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Cold weather riding gear recommendations

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    ^^^ Has anyone used those? Or done a one-shoe only blind test? :) I had them in my hand at Canadian Tire and walked out without them for 2 reasons:

    -The battery being in the insole means there isn’t much room for high capacity (compared to an external battery like Hotronics)

    – The soles were thick enough (again due to the battery) that I couldn’t imagine them not squishing my feet and reducing circulation.

    Thanks for bump on this thread, Marc. Sadly, it is that time of year again.

    @ghettocruiser – I use heated insoles for ice fishing and swear by them after just one season of use. Never cold feet. I’ve been out for 12hrs+ on Lake Simcoe in -20C plus windchill sitting still for hours and my feet were never cold. I couldn’t keep my feet warm when still before heated insoles, even with solid rubber paratrooper mickey mouse boots and the warmest socks I could find the cold from the ice would eventually get into my feet. Not now!

    Fit wise, the heel is thick, the toe closer to a normal insole. It did make the boot fit tighter, but it wasn’t an issue for me as I had upsized by a 1/2 so the boots would fit really thick socks but I can wear a lighter weight sock (-10 to -15 instead of -30 to -40) with thermal in soles.

    I do reco looking at a brand with removable batteries. The integrated batteries are a mild pain to remove and recharge each time… but since I use them once a week at most and usually open up my boots well to dry it hasn’t really been a problem.

    What I like best about the heated insoles is that they never feel warm but keep your boot interior at body temp. This helps minimize sweating, which could lead to cold feet despite the insoles.

    Heated in soles are not cheap, but if you’re prone to cold feet they certainly do the trick.

    Ah, what great reminder that ice fishing season is soon upon us! And I just realized that a Fat bike kitted out for fishing would be really sweet. Hmm…



    Got my first piece of kit out of my pack last night for a brisk ride home! While I’ve been using my Raceface Chute jacket here and there to stay warm while standing/sitting around (read: great apres wear) this is the first time it’s been cool or rather cold enough to ride with both a pack and jacket on. I’m a fairly average sized guy and the fit and construction are what I’ve found really made it a pleasant experience. It’s trim enough for a snug fit and the underarm zips don’t turn you into a flying squirrel when you’ve got them opened up. The sleeve and tail are also both long enough that you’re not getting drafts in the common places with non-ride focused outerwear. Bonus on the sleeves, the outer edge, the one you prop yourself up with against a tree or scuff as you’re brushing by has a huge panel of more durable fabric. No comment on the hood, it wasn’t that cold. Biggest advantage so far… if I screw this jacket up, it means I still have my several hundred dollars more expensive Theta AR for hiking and wandering around. So far so good!


    Renegade Hardware

    I need that jacket. I’ve been riding in shells like patigonia, NF, Arcteryx, and I hate ruining them on the trail. That would be perfect and not feel like I’m destroying a good goretex shell. I’ve regulated an old bonfire shell for biking but it’s super warm, too warm almost. I’ll be picking that RF one up!

    I’m back into my icebreaker gear for the ride tonight. This stuff is simply the best. Been using the same kit for a good 6 years now, and it’s still warm, never stinks, still as good as the day I bought it. And it’s very, very warm stuff. I think a good icebreaker base, with stuff like the RF jacket and pants, are the ultimate combo.



    I wore my Gore -Tex, bib, pant-shell this weekend while digging. It wasn’t that cold but I was neck deep with a brush hook in endless tall grass. It was only raining a bit but had been overnight so I new I would be drenched in seconds as I walked though this stuff. I had my Gore-Tex shell jacket on for the first bit as well and despite being drenched on the outside, it did keep me bone dry, even after several hours. I continued to work with the bibs on for the remainder of the day and they proved to be super tough. I though for sure I was going to tear them on something. I’m still not recommending this, or saying they are the best choice for rugged riding but that is one seriously impressive material that continues to impress me. To repel that much water, with contact and still breath is pretty awesome.



    45NRTH Finally dropped their kit for public consumption… I’m buzzing for some of this stuff for riding this winter… Hoping we get all the snow they’re predicting



    I plan to ride in some rain this fall, winter and spring to get ready for some longer gravel type events next year. Took advantage of some Black Friday deals and got a Showers Pass kit https://www.showerspass.com/products/refuge-pant

    I’d been reading up on it and seems for riding in the rain, they are hard to beat. I headed out in cold rain yesterday to test some other pieces of kit and there was definitely room for improvement.

    Bring it on!



    Love the extra bit on the shoulders. That’s one of the spots I find always wets out first and never seems to retake the same water resistance. The only thing I don’t love about this jacket is the velcro cuffs. It’s the same complaint I have with Arc’teryx that if you actually use it to cinch in the sleeve water tends to collect there rather quickly

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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