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Cane Creek DB Inline Service


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    Renegade Hardware

    problem is the clevis mount on the process exacerbates the issues. I’d go for the new stuff, or the DVO topaz, or the new Fox that just came out.

    Looking to sell this bike soon, so may hold off on rebuilding the Inline and just add into the sale (so, 3 shocks). Want something with more travel and slacker so I can ride it at speed on some DH trails. Used to both short and long travel bikes for that, but a bigger bike is going to be faster for me.



    I have my inline going to SuspensionWerx for this Friday. Confirmed that as part of the rebuild updated Piston and sealhead are installed. SW did say they are seeing increased reliability with these updated parts. That was the earliest they could book me in, I emailed on 6/13 so 10 days is the current queue. Turn around is said to be ~3 days.

    You can also upgrade to the IL Air.

    “Some customers have also opted for the IL upgrade which includes the updated inner & out air can, black body and switch as you would of seen in the pinkbike on the article you read. Pricing on this is an additional $135+gst ”

    I opted against the upgrade to yet a new unproven platform. I am on the hunt for a backup Fox product.



    OK thought I would provide an update. I got my shock back. I now know if I start hitting pedals my shock is toast now.

    One tip, if they say you are booked in for service on a specific date make sure your shock arrives the day before. Mine was booked in and arrived at 11:45am the service day (they open at 11am). But because of that it didn’t get checked in and that delayed my service a few days.

    Otherwise they are very good to deal with and prompt at answering questions etc.

    I am logging all my rides so I will be able to see how many hours I get before the shock needs another service.

    With shipping both ways and the service it cost $200-$210 CAD. I am keeping my eye out for a FOX shock as a backup / replacement because the cost of 3 services = a new shock.



    MikeC ignore the post I put in the other thread you answered here.

    How long was the shock gone for?



    Hey Kris,

    Mine was gone for about 2 weeks but that was due to it arriving on the day of service which was a Friday. Then I hadn’t heard anything by the next Tuesday so I called. That got it moving but it was done right before the July long weekend.

    It now has the blue seal factory upgrade which should provide greater reliability.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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