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City of Mississauga's Position on Etobicoke Creek Trails

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    Renegade Hardware

    Do what you want in the valley, but do it “unofficially”. Do not poke the City, do not get on their radar. As long as there are no problems, the City will indeed willfully ignore you and let us continue to use and maintain the trails without issue. They know it exists, but as long as nobody complains, you’ll have latitude to just do your thing and they won’t bother you. But if you push and make it “official”, then they’ll have no choice but to address it. They’ll be FORCED to. Because politically and legally, they will have NO CHOICE otherwise. They’ll have to send TRCA agents or By-Law enforcers in there, monitor, and possibly issue tickets. I’m serious. I’ve seen it firsthand. But if you operate within your own sphere of influence with other riders and informally promote the valley trails amongst other responsible riders, then the City can claim ignorance and no adverse response will be triggered.

    This is the reason I changed my title on here, after being called a ‘renegade builder’ many years ago. Thanks for putting it out there and bringing a dose of reality along with it. Some of us have seen this light, over a decade ago. The northern don trails are a good example of how to get things done nowadays if the cities hands are tied.



    Although I hadn’t had an update on the Parks Canada thing for a while, I practically tripped over this one:




    Sorry folks, but honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up.


    So if the city can deploy a blame the victim legal strategy on pavement, why can’t they do the same on dirt.



    Hey everyone,

    The MMBA https://www.mississaugamba.ca/ is getting their wheels spinning, they are hoping to take responsibility for the Challenge Park in Erindale in the very near future, and The Etobicoke Creek is on their radar for trail maintenance and permissions in the long term. Things are happening!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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