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Daily Trail conditions in Etobicoke Creek


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    Haven’t been out for a bit but these updates are great.

    A call about that tree above the stairs will likely result in removal – I had a tree removed from the top part of that trail (just on the other side of the tennis courts) by Forestry previously, so yeah, call it in and give them the coordinates.

    All for moving that up-line I think the constant wet is a result of overactive irrigation (or a leak in their system). Not sure when I would be able to get out and help but hit me up if it is after hours or on a weekend (not that those are much better with hockey starting up, sigh)

    As per the moto trees – I feel that the one behind the hospital is a good barrier – sucks to have to dismount but it seems to be doing the trick. I had full intentions of removing the tree on the other side of the tracks however, unless anyone objects. I have been meaning to get at it for awhile but just haven’t had the time to get in with the bigger saw.

    As far as community is concerned, it is always been a hard sell in my experience with the Creek, honestly not sure why. Map or no map I still feel that personal contact is the BEST (only?) way to build real communities. I still make a point of stopping and chatting, yes mid ride, to talk to any user I see on the trail. Now while this may not seem sustainable in an ‘epi-centre’ (name the quote 😉 like the Don it is more than feasible in the Creek where encountering another user on many trails is an anomaly.

    @blurredlines always up for an evening/night ride in the Creek. I know a decent deck (with new lights!) for Apres should you be so inclined. Be great to have a bunch of people out – always more fun to ride with a group, especially at night. Let’s be in touch.



    I’m with @fietser Things are fine the way they are. Not sure anything meaningful will happen with regards to the trails. With each side in a different city, it’s the hardest situation possible.

    We’re going to steward the trails whether we do it officially or not. Map or no map, I’m fine to do it face to face one rider at a time if I have to.

    The trails in question should never be on a map as they run in pretty close proximity to peoples yards. The trails will always be there but are sensitive and will be treated accordingly. That’s really the only reason I took on the admin role was to ensure this remains sustainable. Couple of hundred more guys flying through isn’t going end well. Maybe with some up front goodwill. If it’s just buddy and his family at the grill watching this new motorway though. Only takes one rude rider to cause grief for the rest of us.

    I don’t ride nights really. I would but it’s not really the best time to discuss the surroundings, wich is needed IMO. I’d be down for a weekend loop if I’m not shooting. Love to show you the line in person Jer. I know you’re off around 3, maybe an afternoon rip? If it’s a weekend maybe we can get a crew of East Enders over and make a day of it with BBQ after.

    Up at Blue right now. Shoot rained out. Cause guess what!? They close the the trails when they are wet. Haha. Still green on TF I might add. Haha

    Anxious to get back to work on the home trails.




    Trails are running well top to bottom. There was a large tree down on the Matheson loop but my neighbour has removed it. The bench cut is eroding some but we wont be able to tackle it again this fall. It will likely deteriorate more this winter so this will have to be addressed in the spring. If anyone feels up to it this fall, have at her. Several riders have done this job now, it’s a lot of work. Rest of that loop is mint, get on it!

    Lots of leaves down. I’d like to blow/rake the leaves off as I normally do. This really helps get the trails rolling in the spring. I’ll wait a few more weeks until they have all come down. Could use a hand on this. Can’t organize anything ‘official’ but we could certainly make it fun.

    Someone is building TTF’s again on the east side between Burnhamthorpe and Eglington. Presumably the same builder who built similar features further North. In the same area the corduroy and drainage work done by others was removed.

    These features are not a contribution and are a major red flag for the TRCA and Toronto Forestry. This is Don Valley 1.0 all over again. See the rest of the dead stunts along the trail, that’s what your contributing to. The stuff built offers nothing to the trails and the latest addition is some 10-15 feet off the ground. Given that this is on one of the most highly trafficked sections, with many inexperienced riders, it is completely irresponsible and unsafe.

    If you want to contribute to these trails, here are a few suggestions of what is actually needed:

    1. Spend some time cleaning up the trash. Take out a few pieces each ride if you can.
    2. Clear deadfall and debris from the trail. Too big to cut, share it here or call 311.
    3. Cut back overgrowth in the spring and summer.
    4. Clear sight-lines around corners.
    5. Cut back encroaching branches, stumps and vines from the edges of the trail.
    6. Fix drainage issues.
    7. Armour and reinforce wet areas.
    8. Blow/rake leaves off the trails in the fall.
    9. Share conditions and report any concerns here.
    10. Encourage riders to stay off the trails when they are wet.

    That may not be as fun as building and riding a sweet drop, but that is what’s needed. These trails are not for features and there is much more to be done before this is ever a priority. Lets please work on making these trails sustainable, both environmentally and politically.

    Happy trails!



    Just rode the whole enchilada, plus a few gems. Despite the rain, the trails are epic. Bit greasy with wet leaves over the clay but much of it was hero dirt. No wet spots or issues to report. All deadfall has been removed. GITSUM!



    Lot of the leaves have been raked off the trails in the north. Conditions are decent but we’re getting to that time of year where you need to be out early before the ground thaws or late, once it’s frozen again.

    This is the worst time of year to ride, when it’s too wet/soft. Those ruts that could get ironed out with a few dry days will freeze and make the trials crappy when they cold be good. Please consider this when you’re our there and help keep it good through the shoulder season.

    This is also a good time to armour in problem areas. Gets things that better come spring time.

    Happy trails!



    Dropped into the northern section of the creek as part of a bigger 60km Humber/Creek loop and conditions were pretty decent. Some wet areas obviously but overall it was pretty stellar. We weren’t leaving any ruts.

    TRCA has been in there removing some trees, likely Ash. They were quite courteous about not leaving fell trees across the trails. There are a few trees that have fallen across the trail (not related to TRCA). I’ll try and get to these but might also hold off and do a big clean in the spring.

    This recent rain has made it too soft but some sun and wind should get us back to ridable soon. Cold snap coming which is great. Thanks to all for not rutting it up before the freeze.

    Still be interested in getting a fat bike loop going in there is anyone else would like to work on packing it down. Either with a weekly snowshoe hike or with regular traffic on the big tires.



    The signs are back up for access under the QEW bridge saying its closed until 2021. Still open but i have a feeling they are going to fence the hole area off limits.

    I did a little cleaning up awhile back under the queens-way bridge. I removed the metal fencing on the ground and went through the hole area with a big speaker magnet cleaning up all the rusted metal. Im pretty sure thats where i would get most of my flats or punctures. I’ll go over the area back in the spring to clean up the lift over wire.



    Thanks for the update @carpetbomber That’s a real drag about the QEW, might be time to alter that lower loop. More of a lollipop at the top and bottom than an out and back.

    Thanks for clearing the trails! Nice work removing the metal. Thanks! My neighbour got to the down trees in the northern loop today. What great trail fairies you guys are!

    Trails are still decent when frozen but get soft the moment the sun hits them, need to be out by 9:30 pretty much. or head back in at night once the ground has firmed up again.

    Happy trails!



    After several weeks of not riding got the fatbike out and did a loop of the north from Burnamthorpe.
    Everything was riding great…dry and grippy.
    Quite a bit of ice on the Matheson section right @ the 401 but besides that everything was very rideable.
    It was nice to not see any new trees down or trail damage.



    Right on, glad you got out @allantats



    FYI – this flyer showed up in my mailbox yesterday and a matching sign has been posted on the hill down from Horner.


    It says the trail will remain open on evenings and weekends – I hope so because this is part of my Winter loop!



    Other than a few rutted areas left by those who rode the trails soft, the creek is in good shape. Foot and dog traffic has pitted some high use areas but that’s unavoidable I think. We can put up signs so….

    Went out when it was -7 and the trails were nicely frozen with no ice. We rode both the south and the north loops, It helped that it was overcast as the sun can pull the frost out and soften things up in a hurry. I rode the mid-fat with studs but my ridding buddy was on his regular whip and all was good, maybe better.

    Happy trails.

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    I just got back from a ride in the creek. Everything was great except for the person who thought it would be a good idea to ride before the deep freeze. The ridge at the Metro is in real bad shape. Some spots are probably going to need a work around cause they are going to get washed out. Get out there if you can the trails are primo.



    Glad you are getting out @carpetbomber

    Yeah, someone is getting out when it’s soft ’cause it’s a cross-rutted mess in the south. Most is still good but judging by the rut left behind, is was way soft when buddy decided to ride. North is mostly untouched and rolling great. I was in and out before the sun hit the permafrost. It was really cold, which bought me some time. Managed to crank out the whole loop with Mimico bits. Which for me is 40km door to door. Pretty spectacular for mid-Jan.



    Took a quick peek in the north loop earlier today, it’s pretty much a skating rink in there, if you don’t have studs you’ll have a very bad day.

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