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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    If you can get in early the conditions are pretty sandpapery when frozen. This morning from 8-915ish things were nice & firm from Pottery to Cricket Lot with lots of lumpy footprints & fossilized stupidity closer to the trailheads. After Redway things were more civilized and fun. Boo & Bunny were great too. Amazingly different conditions on the other side of the river as Beaver Boobs was a mix of snow, ice, sand, and then slowly melting glop by about 9:30. After that the trails were off limits.

    Riding the flats back and the fencing crew seem quite diligent and had to get off the flats half way. Look forward to the cutting crew’s return.

    If it has to be cold, let it be dry!



    Anyone in early today? Looking around outside and it doesn’t look like there’s much freezing going on over night, which is gonna mean no responsible sandpaper in the morning. Hope I’m wrong, as I was hoping to get out tomorrow morning.



    Everything is a cross between dry, muddy or super soaked,

    Major fixes to PC, after that all segments are good up until floating on a vine turn around corner, will be going back to do a spring blow today or sometime this week

    Dry on asylum, Downed tree on asylum extension, and super muddy on extension upclimb,

    Will be making pc fixes sometime this week. Taking out 3 downed trees, adding 1 jump, raising berms, switchback alt..

    Look out for Red trail bag sign for 20m mark if in unsafe area for building/ maintenance. Ride with caution. Cheers.



    Everything still off-limits?



    During the day things are real soft and greasy, most mornings are nice and frozen until 9 or so depending o the sunshine

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    It really pays to get up early these days. Every week the trails dry out a teeny little bit with this lack of precipitation, meaning there are great conditions for riding if you are in before it thaws. Your alarm clock is your friend right now. Hit climbmax for the first time since December and had a great time aside from almost puking at the top of the first set of switchbacks, haha. Outta shape.

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    what is “early”? i have to get my kids to school
    in the am so between that and commuting over to the don im looking at 9:30 start, is everything warming and up and getting soft by then? im fiending like crazy to get back in the don



    TL:DR no later than 1:30 after sunrise, no earlier than 2:00 after sunset

    “Early” in the typical sense of dawn. If you can manage to be at a trail head by 7:00am you’ve likely got about an hour and a half before the enemy (the sun) starts to thaw everything out. IF it’s cloudy you’ll get a slight extension to that. If you’re thinking about trying at 9:30 there are a few areas that tend to be/are already dry.

    “Good to go”

    Road Apples – It’s on top of the valley, drains first, and sit in the sun ALL day. You can count on it being the first trail that’s good to go.

    Boo Trail – Riverside only, the stretch that is not river adjacent (Archery Range to Cricekt Tree) has been absolutely beaten to fucking death this spring with all manor of tires. It’s chewed up badly enough that even frozen it’s not exactly fun.

    Training Loop – It’s tucked away in the shade almost all day and never really thaws, the typical drains that are wet year round are wet, the rest has been very dry. There are a few more trees down than last year, heads up.


    Basically everything else, yes you can, yes there are long dry stretches, sure “YOU” aren’t doing much damage, but amplify that when everyone does it and we’ve got a sad local community with a lot of beat up trails.

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    “no later than 1:30 after sunrise”?



    @stephen_reese I believe what @blurredlines was saying was that:

    Don’t ride more than 1:30 hours after sunrise (trails start to thaw) and not until 2:00 hours after sunset (trails start to refreeze).

    We are still seeing temps dip below freezing at night so if this trend continues this advice will hold true.

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    Rode today from the Nesbitt entrance around to the ridge to boo trail to beaver flats. Everything was nice and frozen. Just as Blurred lines said – boo trail was rutted up from selfish, impatient people. Not too bad but not a feel good seeing and feeling the ruts. Depending on the sun I think 9:30am or earlier would be the cut off. It really is common sense tho. If you are leaving ruts or picking up dirt end your ride. I jumped in the trails last Wednesday night around 11pm and things were not firm. Dirt was not frozen so I stuck to gravel. Unfortunately if you want a real ride i think its from 7am to 9am.

    On Sunday I was riding around the city, too nice not to go for a ride and saw a guy (on what I think is an older Scott Genius) completely covered in mud. Should have said something but he refused to make eye contact so I think he knew the wrong he had committed. Some of the best best practice I have for MTBing are urban rides. Riding skinnys, practicing manuals and bunny hops, finding little drops and lines. Schools and parks usually have a few good options.

    We still have a ways to go before we can ride in plus C temps. I have to ride back from work so I’ll post my findings of what it’s like at 5pm or so.



    This Saturday looks prime for some frosty sandpaper. Set your alarms!


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    Gregg Sepetdjian

    Rode from 9 -11am today and conditions are exeptionally good for March (98% of the time)

    Crothers – was in great condition except for some ruts at the top of the trails near Redway (which would be muddy when thawed). I didn’t check out the south section to and from Pottery Rd.

    Ridge – was in great shape only a few soft, spongy (not muddy) sections.

    Beaver Flats – was mostly great, but the few bad sections we’re brutal and required hiking

    Bunny Run – was absolutely mint! Ride it!

    Boo – rutted to hell and no fun, except for the Riverside sections. I assume it would be very muddy in warmer temps.

    Swamp and Gundy trails – we’re in great shape

    Conditions have been so good the last few days that I think most trails would be rideable even in the afternoon.

    So if you’re not able to ride within those recommended hours (see above comments). Head out there anyways and just avoid any bad areas that you come across.


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    It was a beautiful morning to be in the Don. Did a big loop including Catalyst, Rim job, PA, Hidden trail, Rehab, Roller flowster, 4/5 play, Climbmax and Ejactulator. As most know all trails are firing when it’s frozen. Still not so sure about the afternoon. Its a tricky time of the year where 90% of the trails would be good in the warmer weather but the 10% that’s bad is really bad with the Don clay. On my Wednesday ride home I saw a bunch of people, including a group of 4-5 older gentleman. I don’t think people should be treating it like open season yet. It kills the top soil and weakens it’s ability to stick together so it’s remains sandy and sloppy all year. If you do ride when in the afternoons recognize your impact in the soft spots and ride slow and carefully. And please, refrain from afternoon rides if you are on a CX bike. The wider the tires the better.


    Gregg Sepetdjian

    Anyone been to Motown? How’s it looking?

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