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Daily Trail conditions in Etobicoke Creek


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    Thanks @fietser the conditions have been amazing in there lately. I would also like to thank the persons that are aslo doing some clearing. Starting to get a little over grown in some spots. I’ll try to clean some of that up. l’m surprised to see barley anyone riding in there. Just a heads up i have found nails kinda hidden in the sand along parts of the trail. Anyone remember where that homeless person had his make shift house. Well in that area. Kind of strange i never noticed the nails before.



    The trail access from Mary Curtis park under the QEW has been closed do to construction of the trail. The path where the old historical bridge is still open.



    Thanks for the update @carpetbomber. I was through there yesterday as well and noticed the same thing. I typically turn around at the road crossing so didn’t experience the interruption.

    Dirt scooter had been in just ahead of me. Took all the turns wide and was in the rhubarb the whole way through. Seems to have come in and out from Dundas.

    Construction between Burnhamthorpe and Eglinton, which was scheduled to be done in April, is still nowhere near complete. Its like they are building a highway through there. Such a shame. I haven’t been up to 401 or under Matheson in some time so uncertain if that work is still ongoing. Anyone have an update?

    Way up at Tomken, they were nearing completion to connect to path in Brampton. Hopefully roll up there alter this week to see how that is progressing.

    Crazy loose in the creek at the moment, this rain should help.



    Rolled through earlier this week before the rain. Trails were a dust bowl so this moisture should be a welcomed change. Ran into @carpetbomber hard at work cutting back the brush, with a straight up kitchen knife no less 🙂 That’s dedication. If others had half that initiative the place would be dialled.

    Overall, other than the tree down on the initial climb, the lower trails are mint. There are a couple of other bell ringers as well but they are visible at least. Not a bad deterrent for the dirt scooters either.

    I rode the entire northern loop as well. Tree at the base of RFG Connection has been cut out, thanks! There is a nasty bell ringer just above it that should be removed. A tree is also still down on the return line, which has been there for over a year now. That should really get cut and the trail racked. It’s still mint other than that.

    Trails along the East and west side between Burnhathorpe and Eglington are running well with only the construction being the hurdle there.

    The North East trail between Eglington and Matheson is in great shape, minus the construction and scaffolding under Matheson. The platform is actually rideable if there are no workers present.

    The Matheson loop is badly overgrown in one spot but otherwise pretty decent. It would be a 20min job for two guys with blades There is a crappy new low line entering the loop. That wont last and the high, bench-cut line should be restored.

    The new Meglington loop is running well other than the section across the field which has been reclaimed. Sad to see this given how back breaking that was to clear and blaze. I would be bummed to see that go as it makes for some nice loop option up there. It would be nice to get a group out to cut that back again. Anyone care to help?

    The South West side between Matheson and Eglington has a large tree down with a ride around but it’s not great. The fallen tree is too big to cut but it would be cool to pile both sides with some dirt. The new high-line that was cut there has eroded as well. A new higher line needs to be cut.



    Rode the creek today to flush out my legs after racing the 100km Eager Beaver this weekend. Couple of greasy spots but overall the rain has only helped.

    There is a large tree down under the tracks between the Queensway and Dundas. Someone is chipping away at it but it will take a chainsaw to remove. Alternatively it could get built up with dirt, could be fun.



    I just removed that tree its all clear now.



    That’s awesome! Thanks for tackling that bad boy!




    The exit from the east side trail between Burnhamthorpe and Eglington is now permanently blocked by this wooden fence. There is room to pass along the edge of it but it’s far from idea. One of those sections may need to disappear 😉

    My neighbour and I are going to begin cleaning up the northern loop and getting it running well again. Going to head out regularly over the next few weeks starting tomorrow. If anyone would like to join, please let me know. Going to start with brush and smaller concerns then address more major issues. We both have chainsaws we can haul in our packs but we’re looking to clear the trails of brush and debris first.



    Spent 5hrs cleaning up the RFG Connection trail this morning. All with small hand tools. The entrance and lower line are all tidied up and running fast. Pulled out all kinds more garbage, glass and barbed wire.

    Still to be done:

    – Bell ringer at bottom cut out
    – High-line (to rock roll) cleared
    – Low-line tree cut and removed
    – Low-line cleared and raked
    – Rocks over stream at the bottom should be tuned up
    – Possibly re-bench low line entrance

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    I plan to try and tackle the above mentioned issues tomorrow. Unless someone would like to take them on for us?

    Myself @braindamaged and @dirtseeker plan to reopen the Meglington section this weekend. That is the new westside trail that runs between Eglington and Matheson. South of the original Matheson loop.

    The entrance is overgrown as is the middle section across the open grass. There are several trees that need to be cut and it should be raked and cleaned up a bit.


    Where the trail splits, and either goes up towards the old Matheson loop or across the field, the field is badly overgrown. It should have been fine with rider traffic but with the trails not being accessible for such a long time, it’s pretty mush back to where it started. This was an epic day of work to get going and it would be sad to lose it as it gives us numerous loop options in the northern section.

    This is the section I am referring to.

    No easy way to sell this, its hard work and we could use the help.

    Once that is running again I plan to re-bench the entrance/exit to Matheson and start to work on those trails. The trail that ran along the Creek is pretty much gonzo. Now it just runs across the field. I’d like to get that section back.

    Anyone interested in helping please let me know.



    I’ve only ridden north of Dundas once this year and haven’t been off road at all in a couple of months.
    I would like to help out but would not be of much use anyway.
    Fully booked this weekend anyway but post up again at a future date if you’re starting on the Matheson loop.
    I would like to at least chip in with some light brush clearing or something.
    With the construction is there a go-around for starting from Marie Curtis?

    Thanks to all for past and future work!



    Any help is appreciated. I’ve only ridden the creek three times in the past year so I’m the same boat. If everyone helped a bit we’d be fine

    Be great to see you and work on the trails together @allantats. Sorry you’re not 100%



    Another morning spent doing trail work. Everything listed above was completed with the help of @dirtseeker

    Before cleanup


    Tree was also removed from the berm on return line



    Lower entrance/exit

    We also removed the bell ringer and re-benched the entrance.

    Was humid AF. Went through a chainsaw blade and all the string in the weed trimmer.

    Still plan to head in tomorrow. Please message me if you’d like to help.



    Spent another half day with @braindamaged and @dirtseeker reopening the Meglington trails. Was just as hard as doing it the first time since we haven’t been in there in two years. It was head high grass and vines as far as the eye could see. The trails add nearly a Kilometer of flowy singletrack to the northern loop. Was pretty gruelling work but we got her done.

    Next project will be to rebemch and clear the Matheson loop. We need help, this is hard work. These trails can’t be maintained by a handful of guys, it’s going to take all of us to do our share – whatever that is. If you ride these trails, please help maintain them so we can all enjoy them.


    Tom Shaw

    Wonderful posts about the heart and soul of MTBing.

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