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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    Thinking of going today, you think it can be dry enough?



    I went out for a paved ride today, but couldn’t resist checking out parts of the dirt trails to see if things were dry enough yet. Rode Rabbit’s Run end to end, and it was in very good condition, and only got soft at the archery range end. Boo trail beside the river is in prime condition. Didn’t attempt the Ridge, but did check out the Pottery Rd trail head and hill climb…it is definitely not ready for prime yet! Trail head parking lot is a big lake and up line is quite muddy in spots… based on my experience if that hill is muddy then this almost always that means other parts are in similar condition. I’d say it will take another week to dry.



    By late afternoon:

    Pottery Road climb is a must walk right now (or must avoid) but after that it’s pretty much bone dry till Sun Valley. After that things were firm, if a bit tacky. From 3rocks/loblaws things were pretty good, but the end by Redway was a slopbog. Basically, wherever you had bottle necking or trails terminating thing where wet and not to be ridden. The rest of the ridge was in pretty great shape aside from a few wet spots that are weeks away from drying. Some trees down on the Advanced line.

    Catalyst was a bit more iffy in the first third, which had me walking around a few small slopbogs, but nothing crazy. Rim Job is probably best avoided for another day. PA had a few usual wet zones but pretty firm all in all. An unfortunate log down at the bottom of the new steep ladder bridge. Tremco is still hard. BOT is soft in spots and has that giant tree at the beginning in front of that lil table top.

    Climbmax was pretty much good to go with only one slopbog right before the manhole jump. Otherwise things were pretty good.

    I think there should be a lot of progress by tomorrow night. Take it easy on the glop. If it looks too shitty to ride it is and you’re shittier for riding it.

    Here’s to spring!

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    On foot this morning in the West Don starting at the Swamp and heading north.

    Swamp: BRUTAL up to Eglinton bridge. This is always the last trail to dry out. Toe-kicked lots of drainage.
    Woods Gundy: two significant wet spots.
    SHT: BRUTAL in the middle.
    Asylum/Gspot/Hubbles Return/Roller Flowster/4play (first third) – wow, good to go. Asylum climb is greatly modified – a more interesting line for sure. G-spot had a bench-cut tune-up. Hubble’s is still a partial-benchcut pungee sticked gong show. Just sayin’. Not sure how 4play ends but good until the lookout over the dog park. First sighting of pretty blue flowers!

    Yes, the trails are 95% ready, but riding the 5% is really damaging. A few gentle requests:
    1. If you’re gonna ride through the muck, go straight through the middle instead of widening the damaged area. Also open your mouth real wide.
    2. If you’re going to stop to help out please DO toe-kick low points so water runs out of the ruts and off the trail. Please DO NOT pile wood across the mud; doing so is 100x worse than doing nothing.

    Lots of good places to ride: Flats, riverside Boo (keep between paved path and river), Bunny Run, Climbmax, Cat / PA / BOT, Burke Brook ravine trails (Asylum to 4play), Sunnybrook woodchips/Road Apples. Link together using the paved path and road through Sunnybrook.

    Places to avoid ALL week: Rim Job, hillside Boo (if paved path is between you and the river you’re in the wrong spot), south end Crothers (Pottery Road climb), Swamp, Woods Gundy, SHT

    Can’t speak for East Don, Crothers or Ridge. FYI – 3 trees down on the Crothers Harder line have been reported to the City by @blurredlines

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    Much thanks for the updates, fellas! Really itching to get out and ride being I haven’t really ridden all that much in a couple years.

    Got a new whip that’s yearning to touch dirt for her maiden voyage. Hopefully tomorrow’s forecasted storm isn’t too bad.



    Ridge drainages are all tuned up and good to go. Crothers was highly variable two days ago with lengthy soggy areas. Still no reports on 5play (if that’s what it’s called) and the East Don (Motown, Training Loop, Quads, etc). Looks like tomorrow and/or Monday could be great days to get out. Consider starting the season right by re-greasing your seatpost and pedal threads…

    Good places to ride: Ridge, Flats, riverside Boo (keep between paved path and river), Bunny Run, Climbmax, Cat / PA / BOT, Burke Brook ravine trails (Asylum to 4play), Sunnybrook woodchips/Road Apples. Link together using the paved path and road through Sunnybrook.

    Places to avoid: Rim Job, hillside Boo (if paved path is between you and the river you’re in the wrong spot), Crothers (especially Pottery Road climb), Swamp, Woods Gundy, SHT

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    Rob DeBoer

    Pottery climb is almost dry, just a bit soft. Downhill is ready to rock except for the swamp at the bottom. Flats and Ridge are dry and rideable end to end. A few soggy bits elsewhere, but overall looking great!

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    Great day to be out and about. I ignored my own advice and checked out all trails in the West Don late this afternoon (except Crothers –so many people). While a few significant but short-lived muddy spots remain on the Swamp and SHT, the rest of the trails are 99% good to go. The Don is coming alive – trout lilies, wild leeks, mayapples, trilliums and ferns all poking up, along with the ubiquitous little blue flowers. Hopefully any weekend showers just water the thirsty plants!

    All three fallen trees in Crothers were cleared by the City. Thorncliffe/ET Seton park gate is now open so expect traffic on the road by the Cricket Tree from now on. Thanks to the beavers that took care of the trees on Flats, PA (x2), BOT, 4play. A few active slides on Catalyst and PA put some clay poop on the trail, but all bridges are still intact and sound. For now.

    Anyone have info on the East Don?



    There were quite a few indeed, as many walkers as cyclists. While everything I saw was encouragingly dry, I didn’t see too much in the way of ruts left by pre-season riders. I did however form the impression that the ridge still has a lot of the same bumps it had last year, which I had always attributed to the tree cutting that took place in there. Or is there some other reason for all the little divots on the ridge? don’t think any of the other trails have that. Anyway, great start to the season.



    All three fallen trees in Crothers were cleared by the City.

    Actually they were cleared by a good samaritan. Regardless glad they’ve been taken care of!



    West Don still needs another week IMO. Rode up at noon from about Overlea to Sunnybrook for the year’s first ride – pretty damn soft. Did a lot of walking through muddy sections south of Eglinton, and there’s a fair bit of soft erosion throughout – was pretty sketchy clay in many of the DH corners and lots of water/mud pooling at the bottom have people hard on the brakes, which doesn’t help. I took my time and went nice and slow and enjoyed the walks.

    Looks like a bit of a colder & wet week coming up too, which may not help! Hopefully the weatherman is off…



    North/west of gundy the trails seemed prime, except for a beaver dam in one normal mud spot.
    The asylum climb has been re-routed but it’s not obvious if your head is down until it’s too late and you dead-end on the old line.

    1. IMG_5826.jpg



    Sunnybrook park to Glendon – Pussy Climb, that is up the road from the end of 4play is open, as well as Ridge Run, Junkyard are open too. I talked to Mr Smith and floating on a Vine should be open soon.




    While we’re talking about 5Play (aka the name I won’t repeat) let it be knows there are some stumplets on the entry climb that are very capable shoving your derailleur into your spokes (breaking both), so keep an eye out.

    Happy riding!



    @jcitizen I hope you don’t speak from experience on that spot

    Rode Pottery to end of 4play – Most of it is in great shape. Swamp has one spot that is quite swampy. The beaver dam that jjb mentioned has been cleared and dredged a bit

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