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Daily Trail conditions in Etobicoke Creek


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    Awesome work guys. I road through the northern loop for the first time this year. Needs lots of work its crazy overgrown.

    Looks like the Marry Curtis trail entrance has been opened up. I rode over the new bridge.

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    I ventured out to the Creek for the first time on Saturday and everything I found around Centennial Park seemed to be riding really well! Great job @fasttimes @braindamaged and @dirtseeker ! There is so few people out there compared to the Don. I did not see a single other rider, and only a few peds on the paved paths that were all super friendly and chatted/said hello. So weird!

    I did struggle a bit to find the West side Matheson Loop and what I found seemed pretty overgrown so bailed. Also, I started from Marie Curtis and everything South of the construction near the QEW I rode was not good. Badly overgrown with tons of stinging nettle and a stinging bee/wasp that got me in the face. Ouch.



    Thanks @marley. It’s definitely overgrown in many areas but we’re working on it.

    You didn’t ride by us working on your ride so you missed a good chunk of trail. It’s not super obvious and you really need a guide to link it all up properly..

    I’d love to have you and the crew out for a builder’s tour of the whole loop. It’s remarkabley good when it’s running well. There are only a few of us doing the work so it’s hard to keep up. The construction has really caused a mess as well. Some sections have simply gone unridden for a full season.

    Glad you got out here man. Saw your Strava and it looked liked a killer ride. Next time we’ll do it together and make day of it.



    Sounds like a plan! Sorry to have missed you @fasttimes . I was told there was a North loop using both sides of the river, but hunger and some questionable earlier decisions were taking their toll so after turning around, I quickly gave up on the West side and went back the way I came on the East. Next time.

    It was neat picking up on some of the landmarks and trail features that I have been curious about from your photos.



    Another big effort put forth today to restore the Matheson loop. It was all but gone, after no effort had been put into maintaining it.

    This is what we’re dealing with in sections. You can see the faint, remanence of a trail that vanishes into head tall brush.

    The usual wet spot is quite saturated, a situation aggravated by the recent rains and the fact that it was completely covered by the thick brush. Hopefully the sun and wind will work its magic but this section really needs to be armoured or have bridges put in place.

    We trimmed back a huge section of trail but there is still lots to do. All the deadfall was removed as well. The entrance still needs to get re-benched.

    We also tuned the rock waterfall section, which was completely washed out.



    Awesome work guys! I will try to get in there and do a little work on that overgrown entrance.
    I did cut it back once earlier in the year.
    This weekend may be a bit a washout weather wise though…



    Thanks as always for your help @allantats

    For others interested in helping, the area that needs trimming back most now is the north-west section between Eglington and Matheson From the entrance behind Bell to the exit. The large tree at the exit has been cut out. There is one more to be removed that we’ll get at with the chainsaw. . Right now though, the brush needs to be cut back and debris raked off trail.

    This can all be done with a machete or brush hook. Inexpensive tools that get it done. Rest is just straight up elbow grease. You can get a lot done in little time if you just put your head down and get after it.

    Heck, @carpetbomber has done the entire south loop with a kitchen knife, so there is no excuse not to chip in



    Was also a welcomed surprise to come across @drc out there doing his share. He came all the way from Scarborough to walk though and do what he could. He’s also a big help in the Don. Thanks man!!!!



    The Matheson loop is now running again, tip to toe. It’s been cleared and raked with deadfall removed. Trail was all but lost and a section has been overrun by construction at 401. A reroute was required. Watch for the odd chunk of rebar in there. If anyone has a battery powered angle grinder, it would be great to remove that for everyones safety. Exit has also been re-benched.

    Just rode the whole Northern loop and it’s a bit greasy with usual wet spots. Met Blair up at Centennial and he tagged along with us for the ride and got to ride some of the new stuff. Great to meet you Blair. Was a muggy one for sure.

    More rain this week. Please stay off the trails if saturated and you’re leaving a rut.

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    I went up to the Matheson trail Saturday morning to do some work but it was already done.
    You guys have been clearing some trail! Great work!
    Did some cleanup along the fence line at the 401 and then went back south of Dundas for a little more.

    What tool are you using for the low grass/weeds? Doing that with a folding saw is not back friendly.
    I remember you having that long handle iron tool but can’t remember what it is called…



    Saw your efforts and appreciate the help @allantats Thought maybe someone else had stepped up to contribute but of course it’s you. Thanks for the time put in to get everything rolling!

    These are my go to tools if I’m heading in to clean up overgrown sections.

    The brush hook and the smaller snipes are my favourites and I can motor through stuff with ease using these.

    Everything fits well in an en enduro size pack.

    On any ride in the creek, I’m packing these and recommend others do the same. Great for a quick job on anything that is obstructing the trail.

    To keep everything sharp after every use, I rely on these double sided stones



    Lol, What I did was nothing…
    I’ll have to pick up one of those Fiscars brush axes, although one with a telescopic handle would be ideal.



    Rode bottom to top to this morning. Everything is looking pretty good considering…
    New tree broken in half at top of RFG.
    I cut enough branches off that its ok for now but the tree will keep getting lower and will have to get some bigger cuts.
    Both Bloordale bypass sections are bad. Southern one is rideable but there are two huge trees down that cannot be ridden around. The northern section is completely overgrown and unrideable. It doesn’t look like anyone has been in there all year.
    Probably not worth the effort considering how little traffic it gets and how much attention other areas need.
    I’m going to try to clean up the section from Burnamthorpe to the metal stairs.



    First time out on the local track since May – made it up to Eglington before looping back. Running awesome, thanks for all the work keeping it that way.

    Read the notes re: Bloordale trail and since I prefer to use this section of trail over the paved portion (too busy) I took the time to tackle that tree @allantats mentioned. Got it mostly cleared away but wanted to push on before the light faded too much. At least you can ride around now. I cleared up a bunch of other ‘low hanging fruit’ along both sections and other than on hairy bit it is rideable (minus – see below).

    Regarding the other large trees down on the trail – I put a call in to 311 to have them looked at and hopefully taken care of by Urban Forestry. I strongly recommend others doing the same. As per Don threads in Crothers, the more call they get about these trees by users the more they realize the trails are being used. It only takes about 5 mins to call – reference Bloordale Park North (33 Toledo Rd. Is the closest house address)

    In the far South they have paved the trail after the QEW bridge – perhaps it will open soon?

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    Thanks everyone for all the hard work. I ride a few of the trails from time to time but really have no idea of their extent. You guys are always referencing names of trails but I don’t know which is which.

    I’d love to have a real tour of the trails sometime and also help out with maintenance. Just need to be pointed in the right direction!

    Thanks again!

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