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Daily Trail conditions in the Don



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    The conditions were frozen & grippy Pottery to BOT, but by about 9am the entry to Climbax was starting to look a touch gloppy so I passed. Bunny was in good shape, though.

    The Fossilized Stupidity™ was frickin outrageous, though. Holy, people, chill out.



    Gregg Sepetdjian

    Road from 800 to 1000. Frozen, very bumpy and grippy. Crothers, Ridge, Boo and Flats.

    The Mudhumpers added a few degrees of technical to the trail with their ruts. Some parts are like crossing a mash of streetcar tracks.

    Sun exposed trails just barely started to soften at 10.



    Was in on foot and the Cyclo Cross gouging was incredible. It’s like people see images of CX dudes mid-race and assume you should be attempting the same this in the don.


    Renegade Hardware

    makes me want to go back to the old days of rutting everything out so CX bikes can’t even ride in there anymore. Witnessed a CX guy removing rocks from 3rock to redway rock garden. They don’t care.



    March Mudness in full effect. All low spots are susceptible to lasting damage; ruts just delay how long it’ll take to dry out. Outside edges on steeper trails are soft and easy to slice right off. 4/20 is still 3 weeks away, and this winter wasn’t that much of an outlier. Patience.

    There is, in my opinion, one trail open 24-7-365 in the Don: the Flats. Get there via paved bike paths and have at it. Yes you can sink your rims and work on your serpentine “bike handling skills”, it’ll widen to DVP proportions and even look like cr@p. However, the river and blink of time will fix it with zero trail fairy intervention; by mid-summer it’ll be smooth and singletrack narrow once again. There’s also hot laps of the soul-sucking woodchips around the Sunnybrook cricket pitches to get your freak on.

    To the two or three riders that absolutely mangled Beaver Flats, you’re starting the season with negative karma so maybe avoid taking risks until you rescue a kitten or something.



    I was out there about 3 weeks ago and yes, mud galore. The only trails that were doable were the flats, woods gundy and secret hidden trail. Curious about today though. Would those trails be tacky enough to ride? Tempting to find out, but don’t wanna go there for nothing on my day off..blah.



    The trail gods will flat your tires and wreck your suspension if you go out today. You’ve been warned!



    Well I went out, and the trail God was good to me. Keep mind, I was very sub-concious to look out for very muddy parts, which I walked and avoided. I am not one to ruin the trails and when it’s maintenance season, I’m one of the guys who committs my days off to trail maintenance.

    That being said, I wanted to see where we are at with the conditions. Rain this weekend, so if you wanna squeeze in a ride, this is what I discovered:

    Flats: ridable and tacky. There’s a hole in the fence now. Hurray!
    Boo: muddy, didn’t bother.
    Bunny: entrance going north was muddy, didn’t bother.
    Woods Gundy: tacky and muddy, gotta walk a few parts.
    Secret hidden trail: pretty muddy, but very dry in other spots. I would skip for now.
    Vietnam: dry other than the usually muddy spot. Also a big tree fell on Vietnam obstructing the trail.
    Didn’t bother with the AM trails or the ridge.
    Pottery DH: Forget it.



    Sounds like its still not ready to roll, The only part I found that was worth it was cruising around parts of road apples and the wood chips around the sports field.



    Looking out from the subway on the Bloor Viaduct and I’m confident the trails will be 100% Glop till probably May.

    17 degrees in february, barely crackin’ 10 degrees well into april!




    Did a little recon today. Checked out the entry at pottery and it’s a slopfest so don’t go. Went on to the flats and they are good front to back. Teeny bit soft here & there, but no worse than most fall rides. Looked at the entry to Bunny Run and it looked soft so kept on moving. Assumed the worst for the Ridge, but it was nice & tacky pretty much all the way from Cricket Lot to Millwood bridge, but I ducked back onto the flats after the bridge cause I assumed things would be bad based on what I saw at Pottery. If it wasn’t for the rain looming I think The Ridge would be good to go in two warm days. Fingers crossed the rain starts to hold off in the near future.



    Woods gundy is very wet, looks like a MTB went in briefly and came to it’s senses.
    Smamp is very very wet, not stopping the deer and cross bikes though.
    Climb out to Vanderhoof is seeing some action, I assume all downhill.



    South entrance to the flats is probably under water at the moment, as soon as the levels go down I’ll be getting her up and running again…until then can you guys please use the high side under the bridge instead of bypassing the fences.

    Now you will have to get off your bike for this…I know, it SUUUCKS!
    BUT, it will only be for a while until all this spring thaw and rain is past us. It also shows that we can adhere to at least some of METROLINK’S due diligence (stupidity more like it) and save our community an all out fence war with them.

    Thanks again



    Has anyone been down? I noticed with all the wind and sun that the spots around my house that seem to dry in time with the don are drying out way faster than I would have thought. Monday might hold promise for the dryer trails.

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