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Daily Trail conditions in Etobicoke Creek


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    Interesting, can’t quite picture it still. likely someone wanting to keep the dirt scooters out more than bikes but it is suspicious and dangerous. Thanks for reporting. Our trail nazi is higher up the creek so this is something else.

    I love building and maintaining trails but until the Creek riders come together here and everyone pulls their weight, it’s never going to work. The trails require regular, quality maintenance and a solid community behind them to advocate and sustain what is there. Makes me sad to see it go from running so well to what it is now. It also frustrates me to see that people will just continue to ride over and around damaged trails rather than fix them – properly.

    I bought $2000.00 worth of tools to maintain the creek and spent countless hours in there working away trying to make it good for everyone. But after our drainage work was torn out by Trailforks/Pinkbike guy, I/we were done. Meanwhile his crappy stunts are now falling apart and certain to injure someone. Also see the new trails built were added and renamed on Trailforks without any effort to contact the builders.

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    Hmmm, very interesting indeed.

    Last Wednesday I was in riding with a buddy (just a quick rip up to Dundas and back). Anyway, on the way back we spent some time tuning up a couple of drainage spots just South of there and we met an older guy who was walking his dog. We made mention of the Moto ruts (which we were fixing) and he said he was pretty fed up with them as well… perhaps he was really fed up???

    He also mentioned that he has seen the police in there a bunch looking for some sketchy dude who uses the Ravine to elude police by ducking down from the streets above. Just a heads up.

    There are definitely more people using the trail – walkers and riders so the potential for conflict is bound to increase.

    Oh, and to the guy with the TLD shirt riding the brand new RMB – sorry you had to make your way around us working to clear out that grade reversal, feel free to say ‘Hi’ next time though, we don’t bite 😉

    Lastly, I have a new tool that can help with those larger trees but would be happy to have a hand with their removal. Let me know if anyone is available to lend a hand.



    Out with a buddy last night and the weather (and trails) were sublime. The drainage work and armouring that was done last year has really helped! Needs more in some places, but that is another story.

    Cleared/ opened up the Bloordale sidetrail from post storm blow down and debris. There was a huge Spruce down right at the beginning which is now gone.

    Removed two trees from the highline just North of Burnhamthorpe – there is another there (easily removed with a hand saw) but we were attracting a little attention at that point.

    Dropped down on RFG Connector to loop back South, there is a tree down at the top (easy cut with a hand saw) but failing light and my riding partners lack of lights forced us to leave it.

    Large tree is still down just South of Dundas by the downhill at the Metro Depot – heads up if you are heading South.

    @carpetbomber really appreciate all the clearing you did – huge thanks.

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    The Metro Depot is all clear now. There is still one spot close the the hospital parking lot. The tree and big roots. Going to clean it up so its ride able. Starting to look real nice in the creek now with some colour.

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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to thank everyone who is putting in the time and effort to keep the creek clear and ridable. It is greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work



    Im starting to get worried about the construction close to the old historical bridge and at the end of Dundas. No idea what that is about. Hopefully they don’t block off trail access. Speaking of blocking trials. Found more blocked trail. Crazy how fast the vegetation pops up. Need to start cutting back lol.



    @carpetbomber good running into you last night. Thanks again for your efforts. Hope to be back in the saddle and on the trail this week!

    Curious to know where was the trail blocked this time?

    I too am worried about construction blocking the Southern portion of the trail at some point. My understanding is that the access under the bridge will eventually be lost when they are working n the QEW bridge deck. However, I am not sure about the timeline on that. Clearly they are already working on getting rid of vegetation and such. I do know that it will not be ‘lost’ for good though since the plan is to finish that Sherway connection once the bridge work has been completed.

    Up near Dundas it looked like they were perhaps going to be doing work on the Hydro wires last time I was up there, but I am not sure.

    It would be an unfortunate time of the year to lose access to the trail at either end…



    Re: Construction on QEW Bridge

    In the area below the QEW, construction of the trail is not anticipated to occur until MTO’s Contract 1 works are completed. The area under the Etobicoke Creek Bridge within the MTO right-of-way will be closed during the construction of Contract 1 for safety reasons (anticipated to be four (4) years) and signage will be provided to notify the public. The City of Toronto and TRCA have been consulted and are aware of the closure requirements during Contract 1 construction.

    Taken from here: http://www.qewdixiedetaildesign.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/QEW-Improvements_DesignConstructionReport_Contract1_March_2018.pdf

    Well, that is sub-optimal…



    Four years? FOUR YEARS??! You cannot be serious.
    I have no words for this.



    Back in the saddle last night (finally)!

    My buddy and I made it up as far as Eglinton. A few observations:

    1. The moisture and heat have resulted in a growth explosion – managed to hand prune some low visibility corners but I imagine after this hot spell the ‘shaggy mane’ will need even more cutting back – be careful on blind corners, give a little shout or ring of the bell.
    2. A tracked machine has been through under the QEW bridge – things are moving ahead! I have an email and calls into MTO and local MPPs office to try and get some dates re: closure…
    3. Construction near Dundas seems to be burying cables?? There are large rolls of PVC pipe on the North side and lots of paint marks and flags on the ground.
    4. Took care of the tree at the top of RFG Connector – cleared and ready to go.
    5. East side of the trail (from Golf course to Eglinton) has some definite drainage issues. It is too bad that Trail Forks hero decided to crap on the work done by those trying to remedy the situation…

    Get out and enjoy the weather! Feel free to pack some hand pruners and a mid-ride beverage of your choice – take 10-15mins and trim a section, any section. While it may not help your Strava ;)(pfft) it sure helps the user community.



    I also finally got in a short ride to Dundas today and surveyors were working north of the QEW.
    I should be able to get in there and do some pruning soon.
    Wondering whether it would be prudent to wait a couple of weeks when the growth has hopefully slowed down a little…



    Thanks for clearing that tree @fietser There is a larger one at the bottom that has been partially cut as well as one on the climb-line that I’ll need to get the powertools out for. I’d like to see that return trail rolling again.

    We rode through the creek on the way home from our bikepacking trip and noticed scaffolding under the Matheson bridge (the rock garden), As a result, it’s not easily passable right now. Certainly would be awkward rolling up on workers there. They haven’t made a mess of things yet and hopefully the work wont last long or leave any lasting damage. If you scroll back in the thread I do recall bumping into surveyors there a few years ago taking inventory around the bridge as part of a bridge maintenance assessment. I’ll try and do some more digging.

    I haven’t ridden mush of the northern loop in a few years but suggest that once the work at Eglington is done, that a small team go out to repair and discuss the new flow of the trails.



    Darn @fasttimes – yes I forgot about that at the bottom (probably because you can hop over it – but it isn’t ideal for the flow). I agree it is a little more than my hand saw, or arms, can handle.

    @allantats really pruning if an ongoing job this time of year but I hear what you are saying about holding off for a bit. My theory is that a little bit at a time and it eventually all gets done. Still get a ride in but get some work done as well. Great to hear you are back riding, frustrating as hell to be off the bike .

    I would definitely be up for discussing some repairs once things settle down. It would be great to get as many users out as possible but I know that can be difficult with conflicting schedules etc. There certainly are a good number of riders on the trails, more than I have ever experienced, so maybe we can capitalize on that. Seems like a few local clubs/ shops are also using the trails maybe we can lean on them to give a little love back?



    I got about 3 hrs.of trimming in today.
    Mostly in the Dundas loop starting from the hospital.
    A little on the Bloordale bypass and a little on the RFG Connector.
    There were 2 more small tree trees down on RFG as well as the bigger one at the bottom.
    I took care of one the trees but the other remains.
    It will only take a few mins. to remove but my back was killing me by then lol.

    Construction @ Eglinton appears to be almost finished. Northbound,the guys waved me through to go under the bridge and southbound was completely done and access to the trails is the same as always.

    I saw the plywood scaffolding under Matheson but there was no one there so I was able to continue.
    Could be an issue on another day though…

    Anything north of Matheson needs some TLC for sure.
    Several trees down, some definitely require power tools.
    A walk/ride through with a few guys and some power tools would be awesome.
    There are a couple of trees that have been there since last year.

    I can’t be of much assistance with the heavy work but would come out just the same.

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    Primo out there last night. Southern section is awesome and a huge shout out to @carpetbomber (and perhaps others) who have been working hard to tame the mange! Ran into him when we were both out cleaning up debris/branches after the last wind storm. Feel free to give them a virtual high five or better yet, if you see them on the trail, some much deserved kudos.

    I have found myself using a small section of trail that I will refer to the ‘highline’ riding on the West side just South of Eglinton almost exclusively (that bar catcher on the ‘lower’ line along there has caught me out a few times!) Anyway, I cut back all the overhanging branches along that section to open it up a bit more. That flat rock at the is really fun, just make sure you get on the binders quick enough 

    Finally, a note of caution. I have noticed what I believe is Cow Parsnip in the field (MTO land) between the Sherway bridge and the QEW bridge. The plants I saw were not far off the trail and fairly easy to notice given their height and large white flowers. Seems to be sprouting up around the City as we saw it on the Tuesday Night Don ride this week as well. Not sure if CoT/311 is dealing with it in the same was as Giant Hogweed which is deemed an invasive species since Cow Parsnip is apparently native.

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