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Daily Trail conditions in Etobicoke Creek


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    Thanks @fasttimes I didn’t really do that much work. I started and no idea who finished off the rest. The only person I seen working in there was an older hippy dude not even riding a bike. Way to many people in the trails that don’t even care to distance them selfs. Also dog walkers.



    I’ve seen that guy in there before. Not sure what his deal is.

    Rolled through top to bottom yesterday, place is a dust bowl. Stopped and tweaked a few things along the way. Trail are good overall.

    Massive BMX double built up smack dab in the middle on the trail on the northeast side of Burnhamthorpe. Its completely blocked the trail and has no business there. Nothing against jumps, but thats not the place. CCM kid gonna wreck himself. I’ll call 311 but I think its on the Mississauga side so not sure what can be done. Would take some work for us to remove but that may be the only solution and one will lead to more which is a heat-score for the rest of the trails..

    Put your trails on Trailforks and the Pinkbike kids will come.



    Did my first full bottom to top loop. Overall, everything looks not bad although I may be late to the party as I see some work had been done and some downed trees have been taken care of.
    Thanks to whomever has been out there.
    I went out early Saturday ( I’m still working) and couldn’t believe how many people were out there. Every piece of single track had people on it. Bikers, hikers, dog walkers. I had to stop and wait a few times for people to clear the area as there was nowhere to get by them Lol. The dog off leash park on the west side of Dundas is closed as well so dog walkers are now on the east trails.
    Hope this all gets back to normal sooner than later. Next ride I will be out super early! Hopefully we can soon hook up for a little maintenance.



    Great to hear you got out @allantats You’re right, the trails are much busier. Dog park getting washed out is a bummer and the do come much further south, on both eat and west side now.

    We’ve been slowly chipping away at maintenance. The north still needs a lot of love. Not as simple these days with enforcement in the parks and trails. Things are rolling pretty well but will start to get overgrown soon.

    Be well buddy!



    I rode the whole trail today and have to say things look pretty good in there. Lots of foot and dog traffic but that’s to be expected these days.

    Thank you to those who have been getting dirty making things ridable. Keep up the good work.

Viewing 5 posts - 466 through 470 (of 470 total)

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