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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    To the riders or walkers or whoever is putting logs down across the bottoms of technical sections in the Sunnybrook area. Stop. I’ve already had a hospital visit due to this. And your putting our lives at risk so you can avoid a feature. and make it less for those who ride it and have spent their time to build it. Come out here and help before you complain, take action. And sabatoge trails.

    Highly doubt that the person sabotaging your trails visits here. It’s probably one (or a group of) self-righteous hikers or dog walkers who hate mountain bikers galavanting through “their” woods.

    Not sure how feasible it would be, but you could try doing what some of the trail builders did in BC when they had a saboteur messing about on the North Shore a year or so ago.




    …after way too many attempts I can clear it 🙂



    Here’s an erosion pic. If you see these cracks. Note they can be deep if they are long and should be noted as a potential small to large landslide after some heavy rain(a few inches or a few ft deep). I’ve been monitoring a few in the area, 3 have gone, and more are sure to follow.

    With sabatoges, they have been taking effect maybe not in this particular Manor, but of burning of skinnies and related TTF’s​ destruction.. The pic I will supply is I shart sample of what it was. But the gist is I rolled in knocked the first 2 off. And landed on the smaller ones. And rolled like a spinning log runner(Where of course it was more spread down landing with some leaves junked in between and a few rocks) and when I landed I got a stick through my pants and into my leg left leg horizontally.. l haven’t seen any when I’ve been down since.


    If anyone is or has been riding Floating on a Vine. The exit has been fixed. ( Trail thoughts?

    Clear what?

    Yeah I heard about that, some old lady right? That was my original thought, but i wanted to give people a heads up about it, primarily cause I got a stick in my leg. And it could happen again


    Renegade Hardware

    sabatoge is almost part and parcel with building in the don. It’s only been riders a few instances in the past prior to the COT involvement, mostly a certain person chaining off another members build that they don’t want people on yet (safety usually) or a builder is taking issue with someone poaching their build. But this was about 2007, 2008 iirc. Riders generally don’t block off trails unless it’s their own build. Those logs are prop placed there by a walker.



    If you haven’t been out riding, you should – conditions are pretty darn good. The few remaining wet spots are firming up and some are getting a more permanent rock armour fix. Lots more green on trees so sight lines are decreasing. Mosquitoes are still AWOL, but not for long. Please post up any trail issues you encounter.

    A few things:
    1. Crothers Stewardship has been tuning drainage, smoothing ruts, and rock armouring in and around Loblaws. As well, the “speed bump downhill” is in mid-renovation. When completed it will be narrower, curvier, and less abrupt. Pay attention! Better yet, come out and help…
    2. No Crothers Stewardship on Monday, May 22nd (Long Weekend) but will resume on Monday, May 29th at 6 pm – Loblaws trailhead.

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    Rob DeBoer

    Just ran into a fencing crew at the east end of the Flats… they’re blocking off the bridge under the tracks.



    Just ran into a fencing crew at the east end of the Flats… they’re blocking off the bridge under the tracks.

    Almost as quickly as they build these fences they will be defeated… why block off a relatively safe alternative to walking across the tracks?



    Leaving the rocket apres on tuesday I saw a rail truck stop at the pathway across the tracks, just after the last rider had crossed over to the sewage plant side. They might be extending the fence there at some point too.


    Renegade Hardware

    Rode Tues and Yesterday. Yesterday saw a group of about 1-22.3 kids, about 5 to 55 years old. Mix of races, probably one or two albino kids and probably about 4 different genders, at least. Saw them attack the fences with their bare hands a teeth and rip them out. They looked wild, esp the fur-kin ones, so I just stood back and watched in awe. Anyway, I’d expect this gang of hoodlums, all wearing 3pc suits (except the fur-kin ones, they wore tuxedos), to do this again at some point in order to clear access for their clearly self entitled needs.


    Renegade Hardware

    Just ran into a fencing crew at the east end of the Flats… they’re blocking off the bridge under the tracks.

    Almost as quickly as they build these fences they will be defeated… why block off a relatively safe alternative to walking across the tracks?

    Metrolinx. Theirs your answer.

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    Found a number that you can call to voice your concerns about all the fencing that is going up along the Richmond Hill corridor

    416 581 1300 ask for, or leave a message for Lorreta

    My message went like this

    “Hi Lorreta, my name is Paul Stuart and I am an avid cyclist in the Don Valley. I am very concerned about the placement of some of the fencing that has recently been put up, if you could call me back at your earliest convenience that would be great!”




    Neville Park

    @renegade-hardware – genuine lol, thanks for that!

    More fencing – end of Motown (west side of train bridge) and start of Motown Return (east side of train bridge) have fences too …

    On a positive, trails are running great, lots of small improvements on the regular wet spots.

    THANKS to the builders of Bunny Droppings (?) / Dirtfarm extension – fun addition of trail and good connector for sure!



    Rode late yesterday and trails were fantastic.

    Thank you to the trail fairy who took the tree off the start of Boo. I assume there’s a plan in place for the tree on the Ridge that we have to limbo under.

    Fencing – it’s gone from everyother year to everyother week. I’ve been watching the arc of this and im guessing at some point they’ll go all in. I hope we continue to have strong winds and roving bands of kids to take down what they put up.

    As suggested above I’m calling Loretta on Tuesday…

    Hope it dries today…



    Weather report called for showers today but it rained A LOT. No point in being the early bird on Monday – sleep late, make a nice brunch, call Loretta, and hopefully conditions will be good in the afternoon.

    Some fresh work on Climbmax by the mucky doubles will be greasy so heads up!



    On foot through the mid-West this morning. Trails are near-mint so if showers are light (or absent) riding should be outstanding today and tomorrow. Not sure if the Swamp is ever going to drain this year…

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