) 4play (at the end). Please post up the “all clear” or problems you discover on other trails.

    It’s already shaping up to be a great season. Thanks to the peeps who fixed the uppermost bridge on PA’s Tremco climb. Nicely done – you bought the expensive wood! And so much fresh work at the DJ’s (but again stay off until given the green light!). Fingers crossed for 4/20!

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    Walked the trails around Burke Brook this am. Lots of evidence that trail fairies have been present. Things look a lot better than they did on Thursday:
    Asylum, G-Spot, Rehab are all clear albeit with lots of tire and boot ruts. People just won’t stay off when it is muddy.
    Roller Flowster: Although trees are down in three areas, there Is really just one major blockage remaining. This is a large, uprooted ash tree about 1/4 the way in (just past the “Excavator” drop I think). The tree is lying down the length of the trail. The second tree down has a well-worn lower bypass so perhaps this tree came down last year? The final tree down is at the switchback climbs after the last of the rollers. Most of the smaller trees/limbs have been removed and the bench cut extended higher up so that it looks possible to get by.
    Foreplay: Just the mess at the exit. Very large hemlock tree (not a pine as I mistakenly stated before) which also took out a couple of smaller trees. This tree is lying down the length of the trail. The left side exit is not blocked, although it could use some better bench cutting.
    Also walked some of SHT. Didn’t see any blockages but only went in about half way. Lots of boot ruts on this trail.

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    Walked much of Motown today. Started at the north east end and walked west. I made it to the Don Valley underpass clearing debris from the wind storm as I went. Trail looks in great shape, only needs to dry out. I will finish the remainder of the trail this week.

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    Did a bit of tidying on Dirt Farm. Found some glasses. Anyone lose theirs?



    Dr Quads is mint today!


    Rob DeBoer


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    This weather is nuts, I really wonder if things will be ready much before May after this dump.




    Oh yeah – based on the extended forecast (rain and no double digits until the 22nd) I’ve mentally prepared myself for early May. Therapy sessions are available upon request.

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    Damn the torpedoes, I’m hitting Sky Pilot so hard Friday…



    Cabin fever drove me to go for a walk this afternoon in the rain. I wore those spike attachment on my shoes and ended up walking Motown out and back. The trail was surprisingly easy to walk with the spikes as it had a fairly hard slab. Some spots however were soft and water was pooling. Lots of branches of all sizes and a few more trees were down on the trail. I cleared most of them as I went. It was about the same amount of damage as last weeks storm.
    The Don River was raging and close to flooding over the banks of the STD trail. I’m sure it will flood in many sections.
    I suspect that other trails in the Don will also be in rough shape and in need of some work this week.
    Also I saw Coyote tracks and deer tracks on the trail. Overall, it a was nice to get outdoors again.

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    On foot through N Crothers, Ridge and Flats. I wouldn’t have thought there’d be much deadfall still to come down after the recent windstorm, but ice+wind dropped many more. Some large trees fallen but none on the trail. Cleared $1M worth of those $100 sticks (cost of new derailleur, or hanger + shipping). As @crank suggested, the woods are good for wandering and stick-throwing. Please post up where you’ve been and any problems you encounter.

    Trails are mostly crusty snow but there’s water running underneath. The remainder of this week will be an unholy mix of mud, water, and ice. And then, hopefully, the frost can come out of the ground?

    Lots of birds are back and setting up shop. There’s a couple pairs of beautiful and shy wood ducks nesting in the pond beside the DJ’s. Not sure how I feel about the 16+ cormorants that are eyeing the same pond for nesting (except they take over the trees, screech a lot, and poop even more). If you’ve ever seen the post-apocalyptic colony on the Leslie St Spit you’ll know what I mean.

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